$11 Million in Recreational Marijuana Sales

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$11 Million in Recreational Marijuana Sales

Throughout the United States of America, there is an epidemic plaguing each state, and that's our government's lack of funding. They misappropriate funds giving them to corporations and individuals frivolously. When it comes time to delegate funds to states, cutbacks are made, and the states themselves suffer. They are forced to beg and grovel for federal funding and support the federal government in order to obtain grants to financially structure the state. This does not have to be the way that it is. Simply legalize marijuana, and the financial problems that they face will fix themselves. Through the reduction of prison populations, crimes, and an increase in ancillary services related to the cannabis industry the citizens of a state that chooses to legalize marijuana stand to gain economic structure and solidity for the first time in for the first time in many years on a large level. Business surrounding the cannabis industry are not just growing facilities and dispensaries. There are a multitude of services that accompany the cannabis industry from tourism to manufacturing. Marijuana legalization takes with it a risk. The risk that it takes is that the DEA and the federal government will not come in and arrest everybody in the entire state and put them in CCA or Correctional Corporations of America prison. Our government continually tries to take our freedoms away from us. Many people within our government make remarks stating that we have too many freedoms, and that is why we are as bad off as we are. When, in fact, we are as bad off as we are because of the butt hurt politicians that run our country.

A Truly Free State
 Oregon has followed in the historic footsteps of other states that have legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana. Oregon's recreational marijuana sales in 5 days came up to 11 million dollars. If Oregon was to repeat this trend for a year that would be, 803 million dollars ingest recreational sales alone. According to oregon.gov the state was facing double-digit unemployment, a budget gap of 3.5 billion dollars, as well as rapidly rising health care costs. According to Governor John A Kitzharber MD, his budget includes 808 million dollars in total targeted investments for education. These funds are from birth all the way to post-secondary education as well as training. So as you can see the potential of cannabis could alone handle this budget issue by itself. Also within his budget 30 million dollars has been retained to help spark jobs throughout Oregon in the Working Forest and the Working Farms Finance Initiative. Well at 11 million dollars in 5 days it would take less than a month to come up with that 30 million dollars. The budget for 2015 through 2017 for the state of Oregon has many valid points. This is one that I like particularly, and I'm going to quote it. It reads:
 "Many of these investments are made possible because we were able to limit the growth of our prison population, reduce public pension liabilities and develop our network of coordinated care organizations. My budget aims to expand the coordinated care model to cover more public employees and make it available to small businesses to lower costs and improve their competitiveness."   This document can be viewed here http://www.oregon.gov/gov/admin/Documents/2015-17_gb_ForWeb.pdf.


Wise Words, Now to Live up to Them
On an ending note for this budget, the governor makes a point that all states should consider that the decisions we make today determine what our children will inherit from us tomorrow. The financial benefits that come from the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana are phenomenal. The health benefits and attributes found in medical marijuana benefit all medical patients. Medical marijuana is a safe alternative to prescription drugs. There are 0 deaths recorded from marijuana and an unimaginable amount of deaths from prescription medications. Not only help to heal the citizens of the United States of America it can also contribute to restructuring the economic success of the future solidifying a chance for our nation to catch up where it is falling behind with the rest of the world. By keeping yourself informed about factual information regarding cannabis and the medicinal and recreational uses of marijuana, you will be able to make better-informed decisions. Smarter more educated decisions will lead to a change based on fact rather than a war based on propaganda and lies. To the political leaders of this country who have toyed with the lives of the men women and children of this nation for too long, your time is over. You will be removed from office, either voted out, or you will be your own undoing. Times are changing get with him or step aside!

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