Fight Back for the Ones Fighting for our Freedoms

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Fight Back for the Ones Fighting for our Freedoms

There is something going on in our country right now that we have to start talking about. We are becoming a divided nation and it isn’t for a reason that should ever be a question or concern. We are becoming divided because what is legal is one state is not in another. This would not be a problem if we weren’t the UNITED States of America. It is hard to remain United when there is something that is alright for some individuals and not for others. It is high time we the people speak up and demand something be done by our Federal government to change it.


Let’s Talk About Marijuana

I am talking about legalizing marijuana nationwide. Right now in 4 states if you are over the age of 21 you can legally possess and use marijuana with certain restrictions as to the quantity you can possess. In the other 46 states, it is illegal for adults over the age of 21 to do the same thing. Illegal to the fact that they can spend years in jail and loose what they know of their lives. Do we really think as a nation that it should be alright for one adult to do something but not for another just because of which state they live in? I don’t think so. I do not think that it is fair that residents of Colorado can walk into a marijuana dispensary and purchase marijuana legally, drive home and consume it while for example someone living in Tennessee could not do the same thing. It is high time that marijuana was legalized in all 50 states. Especially considering the fact that it is also legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess and use marijuana in the nation’s capital city as well.


On Average 22 Vets Commit Suicide Daily

Our military vets are committing suicide at a rapid rate, many cases due to overmedication trying to treat PTSD. Others because they can find no relief from the traditional pharmaceuticals. There are dozens of accounts where our military men and women have spoken out and told their stories on how they were taking dozens of pills a day at no avail and how one plant, marijuana, helped and eliminated the need for the pharmaceuticals that come with terrible side effects. Isn’t it time to trust the men and women who know what helps them, after all we trust them with our lives and our freedoms? In my opinion if you are willing to lay your life on the line for this country, the country should be willing to trust you to make the right decision when it comes to treating this horrible condition that so many of them suffer from after serving tours overseas. Shouldn’t we be researching this to the fullest and making it legal for the men and women who protect our freedoms to have access to it as an alternative medicine to treat PTSD?


Joe Blow Can Get High and Play Video Games but Our Soldiers Can’t Medicate Naturally

Get this. If you are a common citizen and live in the state of Washington, Oregon, Alaska or Colorado you can grow or purchase marijuana from a state licensed dispensary and self-medicate yourself no doctor needed. Our veterans on the other hand cannot do that because the government would strip them of their benefits. Isn’t that the most unpatriotic thing you have ever heard of? Hey Joe Blow who does nothing but eat chips and bum on your uncle’s couch all day while you play video games, you can have this marijuana as long as you pay for it. Dr. Honorable Veteran of the United States Military, I know that you have put your life on the line for this country. I have heard stories about how badly our veterans are suffering from PTSD and how approximately 22 of them take their own lives each day because none of the traditional pharmaceuticals help. I don’t care though, if you even try marijuana to see if it could help like so many of your fellow military brothers and sisters have seen it do and we find out about it, we will take everything you are entitled to and you are on your own. In Leman terms that is exactly what our federal government is allowing and saying to our veterans. That isn’t right in any shape or form if you ask me.  


Take Action and Ask the Obama Administration to Take Action for Our Vets and Thank them for the Changes that have Progressed

We urge you to take action. Contact your government via their online web form found here. ( Tell them that what is happening is not fair. Tell them that they need to listen to the people and have your voice heard. Read the facts and educate yourself on the benefits of this miracle plant. Then educate your friends and family. Urge others to taken action and to contact the individuals that can make the change. We live in a society where we express our 1st amendment to the fullest and our voices are being heard louder and clearer every day. Speak up and fight back for freedom to across the states to access this as a legal adult.