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Author: Sabrina Hotz


  • Review Add on: 05/05/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

Darkside of the moon is the best. Always reliable and fair price. And free shipping!

Author: Ashley

Best decision I’ve made lately!

  • Review Add on: 03/23/2019
  • Average Rating: (4)

Im so happy I’ve found your product, it has given me relief I haven’t been able to get from anything else. Having 2 very serious incurable illness’s means my anxiety levels are slightly higher than should be, but that changed the day my little parcel of joy arrived. Thank you for developing this Cloud9Hemp, you have made me smile again! I have spent the past week raving on about how good this cbd eliquid has been for me and recommending to all my friends; I’ll be back really soon! :)

Author: gordon mills


  • Review Add on: 03/22/2019
  • Average Rating: (2)

Sorry I might need strong, but it did nothing at all, although very pleasant to use.

Author: Jenna Perkins

Cloud 9 Hemp Rocks!!!

  • Review Add on: 03/19/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

Dark side of the Moon is the way to go! This is my absolute favorite! It's so smooth and taste like brownies and Carmel! Cloud 9 Hemp always delivers very fast and on time! So you don't have to wait for every to get your new e liquid. I also like Happy Daze. The blue berry pomegranate rocks your socks off!!! I'm very satisfied with this company!

Author: Cindy

  • Review Add on: 05/09/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

First off i am using a Nautilus X tank with Eleaf iStick Pico Mod.
Flavor; this juice is amazing!! Smell from the bottle smells a little nutty once vaped the chocolate flavor really comes out mixed with the nuttiness not a real sweet taste so just right.
I get more the affect if i inhale, hold it and slowly breathe out though the nose.

I have been vaping sense i quick smoking 5yrs ago. I have always said it would be really nice if they came out with a e-juice that would help with medical problems. So i started reading about CBD and was so over joyed that they came out with this. I have RA and deal with pain on a daily bases. I have tried one brand at 75mg it help very little but i continue my search and found cloud9 and i ordered the 300mg it relaxes, but on my next order i am going to try 500mg.
I love having a clear head without a ton of pills.

Author: Philip Lo Duca

  • Review Add on: 03/12/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

Cloud 9 CBD has been a life saver for me. I cannot take NSAID's due to kidney issues and the CBD really helps. The quality is outstanding.

Author: Cate

  • Review Add on: 07/26/2017
  • Average Rating: (5)

Best CBD juice on the market.

Author: Jes

  • Review Add on: 06/09/2017
  • Average Rating: (5)

I have Fibro/neuropathy/arthritis in spine and also Multiple Myeloma....cancer in the bone marrow plasma....of coarse, some anxiety and depression. I have very high tolerance to drugs, so there's not much I can take....a high dose of a pain patch caused a fall that almost killed me, but the meds were not working anymore!!! I tried this, just 100mg and it does actually help!!! I lent some to my brother-in-law for his back and he likes it so much, he's telling everyone he knows about you and I even told a lady at my nieces graduation. You most certainly have a forever customer with me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Author: Cara

  • Review Add on: 05/23/2017
  • Average Rating: (4)

I ordered this and Equilibrium to start with, both are fantastic. Might get a stronger mix next time. Mainly I wanted to see if it will help with tremors and spasms, if it helps anxiety and depression that'll be good too. Fantastic deep and restful sleep last night after using.

Author: alain,

  • Review Add on: 05/13/2017
  • Average Rating: (5)

super relaxe,,,,,,,,,,,quelques gouttes dans mon atomizer et c est parti,,,,,,,,,,fantastique

Author: Jacque

  • Review Add on: 04/12/2017
  • Average Rating: (5)

This flavor is absolutely amazing

Author: Jess

  • Review Add on: 03/12/2017
  • Average Rating: (5)

I absolutely LOVE this eliquid. I've had others, but in my opinion, they don't compare to cloud9. Cloud9 is affordable and has a great taste. Not too strong but suttle enough to taste the flavor. Dark side of the moon is my favorite. I love the fact that it relaxes me without any harsh after affects. I will be a regular customer forever. LOL

Author: Kathy

  • Review Add on: 03/09/2017
  • Average Rating: (3)

I bought the hemp oil which works well and the. I like the easy rider flavor the best. I liked it enough that I ordered a set for my adult daughter to help with her medical problems. HOWEVER, I paid extra for the premium starter kit for each of us. I had the vision spinner 2 for a few days when it stopped working. I was told that I over tightened it (I didn't) or that it was dirty (it wasn't), the thing would flash and not work. After a lot of hassle, I was finally reimbursed with a lesser battery (Vision Spinner not the Spinner 2). I paid for my daughter to get the premium vape pen set up and she was sent a Spinner not a Spinner 2 and the one she was sent died after 1 day. I made sure to warn her not to over tighten it or get oil on it.

Author: Camelion420

  • Review Add on: 02/18/2017
  • Average Rating: (5)

I'd never have picked this one, but it came in my sampler, which I highly recommend. This one is a surprising favorite. Everyone loves this one, and I swear it smells like butterscotch.

Author: Mark

  • Review Add on: 01/05/2017
  • Average Rating: (5)

Great stuff! My bottle arrived in a cute little fragile box. It was my first time filling with an eye dropper but i managed not to spill too much and away I went! I got the 100 ml which i've been burning at 19 watts using a naut X. It's been really great! I can feel the effects quite clearly. I get a little light headed and it's almost like a mild muscle relaxant as well as an inflamm, which is what I was most interested in. This has already notacibly helped my pain from inflammation. quite glad! I think ill get the 200mg next time because it seems to take a few draws before i feel it.

anyway, the flavour is great stuff. there's a lot of depth to it. it's a little strong at times, but for the most part i cant see myself getting sick of it anytime soon. medicinally, it actually helps. im amazined by this and recommend it to anyone.

Author: Fernando

  • Review Add on: 12/19/2016
  • Average Rating: (1)

Such a shame I have to leave a bad review. But sadly this didn't do much for me, or anything. I felt no difference in my anxiety or panic. But then again I only use 50mg of this product. Perhaps I should go much much higher? Not saying this is a bad company or doesn't work, it just didn't work for me. Sucks.

Author: DougFair

  • Review Add on: 12/06/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

This company is A100 . I ordered on a Friday and received my order on Monday. All the way to Pa. I had some problems with my credit card and Miss Jenna in costumer service was so helpful and patient. Thank you. As far as the CBD in the first day and one half I started feeling less pain. The flavors are incredibly LOVE it. I'll never vap any thing else again. Good by sig's. I'm looking forward to consistently having less pain with out the side affects of narcotics. Yeah. Thank you CLOUD 9 HEMP!!!

Author: Martin Miller

  • Review Add on: 12/04/2016
  • Average Rating: (2)

The artificial flavoring ruins this product. I much prefer the God made plant terpenes which have therapeutic value and are found in hemp, over the man made flavoring agents in these products., I am wondering if they break down as carcinogens, because I have read that some of them do, particularly cinnamon and buttery flavor.

Author: Michael L

  • Review Add on: 10/30/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

Let me tell you this is good stuff. The flavor is awesome and it vapes great. So smooth and great clouds. It's also very relaxing as well after a few hits. Only down side is the cost but you get what you pay for. I will definitely be getting more soon. I got the 100mg but will try 200mg next. You won't be disappointed with this juice!

Author: Adam

  • Review Add on: 10/28/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

Very pleasantly surprised by this juice! Having tried other cbd juices and found them to be poor, I picked up on cloud 9 after my mate ordered some last year. Suffering from severe depression and anxiety, I had been smoking weed way to much and decided to quit that and alcohol to try and restore more of a balance to my way of thinking. The dark side of the moon juice tastes good and vapes fairly well in a standard subtank, the effects do not 'hit' suddenly or with strength , rather you slowly feel noticeably more relaxed and sometimes slightly light-headed. This makes it a fantastic choice for combating bouts of stress and anxiety, a few good hits (Holding it in your lungs for quite a while speeds up the effects and saves juice) leaves me feeling much more relaxed and somewhat 'lighter' , it doesnt make you 'high' by any means, but it sure does make you feel good. Will definitely be ordering more!

Author: Star

  • Review Add on: 10/19/2016
  • Average Rating: (4)

I finally got my spinner up and running. I have been in excruciating pain since the beginning of Aug of this year due to back pain. I am on a lot of meds and go to PT also so I am not saying all my improvement is due to this but I will say that about 2 days after starting vaping (100 mg) my pain has decreased considerably. I do wish I had gotten a higher concentration. but I will finish off the bottle that I got before spending more on 200 or 300. One drawback is the spinner and the tank do not play well together. I have to keep the tank unscrewed from the battery to the point that is floppy for it to actually work, otherwise the light just blinks at me. I am cleaning it for a second time and if that does not work I will be contacting the seller about a replacement. When it does work. it works really well and I love how easy it is to use.

Author: Omerta Atremo

  • Review Add on: 10/13/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

Very deep and rich flavor, vapes well. Big fat clouds, good relaxation moving from 50mg > 100mg. Helps anxiety and pain (fibromyalgia/RA). Thank you for this great product. Will buy again, maybe moving up in MG next order, right now 100mg is perfect for me. Also my local vape shop sells the same size bottle same mg for 2x the price. 8/8

Author: Masri

  • Review Add on: 10/10/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

Just wont to say this is The Best i got 400mg and its doing its stuff i made the wrong shipping payment metod but it didnt matter i got it anyway Will order agien

Author: Star

  • Review Add on: 10/09/2016
  • Average Rating: (4)

I have not actually vaped yet but wanted to give my initial thoughts. The price is great for new users with the discount to get everything. The item itself arrived in a couple days. Much faster then I expected. The envelope was discrete . The items all arrived in good condition. I thought I had not gotten my free charm but found it in the bubble wrap, it's cute. The smell of the oil is heavenly ( dark side of the moon) Now for the negatives. I am 100% new to this and have no idea what I am doing, I got what I assume are all the pieces I need, but no instructions on how to set it up or use it. I am afraid of putting the oil in wrong so I am waiting for a friend (who lives in another country) to come online and talk me through it. Assuming she doesn't just use cartridges. Overall I like the stuff but us new users need some help getting started. I will update how it actually works once I get set up.

Author: Paul Cheang

  • Review Add on: 09/27/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

This is one of my favorite. I have bought a few CBD vape oil from healthyhempoil & I wish I would of knew about CLOUD9HEMP sooner.
They really know what they are doing. 5 *****

Author: Dawn Vodek

  • Review Add on: 08/11/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

This is one of my favorites. I have sever anxiety, chronic pain, migranes and pcos. I was scared at first to try it at first so I ordered the 50 mg, and this helped a little so I jumped right up to the 200 mg. It helps a lot, I really like the flavor it almost remindes me of an iced caramel coffee. I don't have any cough I don't feel like my lungs are going to explode I'm pleased, and will be ordering another flavor soon.

Author: Emily

  • Review Add on: 07/30/2016
  • Average Rating: (1)

25mg didn't do anything for me, but make me feel a little bit woozy.

Author: Anonymous

  • Review Add on: 07/15/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

The Dark Side of The Moon is a great flavor. I wanted to try CBD because of severe neuropathy from chemotherapy that I will be stuck with the rest of my life as well as bone and muscle pain. I have been fighting cancer off and on for the past 3 years. So i started my research and decided it was worth a try. I also suffer from Bi-Polar disorder. The CBD isnt a cure but it helps some with my pain and i enjoy the great flavor and aroma of the dark side of the moon.

Author: Sara

  • Review Add on: 07/10/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

I haven't tried cloud 9 yet but I did order 200 mg in a 10 ml bottle. I hope this does the trick, healthy hemp oil.com didnt make me feel any different on 100 mg of 10 ml. So hopefully ill feel something on this.

Author: Justin

  • Review Add on: 04/15/2016
  • Average Rating: (5)

Just got some in the mail, 50mg in 30ml bottle. I bought this for anxiety/panic attacks, social anxiety, and GAD. I am completely blown away man, I went from my normal daily anxiety, and about 30 minutes after taking a few tokes I am down to minimal. Physical symptoms are gone, and I am happy and smiling. I've been picking it up once an hour since and it seems to be doing the trick!

Taste is good, I don't taste anything but the flavor of the vape juice, no earthy taste at all. So far I'm loving this stuff and I will be trying 100mg next. If you have anxiety, and you are hesitant about trying this, just do it. I am one of the most anxious people on earth, and today I feel like a different person, in a good way!

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