4 Comedies Plus 2 More = 0 Problems Laughing

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4 Comedies Plus 2 More = 0 Problems Laughing

When it comes to great stoner movies there are hours of them to keep you entertained. Most all of your stoner movies out there or comedy based hence the stoner way of life being a fun social and happy. Many people throughout history I've tried to put a bad label on marijuana and those who have used. They like to create false truth and resent them to people such as marijuana will slow your mind and make you less intelligent. This is not true. Many great individuals who have used marijuana have been very successful. They are considered to be remarkably intelligent. 

When we remarkably intelligent individuals would like to sit back to get buzzed and enjoy some good stoner flicks, there is a great list of these movies to choose from. So get your bowl of Captain Crunch, your bag of Cheetos and your six packs of sodas. Roll you up some fatties and get ready to watch some of these hilarious comedies today.

Great Stoner Classics That are Must Watch Movies
Half baked. Half Baked is a great movie that takes place in New York City. It has a great start of cast including Dave Chappelle and several others. This movie is sure to have you laughing the entire time. From sexy ninja women all the way too brutal homicide scenes involving a police source Half Baked is one of those movies to watch half baked.
Cheech and Chong Here is a movie that every stoner out there can’t forget. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong riding in their clouded out car driving down the road is a classic. Or the whole van made completely out of marijuana. Cheech and Chong made several movies entertained thousands and thousands of stoners. With many different guest stars including the infamous Pee wee Herman. Cheech and Chong manage to use their stoner antics to keep everyone red eyed for the next movie. From watching all there we go up in smoke to still smoking Cheech and Chong will forever be legends.
Jay and Silent Bob, how could anyone forget this duo? Only you lame f****** with no balls, punk b****** could forget the clit commander and his sidekick. Through there stoner brand of comedy, they have entertained a generation and influenced the masses. From Morris Day and the time being the greatest band ever to their crazy adventures stealing monkeys and battling it out with Will Ferrell. These guys manage to make us laugh and Silent Bob the whole time with practically out saying a single word stoner comedy at its best.
Harold and Kumar is another stone or duo that has giving us three great stoner movies that will go down in history. Become a tale of these two friends and their journeys along the way I've captured an audience and kept them laughing 4 hours. With their first great adventure Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. They helped to make this immortal tiny burger an icon and manage to bring in great extras that became part of the movie the entire way through such as the great Neil Patrick Harris. If their giant 3d doobies and crazy stoner moments don't have you laughing then you need to smoke some better weed.
How High. No not you silly the movie. Redman and Method Man for stone cold funny and that's hilarious stoner comedy. They threw an interesting twist on marijuana do a hip hop generations view. This is super hilarious movie and a must watch. Watch and laugh as Red Man and Method Man make their way through school to try and graduate. This movie is filled with one laugh after the next.
Who could forget the Friday movies? Be careful because Smokey will smoke up all your weed and then make you chase him down to collect your green. But that's okay Smokey and Craig go on a great adventure hiding from big worm and trying to avoid the neighborhood bully Debo. With a great line up of an all-star cast this hip hop stoner comedy will have you blazing and laughter in no time at all.

Stone Cold Laughs All Day Long
These are just some of the many great stoner movies of all time that are out there. It does not even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these movies. Not all our committees but all have the same serious note on how great and happy marijuana can make its users. It’s high time that the people get to choose for themselves if they would like to partake in smoking marijuana recreationally or medicinally. Great movies like this have helped pave the path for marijuana legalization today. Many thanks to the great writers, directors, actors, producers and all of the people who help support these projects. Thank you to all who support medicinal and recreational marijuana.