Cannabis the Miracle Answer for Pregnant Women

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Cannabis the Miracle Answer for Pregnant Women

When it comes to how medicinal marijuana can help individuals many think of cancer patients and veterans with PTSD. What many do not think about are the medicinal properties of cannabis that could benefit pregnant mothers. This is often because of the taboo that surrounds cannabis. Many suspect that cannabis is harmful to unborn children because for years we have known of the dangers to unborn children when mothers consume alcohol or use tobacco products during pregnancy. However this stereotype may be one just built from fear rather than facts. There is a large difference between cannabis and alcohol or tobacco. Alcohol and tobacco use causes thousands of deaths every year. Cannabis has never resulted in a death EVER. Cannabis has also proven to be a medicinal plant. Alcohol and tobacco have little to no medicinal applications. For many years, there have been research studies proving the dangers of smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Due to this many individuals automatically assume that the same dangers would be associated with cannabis consumption during pregnancy as well simply due to the fact that for decades it has been an illegal substance and is a schedule 1 narcotic according to the DEA. However, alcohol and tobacco are the reason for many deaths every day yet over the last two thousand years there is never been a death directly associated to cannabis consumption.


How Could Cannabis Help Pregnant Mothers?

From nausea to anxiety there are quite a few ways that cannabis could be of benefit to pregnant women around the globe. Morning sickness can often be a major issue for pregnant women. Morning sickness can do more to a pregnant woman and her unborn child than just make her uncomfortable and nauseous. When morning sickness is severe it can drastically effect one’s ability to maintain a healthy diet which can in return effect the ability for the fetus to grow at a healthy rate. Anxiety of becoming a mother or having another child is very common as well during pregnancy and is something that is experienced often in pregnant women. Cannabis is proven to help reduce or even eliminate both Nausea and Anxiety. These two ailments are suffered by millions and for the ones lucky enough to live where it is legal, they are two of the biggest reasons people chooses to medicate with cannabis. Inflammation and pain are also two other very common ailments suffered by women during pregnancy. Inflammation and pain are suffered by millions across the globe and cannabis has proven to be very beneficial at relieving these ailments. In many cases cannabis has worked even better than pharmaceutical medications.


What Do We Know Based on What Research Has Shown

Unfortunately at this time there have not been many extensive studies performed on how cannabis consumption during pregnancy can affect the unborn child. The studies that have been performed so far though have not shown any definitive or conclusive results proving that there are indeed dangers when consuming cannabis during pregnancy. Many of them have actually shown the exact opposite to much surprise of many. One study that was performed in the 1960s included a group of Jamaican women who consume cannabis during pregnancy as well as a group that did not. The study compares the results of newborns from both groups based on the Brazelton scale. One day after birth as well as three days after birth there were no significant differences between the two groups of newborns. When the test was performed at the 30-day mark the children that were born from mothers that consume cannabis during pregnancy actually excelled in two different realms in comparison to the children that were born from mothers that did not consume cannabis. More recent studies have shown that children born to mothers who consume cannabis during pregnancy had increased brain activity and excelled in some studies and others have shown that cannabis consumption during pregnancy may also lead to better vision and increased the function of eyesight. There have been a few other studies conducted that have shown cannabis to be negative towards a growing fetus. However, many of these studies are not conclusive as they were not stringent controlled studies but rather based on answers to questionnaires filled out by pregnant women. This is not scientific data and there are far too many variables to say for sure if cannabis was the direct cause or not. All we can say for sure is that there are far more proven benefits than negatives when it comes to both research and testimonials of cannabis consumption during pregnancy.