Our Uninformed and Confusing Potential Leaders

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Our Uninformed and Confusing Potential Leaders

With the 2016 presidential election right around the corner, there is a lot of attention in the media today surrounding where the potential nominee's stand on major issues. There are a lot of major issues going on in our country right now. One of the major issues being discussed is their viewpoint on the legalization of marijuana. If you do some research to see where our candidates stand it is very clear for many as they have voiced exactly how they feel. For others though that is not the case.


The I’m not Sure What I am Talking About Candidate

Let's take for example Scott Walker. He has long stood against the legalization of marijuana in his state of Wisconsin but when asked how he would address this issue as a president he was quite confusing in his answer. His most recent answer to how he would address this as president was that he thought it should be up to the States but that it was still a federal law and should be enforced at that level. Ok, that statement completely contradicts itself if the state should be allowed to make this decision for them self it should be a law that is forced at the state level, not the federal one. If he felt this way he should end the classification as a schedule 1 narcotic at the federal level and allow the states to do their jobs. If he feels that it's a federal issue and it's not up to the states at all then he would be completely against the legalization in any state or territory within the United States of America. In this case, all state-level laws for legalization would be overturned. These are two completely different viewpoints and outcomes. This country cannot afford a leader who cannot even be clear on a simple subject such as this.


The Very Uninformed, Marijuana Opposing Candidate

Another large issue that you can see when asking the presidential hopefuls about how they would address the legalization of marijuana if they were presidents is that they have their facts all wrong. Take for example Chris Christie. He believes that cannabis users are a disease to this country. If he is elected president all efforts to end the prohibition on marijuana will be a total loss. He has vowed to enforce federal law even in the states with legalization laws in place for recreational and medical marijuana. He doesn't feel that anyone should have access to this miracle plant even if it would save their life or allow a suffering child the chance to live one. If you ask me this is definitely not someone who would be a leader for the people. The sad thing is, he is basing all of his information on what his advisers are telling him. And his advisors are not well informed. He still believes that marijuana is a gateway drug. He still believes that marijuana has no medicinal value whatsoever. This is 2015 sir, not 1959 we have debunked your theories and have proven that there are several different medical uses for marijuana. In fact, it has been found to help treat hundreds of ailments and conditions. It has even put people in remission, not just helped their symptom, put them in remission. That is something that very little pharmaceuticals can do. 


A Long Line of Uneducated on the Topic Politicians

This smokescreen over this issue that we see with politicians in the upcoming election is not something new. Our government has been filled with politicians that are very uninformed on marijuana and make uneducated decisions that have costs the lives of many. For example Harry Aslinger. Harry was the individual responsible for drafting the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and the act was introduced by Representative Robert L. Doughton of North Carolina in 1937. This act ultimately led to the complete prohibition on marijuana. This act was drafted because of a racist viewpoint that Negro men were luring Caucasian women to smoke marijuana and was taking them from the white man. One quote by Harry was “Marihuana is “a more dangerous drug than heroin or cocaine.” Wow, let’s look at the facts. In the

The year 2000 there were over 17,000 deaths due to all illicit drugs except marijuana. Marijuana was responsible for zero deaths and still is to this day. Other illicit drug use though is tripling or quadrupling every couple of years only raising the number of deaths related to heroin and cocaine. Sounds like Mr. Aslinger based his viewpoint on opinion rather than facts and his prediction was way off compared to what has actually occurred over the decades.


We Can’t Afford Any More Uneducated and Unclear Leaders

We are finally breaking all the cliché’s surrounding the reefer madness and marijuana prohibition in the United States. We finally have a leader that has allowed progress and has passed laws to allow for more medical research surrounding marijuana. Marijuana is finally winning and proving the world wrong. It is helping, it is curing and it is infusing our states with much-needed income. We cannot afford to elect another leader into office that would risk the efforts being reverted. Stay educated and remember to vote smart.