Marijuana is Gaining Popular Support

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Marijuana is Gaining Popular Support

Both Dr. Gupta and Dr. Oz are supporters of marijuana and believe that it should be legalized immediately. Both of these men have conducted studies that show marijuana's effectiveness. Also in their research they have uncovered studies that go back years and years. They are documenting the successfulness of marijuana as the aid too many different elements. 

The main concerns being stressed by both of these gentlemen would be that of marijuana use by children. Both doctors saying this concern was because of the ability of marijuana to slow the brain in children at a young age.  Children’s brains are growing until the age of 25 before being fully matured. Doctors say it would be advisable to only prescribe marijuana to those who are in severe need and other alternatives do not work. They stopped short of backing recreational marijuana.


Marijuana Has Many Different Forms

With marijuana there are many different forms and ways to taken or ingest marijuana was the most common being smoking. However this trend is changing into a whole new world of edibles. Partially thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana and medicinal marijuana in Colorado. They have come out with cookies candies and many other forms of THC or marijuana infused edibles. One of the most effective ways known to take medicinal marijuana is orally. 

Many people however still prefer the good old fashion way of smoking it. Which alleviates many different symptoms from anxiety to pain? A good example of something other than smoking marijuana that relieves these symptoms is CBD oil, also known as cannabinoid oil. This has great medicinal properties yet is still illegal in many states throughout the United States.


Medicinal Proof and Lawmakers still Play Games

It is a shame because this medication will help many children in many ways. Some of those ways for example already take a child and reduce seizures by 75 percent to a minimum imagine. Your child has 50 seizures a day. Regular pharmaceutical grade medication only reduces the seizures to 42 seizures a day. It also requires other medications to assist with the side effects of the original prescription drug that was prescribed to treat the person to begin with. if those seizures can be reduce using CBD oil from 50 to 5 it just makes sense that it should be legal at the very least on a medicinal level. A great example of this is Wisconsin where CBD oil was passed to be used medically yet a loophole prevents it from being prescribed. This is the nonsense we face.


Where to go to Enjoy the Finest Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana

Colorado's dispensaries were truly an amazing place to visit. To be greeted at the door by an officer and directed to a budtender was truly remarkable. The level of courtesy and professionalism displayed by the gentleman running the counter was that of a college educated professional. For the first time ever I was able to choose from a variety of marijuana. All of it offered multiple different aspects of a high which would aid in many different factions of life.

 I found a particular liking to Jack Herrer this was a very strong mix. It was great to enjoy smoking this fine high quality cannabis you knowing that I could expect to be sent into a room of munchies and my couch which is exactly what I was after. Also the weed there was amazing in the aspect that I could choose my buzz. It allowed me to have the buzz that I was after, but yet maintains the versatility and let me do the daily thing that I wanted to do such as hiking or outdoor activities.


Celebrities are Backing Weed in A Big Way

Willie Nelson, Snoop Dog, Waylon Jennings and Seth Rogan all show open support. Jay Z, Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and John Legend are just a few of marijuana’s famous supporters you may know. The Famous Morgan Freeman had this to say in a 2003 interview with the guardian “Never give up on the ganja.” These people hold a high public influence and are stone solid supporters. Thanks to them and all the people out there that backing the marijuana movement it has gained a momentum that can’t be ignored any longer by our government. With new studies coming in all the time the proof is out there and we will make it known. Do your part and be sure to vote the next time the issue comes up in your town.


Medicinal is on the Rise and you can Help

Get on the Highway and ride it all the way to victory by helping your state legalize marijuana if it is not already. If you let your states leaders know, then they will have no choice but to listen. The outcome of that could be great for so many people from so many walks of lives.