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Smoking Away Worries and Paranoia

The growth of marijuana tax collected in the state of Colorado has increased exponentially. Raking in over 100 million dollars in the month of August of 2015 Colorado is proving that cannabis legalization is an effective solution to repairing a deficit. The funds from cannabis are effectively taking

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States Voting to End Prohibition in 2016

Anyone and everyone who has ever said to themselves that marijuana should be legal, should be proud. Especially of Colorado and Washington. There are laws implemented legalizing the use of medical and recreational marijuana in these states.

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Supporters and Bush Beaters

Lawmakers are so confusing today. One minute they oppose marijuana the next minute they are in support of it or at least in letting the states decide. That is kind of a cop out. According to the people they have decided and they are still running into roadblock by our political leaders. This is most

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Tennessee Political Leaders Play GOD

In states such as Tennessee, cannabis laws are benefiting the black market dealers while hurting the state and also those who truly need medicinal marijuana. The bible belt has the most violence in the United States when it comes to Black Friday. This could just be a coincidence that it's the only p

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Texas and Vermont

If you are following the marijuana movement that is sweeping across America, then you need to keep your eyes on two states in particular. These two states are Vermont and Texas. You might ask yourself why Vermont and Texas?

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The Awesome Benefits of a CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit

So, you want to get into vaping but don't know where to start. Check out why the CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit might be the perfect fit for you.

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The Business of Cannabis

Marijuana investment is a topic that is captivating investors around the globe. People are unsure whether to invest in the Green Rush now or to wait until laws are more cemented. Those who really want to capitalize on this market, however, know that there are dangers and risks associated with any in

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The Cannabis Culture is Thankful and Giving Back

The holidays is all about being thankful for what we have and showing kindness to others. These are two things that are commonly found within the cannabis culture.

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The Changing Opinions on Marijuana

If you live in the United States it is very likely that you are seeing the revolution unfold around marijuana. We are seeing the viewpoints and opinions on marijuana shifting from negative and criminalizing to positive and supportive. There has long been shifting viewpoints throughout the country ov

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The High Cost of Cannabis Prohibition

The prohibition of cannabis costs a lot of things. Some people look at prohibition of cannabis and think that it only cost legal issues for those who were found in possession of the plant. This is so not true. There are many other things that the prohibition costs every person who lives in this coun

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The Industry and Canna Business Conferences

The legal marijuana industries are making a buzz these days with more states legalizing the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana. With this new boom in the industry the need for ancillary services are at an all-time high. We are seeing canna-businesses cultivated in markets of all kinds.

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The Man Behind Mr.Nice

Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice was born Dennis Howard Marks on August 13th, 1945. His father was a captain in the Merchant Navy and his Mother a teacher. I bet they never dreamed that their son would grow up to be described as being “the most sophisticated drug baron of all time” but he did and he earned

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The Many Devices for Smoking the Ganja

We have all drank the cannabis tea. We ate the marijuana brownies, but still to this day the most enjoyed and preferred method of enjoying the Ganja, is by smoking it. No matter what your style is, there is a device for smoking the Ganja that is right for you.

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The Real War on Drugs is a War on Nature

The War on Drugs has been a failed war. Cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs have taken over the planet creating an epidemic that was in part started by the very individuals who waged the war. The United States government under the jurisdiction of President Nixon started the DEA. They were suppose

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The Surprising Health Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

If you haven't already tried CBD oil, there are plenty of surprising health benefits and uses that you can experience. Continue reading to learn what they are.

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The Top Vape Trends To Shape the Marijuana Industry

As the years continue to soar past us, numerous vape trends have continued to shape the marijuana industry. Find out about the top trends to look out for here.

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The Truth America: Marijuana Laws Must Change

When will weed be legal in my town is what I want to know. It is hard living in a country where weed is legal in some states and some places but yet not in others. Maybe I had the wrong conception my grandmothers and grandfathers had fought and died and shed blood to help build this country the Unit

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Top 10 Best Vape Oils of 2017

Sometimes it can be hard to find the best vape oils on the market. That's why we've compiled our top picks of 2017 all into one list to help you.

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Vaping Weed vs Smoking: Which Is Better?

Vaping weed vs smoking - that is the question! In this post, we're taking on this classic debate to help you decide the best method for you.

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What About My Marijuana

Washington DC has legal recreational marijuana why doesn’t the rest of the country? I live in the south eastern United States and marijuana is still against the law. What is that saying about the people over here? Are they racist and holding on to arresting every black man with a blunt?

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What is Marijuana and What you Should Know

When you hear the word marijuana and as it becomes legal throughout the U.S it is important to know your facts. This article is designed to give you the basic break down of marijuana from t to c. Marijuana has come a long ways over the years and it making an epic movement in becoming legal. With thi

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What to Look for in a THC Oil Cartridge

Before you refill your cannabis vape pen, ask yourself, what's in a THC oil cartridge anyway? Click here to get the facts on cartridges before you buy.

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What You Should Know to Grow

With medical and recreational marijuana being legal in over a quarter of the country it is now legal in many states to grow your own personal marijuana. For many and many years this was not the case. Considering that it’s easy to see how many individuals never ever considered growing their own herb

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What's the Best CBD Oil Near Me?

Running low on CBD oil? Before you ask yourself, "where's the quickest CBD oil near me", read this post for essential tips on choosing the best quality CBD oil.

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Whats Happening in the Community Lately

When it comes to the cannabis industry and the marijuana community, it has been a very active past couple of weeks. Marijuana seems to be in the news on a daily basis with everything from medical marijuana advancements to cannabis conferences. Cannabis is a hot topic and is at the center of the deba

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Which Weed Oil Pen is Right for You?

There are a number of different things to consider when choosing your dream weed oil pen. This guide will help you find your perfect match.

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