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Why CBD Wax is So Amazing

If you haven't given CBD wax a shot, you really need to. Click here to learn the different benefits of CBD wax and why it's so amazing.

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Why Won’t The Government Answer Our Cries

When will the prohibition on marijuana end for good? We as a nation we are highly acceptive of this plant and realize the wonderful benefits it can bring both us and our planet.

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Why You Should Be Eating Vaped Weed

Why throw away your already-vaped weed when you can reuse it? Eating vaped weed is a great way to get high and save you money in the long run.

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Will Ohio Legalize Recreational Marijuana

The marijuana movement that is sweeping the nation is on an epic rise creating a new market that many say is the next best thing to the dot-com era. With this groundbreaking in Monument oil change occurring crossed our nation marijuana reform laws are now more important than ever. Responsible laws w

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