Marijuana Grows Naturally

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Marijuana Grows Naturally

After digging through the reports myself they don’t come out and say marijuana is not a gateway drug. Instead they use catch phrasing to say this for them. Remember the biggest misused word in the world is may. The medical field loves to use this term as much as writers are required to use it. Anything may do something but that may offers nothing more to me then a false sense of security. MDMA and GHB are the new drug of choice and are a gateway to harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin use. Proof of this can be found in the staggering statistics of teens and young adults that fill our emergency rooms. These drugs are produced in labs and regulated by the biggest drug dealer in the world the FDA. Last I checked marijuana was selected by nature to grow without any assistance from humans.


10 Years and 400 Percent Growth in Prescriptions Given Out by Doctors

Marijuana isn’t and has never been the culprit for filling the emergency room with overdoses. Drugs like pain pills and cocaine are responsible for that. Pain pills are an epidemic that is sweeping America and killing thousands. MDMA and GHB are the new wave problem for the future. Our youth are killing themselves at an alarming rate with these designer drugs. Their parents just as bad with prescription drugs. What is even more alarming is the amount of new ads for these prescription drugs all the time. The lack of focus of control of the designer drugs to our kids. This stuff doesn’t grow on a plant. It is made from many different chemical processes. According to the CDC Director Frieden, prescriptions from doctors have increased by 400 percent in just a decade!


More Than 1 Person an Hour Dies from Prescription Drug Overdoses

An average of 46 people a day die from this problem. Studies are showing that pain pills are leading to a growing epidemic with heroin. 3 out of 4 heroin addicts start out becoming addicted to pain pills that many contain heroin in a synthetic form and then become addicted to street heroin. This is a problem that is perpetuated by our government. If you smoke pot and go to the doctor to ask for help they try to give you Prozac. If you use heroin and ask for help they send you to their private supplier at the methadone clinic. So let’s get this straight. You give them your synthetic heroin to get them off of the illegal street heroin so that they still get their buzz just from you and you call that help. Not only that you let these people come into a clinic get high and leave! I have seen these people come on a job site high as a kite and they can’t be fired because they have a prescription or doctors’ orders.


Marijuana is Saving Lives Helping Reduce Prescription Drug Overdoses

States where citizens have access to at the very least medical marijuana are seeing a dramatic decline in overdoses from Pain Pills and other prescription drugs. Some by as much as 40%! The theory that more kids would use marijuana is wrong as well. Those who choose to smoke marijuana do so for many reasons. Not because it is the hardest or the safest way to party. The fact is pot smells (great I might add) and that smell lingers with you. Your eyes get red, your mouth gets dry and kids have a hard time hiding this. They find drugs like cocaine, MDMA and prescription drugs to be easier to hide they are on from adults. No smell to them, no noticeably visual effects on the user and with so many allergies and antidepressant medications today you can’t tell if a kid is high anymore.


Marijuana Will Fix This Problem Just Like She Fixed Problems in the Past

Marijuana is fighting the problem that has been created by the very people who tell us weed is bad. They have lied to a point they have nothing left to do but lay down they have lied so much. Addiction to pills has become a killer more than one person an hour kind of problem. How many people die from marijuana overdose every hour? I am waiting. Still waiting? None! That is right nobody dies from overdosing on smoking marijuana. It can’t be done. You would suffocate before you died from the pot. America is seeing the lies they have been fed for years and the people who have been doing this. Thank goodness it is coming to a stop. Marijuana needs to be legal across the United States now! Stop playing with the lives of the moms and dads and sons and daughters of our nation before they see what you are doing. It’s for your own good!