Dish Network Should Be Boycotted

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Dish Network Should Be Boycotted

Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic that was fired by Dish Network in 2010 after failing a drug test with positive results for THC. Brandon Coach works from his home office out of his wheelchair and provides for himself and makes a living. He uses medical marijuana for the condition which he suffers from as a doctor has prescribed it. However it is not about the quality of work or the ethic of work so much it is about failing a drug test for THC. There are options when one fails a drug test such as counseling or rehab but Dish Network felt it necessary to fire Brandon Coats. In my opinion it was because of the backing of the business community board they had at his trial. Who by the way cheered when this man was not allowed to work again? They cheered because their investments were safe for yet a little while longer. Their fabrics, their pharmaceuticals and GMO foods were protected yet again. All the crap that they push down our throats was protected by the Colorado Supreme Courts of Appeal ruling.


 Greedy People Suck

Brandon Coates will be appealing this decision and with no doubt he will provide valid argument. He should be able to show that this ruling was made in favor by those who invest in the community heavily. By investing in the community I do not mean putting money into it to make it stronger. I mean to give them more control in things they own. Things such as cash advance stores that have ridiculous rates. They charge the poor outrageous amounts to borrow a little tiny bit of money. They put their money into blocking measures that would ensure safe for consumption of food products. The level of corruption is no different than it was back in 1937. When they pass the MJ Tax Act and claim the race card as the issue and the main reasoning behind the passing of such a racist and controlling law.


America Sends a Confusing Message

Brandon Coates is just one of many people that you hear about because his case made mainstream media. They picked it up and it went national. There are many individuals out there who medicate using legal medicinal marijuana. They do this in states where it is illegal to buy, sell and possess certain amounts of marijuana both recreationally and medicinally. These people are denied their rights like other citizens. Just because they use a medication that isn't regulated by the pharmaceutical industry, the doctors, or the politicians that vote for these bills doesn’t mean they are bad people.


Keep Poising Me It’s Ok

Meanwhile this poisoning of America is allowed to continue. I employ all medical marijuana attorneys and cannabis attorneys to take your time to look into this case. Offer your assistance be on the right side of history when history is made. When this case is appealed and won, don’t make them explain why. What was the reasoning behind their decision and how much did it cost to buy that decision. The men and women who condone and allow these kinds of practices to go on are rich corporate America. Your day is coming. The amount of money you have will not be able to protect you for much longer.


We Need to Take Back Our Country

Don't give up Brandon coats. You have the support of a nation that is pro legalization. Why there was a judgment that was not in your favor can only be answered by a monetary answer. It is sad all the cheering, of all the wealthy businessman and women represented by this group that were opposed to you getting your job back. How sad this is. What a pathetic excuse of a legal system and a judicial system when these are the kind of outcomes that we have. When a man just simply tries to work and we deny him that right. To you Corporate America who stood against Brandon coats and to you the legal representatives that argued a case against this man know this. We know what you're doing. We know what you're up to. Have fun while you can because your time in office is over. We will use our voice. No matter how many news companies you silence you will not silence the voice of America! We will expose you for the tyrants that you are and remove you from office.