Marijuana is the Right Medical Choice

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Marijuana is the Right Medical Choice

When people think of marijuana or the cannabis plant they think about people smoking it to get high. Most people do not think of anything other than the recreational side and legalities that come into play. What many people do not know is that marijuana has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal purposes as well. A large majority of the individuals who have been labeled as stoners and pot heads over the years simply because this plant was not legal we're not even using it recreationally but rather for self-medicating purposes. 


The Cannabis Culture is a Diverse One

People have been smoking and using marijuana for many of many of years due to the fact that it can help with things such as nausea, headaches, social anxiety, lack of hunger and much more. Medical marijuana is actually legal in 22 different states. With more research being done every day there is now scientific proven fact that shows that this plant is more than just a recreational drug.


One Joint to Fix Your Joints

The benefits medicinally of cannabis far out way that have any others single medication. Not only is medical marijuana a multi-purpose medical treatment that can aid in helping the symptoms of hundreds of different things it is also a hundred percent natural plant with little to no side effects. Without having the long list of side effects that are commonly associated with pills it is easy to see why people choose natural medication as opposed to prescription drugs.


Not One Death EVER

Throughout the years that marijuana has been prescribed medically in states for it is legal there have been zero deaths due to using this plant. Actually throughout history EVER, there is not one recorded death linked to marijuana. There is not a single other medications treatment on the market today that can say that. Almost every other single medication on the market today is responsible for at least one death. If it is not responsible for at least one death, it is responsible for at least one person’s addiction. 


Let’s Try This One Instead- The Pharmaceutical Approach

Each of these pharmaceutical medications come with at least 10-12 side effects as well that are just as bad as the option that they are “trying” to treat. Very rarely is it that one single medication will do the trick either. There are actually pills on the market to make pills work right. Does anyone else see a problem here? Let’s look at just a few of the ones that could be eliminated with just marijuana. And let’s have a closer look at the side effects that they cause when trying to treat something that marijuana is proven to help without side effects.


Nausea is a common issue that everyone has to deal with at one point or another in their life. One of the most commonly prescribed medications is Zofran. Zofran has been proven to have side effects ranging from liver failure to death in cancer patients. Now let’s look at marijuana. Marijuana is proven to be effective for treating nausea and has zero fatal side effects for anyone who consumes it.


Anxiety is sure something I have felt before and so has thousands of other individuals. One of the most commonly prescribed medications for anxiety is Xanax or Alprazolam. Xanax has shown to have side effects ranging from lightheadedness all the way to patients losing their sex drive. If you ask me, this would only cause me more anxiety. Suicidal thoughts and tendencies are also another common side effect of this pharmaceutical. If only there was a single plant that could bring relief without those scary side effects, wait there is Marijuana.


Some Cold Hard Facts

Here is an excerpt from USA Today that really puts it into perspective “According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 38,329 overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2010. Overdoses are the No. 1 accidental killer of Americans 25 to 64 years old, surpassing even traffic deaths.”

Now let’s look at the facts from in regards to marijuana and associated deaths.

This is an excerpt from the Drug Abuse Warning Network in regards. “An exhaustive search of the literature finds no deaths induced by marijuana. The US Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) records instances of drug mentions in medical examiners' reports, and though marijuana is mentioned, it is usually in combination with alcohol or other drugs. Marijuana alone has not been shown to cause an overdose death. - See more at: ”