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Mail Delivered Cannabis Accessories

In today’s legal marijuana markets there are amazing opportunities for businesses. The chance for opening a canna related business is higher than ever before and the ancillary services needed by the industry are endless. One of the cooler ancillary services that have come to be are subscription &quo

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Marijuana and Fun Facts Associated With It

Marijuana has come a long way in our culture today. It is played a significant role in the shaping of our nation. It will continue to play a role in the future of how our nation will turn out. We are starting to learn that other ways to medicate and treat our conditions as well as other ways to en

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Marijuana Can Help Sick Children

I would like to show you some real stories about how medical marijuana and its derivatives can help sick children feel better and have a chance to live their lives. I would also like to show you how some of our politicians don't want them to.

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Marijuana Destroys Cancer

The cannabis community along with many hippies for several generations have testified to the medical healing aspects associated with marijuana. Science and medicine have disagreed, however, and has been paid to do so by the federal government for many years. Funded by grants and funding. Also by bei

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Marijuana Grows Naturally

After digging through the reports myself they don’t come out and say marijuana is not a gateway drug. Instead they use catch phrasing to say this for them. Remember the biggest misused word in the world is may.

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Marijuana is a Blazing Topic in New Jersey

The topics of marijuana have been in the news recently a lot surrounding the state of New Jersey. It comes as a great surprise to many individuals that there is so much talk around cannabis legalization and its use in the state of New Jersey. This is because their governor is highly outspoken and a

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Marijuana is Gaining Popular Support

Both Dr. Gupta and Dr. Oz are supporters of marijuana and believe that it should be legalized immediately. Both of these men have conducted studies that show marijuana's effectiveness. Also in their research they have uncovered studies that go back years and years. They are documenting the successfu

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Marijuana Is Not A Gateway Drug

For years it has angered me every time some nut job or religious group throws the word gateway drug out anytime the thought of marijuana consumption is mentioned. This just shows true ignorance and narrow-mindedness on their behalf.

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Marijuana is the Right Medical Choice

When people think of marijuana or the cannabis plant they think about people smoking it to get high. Most people do not think of anything other than the recreational side and legalities that come into play. What many people do not know is that marijuana has been used for hundreds of years for its me

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Marijuana Legalization in the South

Marijuana legalization is taking place all across the United States of America from California to New Hampshire and all in between. States are choosing to legalize medicinal marijuana, and many are considering legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016. There is, however, a group of states where

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Marijuana Lies

The lie our government placed on marijuana is a bad one and they should be ashamed of themselves for this. When you look at the last 100 years in history where marijuana was removed by laws created by greedy power crazed men and women you can see the impact it has made. There is more absurd violence

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Marijuana Reaches for the Stars

Many people out there today are starting to find relief through medicinal marijuana. In the states where recreational marijuana is legal, the lucky residences are finding out that they don't need those trips to the doctor that everyone always said that they did. Just a trip to your local bud tender

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Marijuana War Being Fed by the Feds

The continued prohibition against marijuana and the lack of commitment by our political leaders to change this is creating a huge market for the black market drug dealers across the land. Individuals in the United States of America works extremely hard, and there are many of them that abide by the l

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Marijuana: Helping to Fight Opioid Addiction

Prescription drug abuse has been defined as an epidemic in the United States by the CDC. An epidemic is defined as “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time”. Addiction to opioid based pain relievers has been an issue for hundreds of years, long before we

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Mary Jane Wins

The acceptance for marijuana legalization both medicinal and recreational is at an all-time high. There are more and more studies and polls being taken to gather new data as opinions are changing drastically and at a fast rate.

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Misinformed and Narrow-minded Politicians

The outdated and misinformed views of our politicians must go. This is no longer 1937 and people are not settling for being fed lies surrounding a plant. In today's age we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. Cannabis consumers and activists alike are becoming more informed and

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MJ 101 The Scienceless Approach

This article is intended as a guide to new smokers who just aren’t sure about what marijuana is and does. Marijuana has been enjoyed by many for years. It helped the war effort during the world wars. Our first president grew marijuana. Our current president supports marijuana. Marijuana has been use

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My Incredible and Eatable Marijuana Munchies

Do you remember hearing about special brownies? Maybe even a California bud salad? What about a Denver omelet? If you have not heard of any of these amazing culinary treats yet, then you will be hearing about them real soon. There is a new twist on an old treat that is turning up on the market toda

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Oregons Road to Legalization

Marijuana is now legal for recreational (for adults 21+) and medicinal use in the state of Oregon. It was not a short easy road though that led the state to where it is today. The history leading to the end of prohibition on marijuana in the state has been a long one, but we are very excited about w

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Our Uninformed and Confusing Potential Leaders

With the 2016 presidential election right around the corner, there is a lot of attention in the media today surrounding where the potential nominee's stand on major issues. There are a lot of major issues going on in our country right now. One of the major issues being discussed is their viewpoint o

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Politicians, Marijuana and Synthetic Fabric

We could not have a plant that was good for the environment, economy and good for people also produce everything from clothing and ropes to soaps and oils. When you think about marijuana and how it came to be the legal what exactly comes to your mind? Do you think that it is one of the old president

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Puerto Rico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

In a move that some might find surprising medical marijuana became legal in Puerto Rico just days ago. On Sunday May 3 Governor Alejendro Garcia Padilla placed into effect an executive order that would allow the use of medicinal marijuana on the U.S Territory. The announcement comes at a time when

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Reasons Why Cannabis Should be Legalized

There are many reasons to legalize cannabis, and the reasons could benefit the world, not just the United States. Benefits ranging from environmental benefits to medicinal benefits and everything in between.

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Rocky Mountain Amenities

Colorado is famous for many things among its Rocky Mountain Highs. Now with marijuana legal there it has become a utopia for new business that will thrive and help feed the economy of the state. Canna Camps will start popping up along with bed and breakfast facilities all over.

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Seen from the Legal Green Markets

It is amazing how much revenue legal marijuana markets can bring into an economy. With Colorado being a pioneer state in marijuana legalization for recreational purposes, they are the first state that we have seen a combination of medical and recreational sales and revenue from. It is on their econo

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Skunk Bud, SK#1, and Its Tangled Web

Perhaps you've heard of the notorious skunk bud but do you know the story that surrounds this incredible strain of marijuana? There is a tale that is told that is indecisive. Where does skunk actually come from no one may never know the truth. What we do know about skunk is that it is an Indica stra

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