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Glass Concentrate Dabber

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  • Glass Concentrate Dabber

Glass Concentrate Dabber

When you're looking for an elegant touch of class and a better taste profile for your dabbing or concentrate experience perhaps you should try the Glass Concentrate Dabber. The Glass Concentrate Dabber is a long glass rod with a scoop on one end and a point on the other. Made right here in America you can use it as a scoop, stir stick or dabber. The approximate size of each Glass Concentrate Dabber is 5.5 inches. If you have only ever used a metal dab tool for your dabbing  experiences then take the same advice that many others have already found out for themselves and try a glass dab tool.  Metal dab tools can put off a flavor profile that changes the way your dabs taste. With glass, you get a smooth clean hit every time. Get your Glass Concentrate Dabber today!

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