15 Great Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Hemp Oil CBD Products

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15 Great Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Hemp Oil CBD Products 15 Great Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Hemp Oil CBD Products

15 Great Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Hemp Oil CBD Products

Finding the perfect gift for any weed-loving friend just got a whole lot easier! And not any friend, a hemp oil CBD loving friend. For those who are completely unaware, Hemp oil CBD is a safer and healthier alternative to regular cannabis.

The best part is, it can be purchased in large industrial sizes or tiny, eye dropper bottles, meaning there is a variety of sizes to choose from.

And that's not the end of it.

Hemp oil CBD can also be consumed and enjoyed in a variety of ways. This ranges from vaping, to skin products to dabbing. The list is almost endless.

That means hemp oil can be enjoyed by everyone, even the fussiest of people. Therefore, good reception by anyone who is given this product as a gift is guaranteed.

And which gifts are these exactly?

Read below to discover.

CBD E-Liquid

When it comes to consuming hemp oil CBD, the most popular way to do it is by vaping. Unlike blazing traditionally, the act of vaping offers a much smoother overall experience. Since there is less smoke involved, it's also more enjoyable too!

In fact, science has found that vaping hemp oil not only reduces anxiety, pain, and nausea but also reduces the risk of cancer since it doesn't fill your lungs with nasty smoke.

Therefore, for a friend who loves hemp oil CBD, the perfect gift would be a container of CBD E-Liquid.

These vape juices come in an array of delicious flavors, ranging from the chocolatey fudge taste of Dark Side of the Moon to the fruity nectarine and pomegranate blend found in Yellow Brick Road. There is also the caramel, banana and hazelnut blend of Stoned Age flavors.

With a total of fifteen unique flavors to choose from, the hardest decision is going to be which one to buy.

High Octane Hemp Oil

Do you have a friend who loves nothing more than pure, unadulterated hemp seed oil CBD? Forget all the fanciness and flavors, the ultimate gift for them would be high octane hemp oil.

Made with high concentrations of CBD, it will give your friend the intense richness of cannabinoids and nothing else! This means that there are no added sweeteners or flavors either, only the rich, earthy taste of hemp oil CBD.

It is also gluten-free and 100% vegetarian, so it's perfect for someone who may be more environmentally conscious.

CBD Infused Treats

Another great personal gift to give to a friend is delicious, home-made goods infused with hemp oil CBD.

CBD is oil soluble, meaning it combines with oil quite easily and can be used for a variety of cooking. For example, if combined with olive oil, it can be used in cakes, slices, and pies.

The choices are endless!

So which treats are the best to buy?  Try CBD gummies, CBD honey or CBD honey sticks.

When it comes to choosing the right hemp oil CBD product, look no further than CBD hemp oil tincture drops. They come in a variety of tasty flavors, such as peaches and cream, cinnamon, peppermint, and vanilla.

The best part is, not only can the drops enhance the deliciousness of any dish you put in them, they can also be enjoyed just on their own!

Therefore, it is not a gift solely for the talented cook.

CBD Hemp Honey Rad Dabs

For a friend who prefers dabbing over vaping, there is no better gift than a pot of hemp honey. Specifically, they need the Hemp Honey Rad Dabs.

So, why is dabbing a better way of consuming hemp oil CBD?

Dabbing has the added benefit of allowing the hemp oil CBD to act faster than if it was inhaled or vaped.

However, it is vital to use a high-quality dab concentrate.

A poor quality concentrate can be dangerous to use, because the high levels of butane may pose a serious health risk!

Hemp Rad Dabs is made of the purest CBD hemp honey and comes in a range of flavors, including natural, strawberry and bubble-gum. This means hemp honey can be a gift given to those who like the earthy aroma of original CBD or for those who like a bit of extra flavor added to it.

Be sure to warn any friend using it though. He/she should start with only a small amount as it is very potent!

CBD Isolate

Those who are hemp oil CBD fanatics will absolutely love to receive a CBD Isolate. The purest form that CBD can come in, CBD Isolate looks like white powder in crystalline form.

However, don't let its appearance fool you.

This concentrate packs a serious punch to whoever takes it. As it has no scent or taste, it's a fantastic gift for creative CBD enjoying friends who love to find new ways to consume it.

This product also works well for friends who enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana over the mere feeling of being high.

CBD Body Lotion

It may come as a surprise to some, but you can actually buy hemp oil CBD in the form of body products.

For many years, it's been said that hemp seed oil can reduce inflammation and help with skin problems such as eczema. The replenishing oil can also make skin silky smooth, so it's the number one remedy for dry, lifeless skin.

If it is applied daily, it can have anyone feel fresh and revitalized in no time! So for a CBD loving friend who is obsessed with body products, a CBD body lotion is the perfect way to go!

CBD Face Mask

Another perfect CBD topical to give as a gift is a hemp oil CBD based face mask.

Hemp oil soothes the face in so many ways, one of them being by moisturizing it. This keeps the face smooth and silk since hemp seed oil has a 0 comedogenic rating, which means that it does not clog the pores at all.

A good CBD face cream shouldn't just have hemp oil in it though.

It should also be filled to the brim with other goodies such as those found in Hempnotize Canna-Mask.

Not only does it contain 50mg of hemp seed oil, it also includes carrot oil and evening primrose to revitalize tired skin. It also contains soothing lavender oil to help relax and lime oil to provide a bit of pep to the skin.

CBD Healing Cream

Hemp oil CBD is said to have a surprising amount of healing benefits. Interestingly, not only can CBD help with muscle aches and body pains, it can actually help increase pleasure in the bedroom as well.

For such kind of benefits from hemp oil, the best gift to give to a close friend is a CBD based body balm. It can be massaged into the skin for instant pain relief or a pleasure boost.

The cream helps stimulate blood flow in sensitive areas and increase the overall good times between those involved in an intimate moment.

A good quality CBD healing cream is Da Balm. This non-greasy balm is made from organic, steam-distilled natural oils and contains no nasties like petroleum or Sulphur based cream products.

Dabbing Kit

Do you want to get a friend who enjoys vaping to try out dabbing for a change? Why not buy them their first ever dabbing kit!

A dabbing kit contains everything they need to start dabbing straight away. One such kit is the Large Nectar Straw Kit.

Not only does it come with a 12-inch dab straw, it also has a tray and an extra glass tip. It's the ideal way to introduce your friend to the amazing world of dabbing.

Be sure to consider also getting them some vape juice for the perfect starter pack.

Basic Vape Kit

If the large nectar straw kit does not seem suitable for your friend, then you might consider this next kit!

Another good way to get them started is with the basic vape kit. This kit normally includes tanks, batteries and any accessories needed to get any first-time vaper started.

Premium Vape Kit

This gift suits a friend who is more experienced in vaping, rather than a first-timer or novice.

That is a premium vape kit.

A premium vape kit should ideally come decorated with fancy bells and whistles that provide great aesthetical touch.

A premium vape kit should also include a high-quality vape with a long lifespan and easy to use dials. Any enthusiastic vape enthusiast will love you for it!

CBD Dabber

The last years have seen dabbing increase significantly among marijuana users. According to a study by a University of North Carolina professor, dabs are at a minimum four times as strong as a joint.

With such a surging trend, it is quite impossible to avoid a CBD dabber gift for your marijuana-loving friend. Therefore, getting them a CBD Dabber can be one of the best gifts they can ever receive.

There are so many neat looking dabbers you can get as a gift for your friends, specifically, glass and metal concentrate dabbers. Read below to learn the pros of each type.

Glass Concentrate Dabbers

Refined and elegant, glass dabbers are actually quite nice to look at as they come in a variety of different colors.

Additionally, there are benefits to glass dabbers over any other type.

Glass concentrate dabbers allow for a smooth hit every time they are used, thus making them a perfect gift for those who enjoy a good dabbing session.

Metal Concentrate Dabber

Unlike their glass counterparts, metal dabbers are sleeker and modern looking.

Due to the material they are made of, metal dabbers can actually change the way your dab tastes by adding a metallic taste to it. It's the number one choice gift for those who love great aesthetics in their dabbing tools.

Vertical Vaporizer

If you have someone who is almost becoming a pro in vaping, but still wants to try something new, then you may consider purchasing them a vertical vaporizer!

A great choice for the vertical vaporizer is the Nectar Collector Honeybird Kit. Unlike a regular vape which is shaped like a dome or a wand, a vertical vaporizer allows the user to control the amount of vape they take off of a flat surface, like a dish or plate.

Paired with a great vape juice, this is a unique and fun gift for a friend who enjoys hemp oil CBD.

Silicone Jar Keychain

There's always that one guy who is losing their dab oil or concentrates. If that is your friend, then you need to stop them from stealing someone else's by buying them a nifty little silicone jar keychain.

They come in a bunch of eye-catching colors so they won't get out of sight easily. And since it's a keychain, they can put it anywhere they find suitable. This can be on keys, in the car, or in their bag.

It's super cheap as well, making it a great gift for those who are strapped for cash.

Water Pipe

A classic for hemp oil CBD users, a water pipe is a great way to achieve the perfect hit during every use.

One awesome water pipe that would fit a hemp oil CBD loving friend is the Stemless GoG Concentrate Water Pipe.

Standing at a foot tall and with a unique honeycomb disk for water filtration, it's a gift that can't go wrong. Water pipes also add a unique aesthetic touch that makes using hemp oil CBD a unique experience.

Closing Remarksclosing: with Hemp Oil Cbd Gifts, You Can't Go Wrong!

Out of those 15 amazing gifts, there is sure to be one that will suit that hemp oil loving friend you know and love. From vapes to concentrates, to dabs, and healing body products, there is a perfect gift for anyone.

And hey, don't forget to consider trying them out just to see what the fuss is all about.

Above all, don't wait until it's too late. Make sure you go online and get your amazing friend one of these gifts today!

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