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$11 Million in Recreational Marijuana Sales

Throughout the United States of America, there is an epidemic plaguing each state, and that's our government's lack of funding. They misappropriate funds giving them to corporations and individuals frivolously. When it comes time to delegate funds to states, cutbacks are made, and the states themsel

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4 Comedies Plus 2 More = 0 Problems Laughing

When it comes to great stoner movies there are hours of them to keep you entertained. Most all of your stoner movies out there or comedy based hence the stoner way of life being a fun social and happy 1. Many people throughout history I've tried to put a bad label on marijuana and those who have use

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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Vaping Weed

The health benefits of marijuana are well-documented and steadily growing. Click here for 5 of the most fascinating benefits of vaping weed for your health.

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5 THC Oil Vape Pens for Every Smoker

Can't decide on that first weed electronic cigarette? Let's start with the basics. Click here for 5 classic thc oil vape pens for every type of smoker.

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7 Surprising Uses for CBD Oil

Think you know all the uses for CBD? Think again! In this post, we're sharing 7 uses that you didn't know existed!

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A Bill That Could End Drug Testing for Cannabis

For those of us who are part of the Cannabis Culture and consume cannabis on a regular basis for recreational or medicinal purposes, there has always been a fear of workplace drug testing. With the recently introduced bill by Bernie Sanders that if passes would remove cannabis from the list of contr

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A Seed is Not Just a Seed

Not every seed is the same when it comes to cannabis seeds. In fact, there are a few different types of seeds, and they all have some very different characteristics, but they all result in that one thing you are looking for when cultivating cannabis, beautiful buds! Of course, there are regular ole

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Big Pharma Has Fueled Prohibition

Standing of marijuana prohibition is more important today than it has ever been in the past. The many different illnesses that affect mankind today are a result of years of genetically modified foods, pesticide use, and poisons from manufacturing and textile companies.

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Candidates and Where They Stand on Marijuana

Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, Rick Perry and Hillary Clinton are all names that are on the list of supporters of marijuana. Though they may not be wearing legalize it t-shirts and buttons they are on the open side of policy. Hillary is keeping her composure when it comes to marijuana. We all hope she w

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Cannabis Advocating

There are many individuals that are cannabis consumer who choose to advocate for ending the prohibition of cannabis. These individuals are widely diverse and span the globe. Not every person that advocates for ending prohibition is a cannabis consumer. Likewise not every cannabis consumer advocates

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Cannabis Canna Bring Big Business

Cannabis businesses have started springing up across the continental United States and around the world. These businesses are coming from every angle and aspect of a wide variety of different lifestyles. From multimillion-dollar investors seeking medical grow operations to individual small businesse

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Cannabis Closer to Becoming Legal Recreationally in America

Recreational marijuana has been a dream of many for decades now since the prohibition of cannabis began. In the past several years marijuana has made monumental leaps and bounds. With four states and the capital of our nation Washington DC legalizing recreational marijuana consumption and 23 States

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Cannabis Could Help Millions Not Just a Few

Many of the medical marijuana programs throughout the United States will only qualify patients for the program if they are terminally ill. If they have an “incurable” condition, suffer from intractable epilepsy or other debilitating conditions and diseases.

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Cannabis from Good Old Home Grown to Top Shelf

Cannabis has come a long way since back in the 60s and 70s. For those of us who grew up smoking it has changed in more than just price. The level of THC has increased considerably. There used to round town brown if you were new to it or it was dry in town. There was red bud if you were lucky and had

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Cannabis Happy Business Ownership and Employment

Owning your own business is an exciting time for many individuals. Owning your own cannabis business is becoming more and more popular with new business owners today. The cannabis industry offers an array of ancillary services that help cater to and sustain the cannabis culture lifestyle and industr

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Cannabis Prohibition Was Built on Lies

Many Americans are in favor of ending marijuana prohibition and legalizing marijuana across the United States of America. The medical facts are piling up more each day and disproving the lies of the past. It was almost as if the government and medical profession wanted America sick. A sick America h

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Cannabis the Miracle Answer for Pregnant Women

When it comes to how medicinal marijuana can help individuals many think of cancer patients and veterans with PTSD. What many do not think about are the medicinal properties of cannabis that could benefit pregnant mothers.

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Cannabis Timeline From 2900BC till Now

Marijuana is very much a part of the lives of millions of people around the world. Some would like to pretend that cannabis as a drug and is harmful, bad and has no place in our society.

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Celeb Names on Marijuana Brands Themselves

It seems today that marijuana is finally being accepted and that the barriers of propaganda are finally being taken down and destroyed forever. The DEA and the United States government have lied to Americans and the rest of the world for decades now in regards to marijuana. The War on drugs or bette

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Celebrate the Many Wins Marijuana Has Seen 2015!

Washington DC has set a great example allowing for legal adult marijuana use. Adults 21 and up are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants for personal consumption and possession of two ounces. Under this same measure, the sale of cannabis still remains illegal. The Council of the District of Col

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Changes in The Cannabis World

When it comes to marijuana and the different ways to consume it, nowadays people have so many choices that if you are new to this market it can get to be confusing. The options today include both old ways and new ways of consumption including bongs, bowls, vape pens, volcano machines, blunts, cones,

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Chris Christie Thinks Poorly of CO

In The United States over the last few years there have been many states that have decriminalized marijuana. A brave few have legalized recreational marijuana. Some states have done so for both medical and recreational purposes. While others focused on the medical aspects of legalization. Medical le

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Confusing People Since 1887

More than 80% of the NIH's budget is distributed to 300,000 people at over 2,500 research institutions and universities. Not to mention about 6,000 scientists are employed in NIH’s own Intramural Research laboratories. The majority of these are located on the NIH main campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Criminals Wear Badges To

To protect and serve, California cops take a vow to do this. We have seen many cases lately in the news of police corruption and brutality like it is something new. Those of us who are not in that privileged set of America, those who understand and experience the harassment of these supposed law enf

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Dealers Make Profits Thanks to Prohibition

The only thing worse than marijuana prohibition, is running out of marijuana. Purchasing marijuana is dangerous enough in itself if you do not live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal or at best decriminalized such as Vermont and North Carolina.

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Dish Network Should Be Boycotted

Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic that was fired by Dish Network in 2010 after failing a drug test with positive results for THC. Brandon Coach works from his home office out of his wheelchair and provides for himself and makes a living. He uses medical marijuana for the condition which he suffers fro

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