What About My Marijuana

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What About My Marijuana

Washington DC has legal recreational marijuana why doesn’t the rest of the country? I live in the south eastern United States and marijuana is still against the law. What is that saying about the people over here? Are they racist and holding on to arresting every black man with a blunt? Are they conservative and claim religion saying it is the devils work? Our government can no longer claim the religion card after legalizing Gay marriage. So when will we finally have marijuana legal all across The United States of America? There are a few people in America that have kept marijuana from becoming legal for as long as they could and here are some of the names we know not to show support for by buying their products.


It’s Not Just Washington DC

4 states and Washington DC in our country have legal marijuana. 23 all together allow medicinal marijuana. The Obama Administration lifted the ban on medical research. Several politicians and kids of politicians admit to smoking marijuana but are untouched. If that was me my butt would be in jail. Why is it taking so long for legalization to make its way across the U.S? We hear in the news about raids going on and people being falsely harassed. These folks are some of the top suits behind all the nonsense.

California Beer Companies are spending money to keep marijuana illegal in fear of competition for Americans recreational dollars. America together spends about 90 billion a year on alcohol. If marijuana was to become legal it would cut that number way down.

Prison Guard Unions, go figure these guys want you to stay in jail for job security. Then they get so many of you they can’t keep up and they start crying. Not to mention spending over a million dollars to defeat a measure reducing jail time and focusing more on rehab.

Pharmaceutical Corporations have long sought to keep marijuana out of the hands of everyone. They don’t want people having access to growing something that works on everything from upset stomachs and headaches to seizures and anxiety. They would lose sales on band aides from domestic violence dropping to aspirin to ativan sales when people see that a natural way works.

Police Unions spent $365k to go against prop 19. With numbers like2.2 million, 7.5 million and 500k. Big dollars are put into keeping people behind bars. The police union’s lobbyists bring in millions to departments in grant money from the war on drugs.


What About My Marijuana

Those are some of the money hungry corporate groups and only a small handful of them that want to control Americans like dollar bills. It is time we let these people know what we think about their corrupt ways. Sure they would rather arrest potheads than go after other criminals, pot smokers are the nicest! As I research information I still see the propaganda of lies they spread. It’s kind of funny it seems to stop in 2012. In 2013 it turns to Kids are going to smoke more and we will have a stoned culture. Ha-ha not true, propaganda shot down!


They See Dollar Signs and They Say Sure Why Not

Medical marijuana is big business. There is a lot of money to be made in the medical marijuana industry. Colorado brings in an average $30 million a month in medical marijuana sales. The makers of the strain Charlotte’s Web have a waiting list of 12,000 families wanting product. They sell CBD Oil at 5 cents a milligram. This harvest was 17 acres that stands to make $23 million worth of oil from 1 harvest. What about my marijuana? When can we have a harvest in other states? Why are we not as important as citizens in other states? I thought we were a United Nation? Not ruled state to state. I guess when you have lied to the American people it is better to give the state control with the federal government falling apart.


They took Our Freedom and Lied About It the Entire Time

From the IRS problems to the banking bailouts and more, they have failed. A few closed minded generations have come so close to selfishly ending America for all of us. It’s not just about the right to smoke marijuana it’s deeper than that. This was kept from us so they could profit from it how they saw fit. Until now in the computer age we couldn’t watch what they were doing. People were silenced when they tried to speak out. No Longer will we be afraid and silent! Unless I just vanish.