Marijuana Destroys Cancer

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Marijuana Destroys Cancer

The cannabis community along with many hippies for several generations have testified to the medical healing aspects associated with marijuana. Science and medicine have disagreed, however, and has been paid to do so by the federal government for many years. Funded by grants and funding. Also by being allowed to conduct business rather than having their license to practice revoked and to face possible jail time for any studies on marijuana. The Pharmaceutical industry, as well as doctors, physicians, and hospitals have made a fortune off of people being sick.


Lots of Money to Be Lost

There are significant dollars in anxiety, inflammatory, terminal illnesses and cancer treatments. The medication and items that one must have to survive these type medical conditions can’t be afforded by most. If not for insurance many white collar workers would suffer the same fate blue collared individuals experience. To treat these type of illnesses and cure them, would end the flow of the tens to hundreds of thousands of insurance dollars seen from individuals that suffer from these type conditions. Doctors, physicians, hospitals, along with the pharmaceutical industry are used to making millions from this. You can be sure a lot of them will fight to the end, feeling they’re right in doing so.


The Truth Comes Out

Finally, the feds released an official report acknowledging that cannabis does in fact combat cancer. The fact that marijuana destroys cancerous cells is something big, for a liar to come clean about. The acknowledgment of this information is what has been voiced by many for generations, but scientifically and medically put down until now. Living in the information era of the Internet today, individuals are under scrutiny for all the dirt they would have gotten away with in the past. Your facts can be checked, your lies can be exposed. This is causing more and more respectful individuals to not throw away their lifetime achievements based on lies and actually to come forward with the truth.


Stand Up Individuals

Individuals such as well noted Dr. Sanjay Gupta have come forth and apologized for their role in the misconception of marijuana and their past point of view. The lies that they help spread unknowingly, many have taken responsibility for and changed their ways. This didn't happen by public influence it happened by fact. Educated individuals around the world are finally allowed to speak out without the fear of prosecution. This has created a movement that solidifies marijuana's role as an effective medication for a multitude of illnesses. The fact that our bodies have endocannabinoid receptors naturally was new information to me as I am not a doctor.


Communication is the Most Important

More than 99% of the inflammatory issues within the body happens due to a lack of communication between nerves and cells. When cannabis is introduced into the human body, two-way communication occurs through our natural cannabinoid receptors. Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD and many compounds associated with marijuana are changing lives for the better on a global scale. As countries around the world decriminalize and legalize marijuana, The United States is on a slow progressive crawl doing the same. With only four states legal recreationally, and cannabis medicinally legal in 23 other states and Washington DC, it sends a mixed message to a country that is supposed to be united! These people who would stand in the way of a plant in order to gain money and keep those who are sick from getting better are exposing themselves every day.


The Raids By the Dea are a Lame Last Ditch Effort to Ruin Lives and display Control

Whan you think about all the nonviolent marijuana offenders that were arrested for possession of this plant, it’s a sad picture. How many moms and dads missed years with their children because of a campaign based on lies and media propaganda. Most of these people have lost their drivers license, jobs, families and had their lives turned upside down and ruined. This is an epidemic that knows no color. Marijana has been and always will be green. Even if you are smoking purp, it took some green to get it. Through efforts of groups like the Marijuana Policy Project and NORML along with volunteers who are dedicated to ending prohibition and responsible marijuana reform laws, we will see victory. The people have spoken, and now it’s time for government and elected officials to listen. Those who choose to oppose saving lives and strengthening the economy and planet are just committing career suicide.