Politicians, Marijuana and Synthetic Fabric

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Politicians, Marijuana and Synthetic Fabric

We could not have a plant that was good for the environment, economy and good for people also produce everything from clothing and ropes to soaps and oils. When you think about marijuana and how it came to be the legal what exactly comes to your mind? Do you think that it is one of the old presidents that just decided we should knots have marijuana? Or maybe because of one of the wars or something to do with those hippies back in the sixty's and seventy's.


Say No to Hemp All of a Sudden

Well in all actuality the prohibition on marijuana is largely to blame on the synthetic fabric industry. Also on the narrow minded views of the politicians who played the race card. Politicians we're approached by the synthetic fabric industry leaders. They were told that their pockets could be made fatter than normal. That and that they would be helping America in the process to grow economically. That it would be beyond what they could imagine thanks to the new revolutionary fabrics. But in order for these new revolutionary fabrics to even get there marijuana was going to have to go away for good. 


Let’s Get Rich at the Expensive of America

In the late 1930s the leaders of the synthetic fabric industry approach politicians. They played the race card. That marijuana was being used by black men to take our white women. Of course the promise of making more of that all mighty dollar and marijuana was quickly abolished. Now they had a way to control what everybody in America would be wearing, sleeping on, in and using for everyday purposes in their homes in businesses. When this occurred the synthetic fabric industry and these politicians were left to make money on this untouched market. They did this for many years to come without so much as even having to explain themselves.


A Changing Time

Until today that is. Thanks to the information era of the internet, these individuals cannot keep information like this hidden or suppressed like they have in the past. Their bullying ways will no longer be tolerated and they are to be held accountable for their actions in almost real time thanks to social media. As a result of this our political leaders are having no choice but to hear the people and at the least to pretend to have the peoples interest as their biggest concern.


Shame on You Hypocrite

Stay informed about these politicians like Jeb Bush. They have the idea that it is ok for them to as they please but the rest of the country is held to a different stricter set of laws. This country is not supposed to be for the privileged. Let’s make it that way. Marijuana should be legal. Take away poisons that kill millions a year such as alcohol. This will not happen because of the pockets that this industry lines. These industries are going to feel a sting that they should have felt years ago coming onto the market. People will make a choice and given where America stands on marijuana, our leaders cannot keep lying to us any longer. Their evil and racist propaganda techniques such as Reefer Madness will not work anymore!


They Will Not Change Unless We Make Them

The recent changes to the laws are not being made by choice of the politicians. These greedy pigs are finally running out of money and have very few options left. They have borrowed their limit, stolen what they can steal, they can’t keep just printing more money and they barely could come up with a budget to keep the country running just a few short months ago. They cannot make other drugs legal because they are very dangerous and would cause more harm than good.


MJ Saves the Day Again

Just like she did during the war MJ is here to save the day yet again. While only privileged Americans like Jeb Bush seem to be immune to the harsh laws surrounding MJ. He can go to college and smoke but has helped to lock up others who have done the same. This seems a bit wrong to me. Let these people know what you think about them by holding them accountable for their actions. Make them explain why it is ok for them but not you. Chances are when they are thrown under the bus the bus will stop and change directions so as to avoid running them over. Let’s change the way these politicians are allowed to treat us. We are all human beings, not just them. All lives matter not just politicians lives.