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Glass Concentrate Dabber

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  • Glass Concentrate Dabber

Glass Concentrate Dabber

When you're looking for an elegant touch of class and a better taste profile for your dabbing or concentrate experience perhaps you should try the Glass Concentrate Dabber. The Glass Concentrate Dabber is a long glass rod with a scoop on one end and a point on the other. Made right here in America you can use it as a scoop, stir stick or dabber. The approximate size of each Glass Concentrate Dabber is 5.5 inches. If you have only ever used a metal dab tool for your dabbing  experiences then take the same advice that many others have already found out for themselves and try a glass dab tool.  Metal dab tools can put off a flavor profile that changes the way your dabs taste. With glass, you get a smooth clean hit every time. Get your Glass Concentrate Dabber today!

We do not intend to sell or promote this product to minors.  You must be 18 years of age or older to use this product.  Our products contain no nicotine.  By accepting our terms and conditions at checkout means you are attesting your legal age being 18 or above. 

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