Marijuana and Fun Facts Associated With It

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Marijuana and Fun Facts Associated With It

Marijuana has come a long way in our culture today. It is played a significant role in the shaping of our nation.  It will continue to play a role in the future of how our nation will turn out.  We are starting to learn that other ways to medicate and treat our conditions as well as other ways to enjoy ourselves recreationally. Marijuana is making a big influence in today's world because it is less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. Also marijuana is much safer than any of the other illegal recreational drugs that are out there such as ecstasy or cocaine. So stop messing with the stoners already. Make marijuana legal, take all the money you save which is roughly 10 billion dollars a year and focus that on preventing ecstasy, cocaine and pills from being trafficked and sold across America.


Enough of the Grumpy Stuff
To fill the mind with a little bit of knowledge that is random and not quite as irritating I have put together some unique facts. Here are some random fun facts about marijuana. When it comes to marijuana it is the most common drug that is consumed in the United States. There are approximately 100 million Americans that have tried marijuana at least once and more than 25 million that's smoke marijuana or have smoked in the last 12 months. 6000 Americans try marijuana for the first time everyday according to national surveys. 22.5 million Americans use marijuana daily. An estimated hundred and sixty two million adults from worldwide use marijuana at least one time each year. After alcohol marijuana ranks the highest mind altering recreational drug used around the world. 


Having Fun Yet
According to some medical reports it would take approximately 800 joints in order to kill a human being. The cause of death would not be marijuana overdose however it would be carbon monoxide poisoning. Marijuana is trendy when it comes to names it has over 200 aliases. A marijuana plant can grow up to 18 feet tall in the proper conditions while gaining 1 to 2 inches a day. The average THC level in a marijuana plant can be anywhere from 3 percent to 20 percent depending on growing conditions. Cannabis seeds are used for food in China all the way back as early as 6000 BC. The first American law regarding him was actually the farmers were required to grow the plant in 1619. During the 1890s the use of marijuana was encouraged and recommended for the substitution of alcohol. The reasoning behind this was that marijuana did not have the history of domestic violence that alcohol has associated with it. 


Poor, Poor, Poor, Poor Man
The first American citizen to be arrested under the 1937 marijuana Tax Act was Samuel Caldwell. Just poor fella was fined $1,000 while also being thrown in Leavenworth for 4 years to do hard labor. Poor man I thought three years of probation is bad for two ounces of weed. $1000 in 1937 I’m not sure but that had to be a lot of money. Plus 4 years out of your life doing hard labor and in Leavenworth they really made an example out of him. I think that living family members today should be able to go back and prosecute government officials and make them pay for the atrocities in lies they spread about marijuana. In the year 2007 a whopping 900000 arrests were made for marijuana violations in the United States. Of those arrest approximately 90% of those charged with any kind of marijuana related crime was only for simple possession.


Almost There America
From 1852-1942 the United States Pharmacopoeia listed marijuana in it. Saying that marijuana could be obtained at the local general store or pharmacy and listed medical conditions it treated. 2003 Canada was the first in the world to offer pain suffering patient’s medical marijuana. 1996 California allows medical marijuana patients who have a valid doctor's recommendation the ability to legally obtain marijuana. And know all of these states are now legal to smoke marijuana in if for any reason the federal government had a hair up there but right now they can still arrest the crap out of you. That's right, take everything you work for, arrest you and throw you in jail because technically it is still illegal by federal law. Try taking a dime bag to the airport with you and see if you don't end up in jail.