Why Won’t The Government Answer Our Cries

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Why Won’t The Government Answer Our Cries

When will the prohibition on marijuana end for good? We as a nation we are highly acceptive of this plant and realize the wonderful benefits it can bring both us and our planet. Marijuana and cannabis derivatives are showing more and more value every day. It's proving to help where traditional treatments and medications have failed. It is saving lives and improving the quality of life for many other individuals every day. CBD a cannabinoid within the cannabis plant has helped relieve the intensity and frequency of seizures in epileptic patients and others. Prime example is Charlotte Fiji and the high CBD concentrated strain of cannabis known as Charlotte's web. Charlotte went from having hundreds of grand mal seizures daily to just a few a week after the introduction of Charlotte's web strain of Cannabis treatments to her daily regimen. Marijuana can help with the many ailments that are associated with Fibromyalgia. Including the chronic pain, depression and insomnia. There is not a single pharmaceutical on the market that brings as much relief as medical marijuana. This is a condition suffered by millions that has no determined cause or cure.


Money Means More to the Government Than Our Military Service Members Lives

The men and women of our military that we trust to protect our great country are even taking a stand for cannabis. When an average of 22 veterans commit suicide on a daily basis due to the symptoms of PTSD and other things caused by their service to this country and they tell our government they are tired of taking 40 pills a day and that cannabis works why the hell will our government not listen to them? Why did they insist that we have to do federal research studies for years and years before they will recognize it as a qualifying medical marijuana condition? Would they rather just see these men women continue to die on a daily basis? In states where the recreational marijuana laws military men and women who suffer can walk in and get this medication but they have to pay extremely high taxes and they're at risk of losing their veterans benefits. Then there are vets in other states that have no legal access to this medicine whatsoever but are still continuing to search for it on the black market risking everything because they know just how well it works. It looks as if our government is telling these men and women hey it's okay you can put your life on the line to protect me and this country, but I'm not going to do anything for you in return no matter what you tell me helps. They just continue to force pharmaceutical after pharmaceutical on these individuals. Pharmaceutical companies do not create cures they create clients why else would it cost so much money?


They Obviously Don’t Care About Our Children and Our Future Either

It's not just our military that is feeling this injustice. There are many families out there that have to watch their children fight for their lives every day while suffering from seizure after seizure and living with pain that you or I couldn't even imagine. There are States that are completely denying a safe, natural proven effective alternative giving these families and children little to no hope. Then there are States that have government officials that are standing beside families such as this and smiling to win their votes saying that they are going to push through legislation to allow their children access the cannabinoid oils and other cannabis derivatives for their ailments. To these families that is like a miracle and a hope that they otherwise would not have. The problem is, however, is that many of these states have passed legislations but are still not permitting the sale or possession of these products until further studies are done. This is wrong and sad. These families should not have to become refugees to another state within their own country to save their children's lives.


Using the Whole Plant for Relief and Remission

There is another trend to cannabis consumption that is proving to be very beneficial. This method of consumption is not just using the flowers or buds from these plants but rather the entire plant before it is dried. This method is known as whole plant therapy, and a common way of consuming in this method is through juicing of the cannabis plant. Through the use of this method, there have been individuals who have seen total remission from ailments and conditions. Ones that pharmaceuticals have been unable to bring them for many of years despite the different combinations and dozens that they have tried.


It is Time

It is time to end the prohibition on marijuana once and for all. It is the time that if citizens of this country want a natural alternative to lab made and chemical-packed pharmaceuticals they should be able to access it, LEGALLY. It is the time that we stand up as a country and remember that this is a country for the people, and we must take control of this situation and not allow this to continue any longer.It is time we fight back full force and show our government the power of the people.