Marijuana Can Help Sick Children

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Marijuana Can Help Sick Children

I would like to show you some real stories about how medical marijuana and its derivatives can help sick children feel better and have a chance to live their lives. I would also like to show you how some of our politicians don't want them to.


Kalel- Thanks to CBD Oil I spoke for the First Time Ever

One of the amazing stories of how it has and is already helping is very recent and would have not been possible if not for the actions and voters of the residents of Puerto Rico. Just recently medical and recreational marijuana legalize in the territory. One of the amazing stories that we're seeing just a few short months later is about a 9 year old boy named Kalel. Kalel suffers from a rare form of autism that prevented him from being able to speak like a normal child. Could you imagine the pain his parents must have felt as well never hearing there's sweet child speak. This all changed with his first encounter with CBD oil. The very same day that he was able to use CBD oil as a legal treatment he spoke his first words.


Jayden- From 22 to Pills to Relief with One Alternative

Another one of the amazing stories that I have read about is about a young boy named Jayden. Jayden lives in the state of California luckily and is able to access liquid marijuana to help control and manage his seizures. Before implementing liquid marijuana as a treatment Jayden would fall to the floor with seizures several times daily. He was also taking a regimen of 22 pills a day to try to control and treat the seizures at no avail.


Charlotte- Dravet Syndrome is No Match for Cannabis Oil

One of the most widely known stories is that of Charlotte Figi. Charlotte used to suffer from 300+ Mal seizures a day due to a condition known as Dravet Syndrome. This syndrome also prevented her from being able to walk, talk or to eat. When everything else had failed her parents turned to medical marijuana in hopes of some form of relief for their child. They were very excited when immediately after putting Charlotte on an oil extract from R4 marijuana her seizures decreased and completely subsided for a total of 7 days. She is on a regular dose of the cannabis oil now and her seizures are down to just a bare minimum each month.


What about Morgan? – Her Governor Says NO

These are just some of the stories you will that you'll find if you go on a search to see just how medical marijuana is helping our children. There are many more stories like the one of Morgan Jones who lives in NY where a definitive answer seems nowhere near. There are many more of them out there today so pick up your phone or log on to your computer and do a little bit of research on a topic that can be beneficial.  


Don’t Let Them Play God

Do not let politicians have control over your life or your children's lives any longer. It is not their right to deny us medical treatment options that are proven to work for many things and that is exactly what they are doing. I know. We had a son Xander who suffered from Menkes disease which caused many seizures. CBD oil could have been the answer. If only we would have had that option we may have been able to still hold him in my arms today. Rather than visiting his resting place wondering if there was something else we could have done.


Chris Christie Says NO Even to CO and WA

It is politicians such as Chris Christie who is well aware of the advances we have made medical marijuana and the sciences surrounding it who are opposed to it. When asked about legalization of marijuana he answered NO. When asked about the state of Washington and Colorado, states where it is already legal. He stated that if he made presidency he would shut them down and attack them using federal law. That means people that are in those states that are already seeing the benefits of medical marijuana will have that right taken away from them if we allow him to get into office. Is that what you really want? Chris Christie is not for the American people and he is not the only one.  


Lindsey Graham – No Access for Anyone

There is also Lindsey Graham from South Carolina who just announced he was running for president as well. Lindsey Graham is just like Chris Christie he doesn't feel that anyone including your children should have access to the medical marijuana. The treatment that has helped keep their hundreds of seizures under control every day. The only treatment that has shown any hope out of the dozens that have been tried is medical marijuana and derivatives of.


It’s Time to Take a Stand

Think about how the parents who were able to hear their child speak for the first time must have felt. If that was your son or daughter, wouldn’t you want to have access to any and every treatment option that may help? How about the parent that was smoke screened by her governor and is still in the air about when she may be able to provide her daughter with this alternative. She was supposed to be able to already but they put stipulations in to make sure they control every aspect of our lives. It is time that this ends. Remember to stay informed and up to date. When it’s your turn to vote on this topic be sure to be on the right side of history in getting this medicine legal and available to everyone it can benefit. Not just some.