5 Ways to Tell You Have Quality THC Vape Oil for Vape

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5 Ways to Tell You Have Quality THC Vape Oil for Vape

Oil concentrates are giving traditional weed flowers a run for their money in the cannabis market.

Smokers have recently transitioned to buying small, compact cartridges of THC oil for vape pens. Vapes have little or no smell, but come with all the smoking sensations you enjoy.

These tiny tubes pack a big punch of flavor and fun, making them perfect for everyday use.

In fact, many people enjoy them as a casual alternative to joints or blunts. It is much easier to take your high with you as you run errands or go into public when it is in a small, electronic pen.

Curious to try THC oil for your vape, but unsure where to start looking?

Check out these five tips to pick out high quality oils.

1. Look at the Extraction Technique

A full extract THC oil for vape purposes is as close as you can get to hitting the real thing naturally.

It preserves the purity of the plant's chemicals by pulling everything at once. This means the final result will have a full mixture of cannabinoids, which are what give cannabis its effects.

The best way to recognize the strength of extraction is to look for the main results: THC and CBD.

THC oils are the best source of psychoactive effects, while CBD oils tend to be a little lighter.

If you are trying medical marijuana for pain or emotional symptoms, go for THC oils. If you simply want a casual way to smoke, or if you are trying to quit tobacco, start with CBD and see how you feel.

2. Check for Testing

Although vape oils are currently not FDA regulated, it is still important to check for some sort of certification.

Be wary of vendors who do not use this practice.

They can basically sell you anything in the bottle, and won't hesitate to market it as the real thing. Know for sure what you are getting your hands on when you look for the second opinion.

Vendors who are true to high quality standards won't hesitate to test with third parties. They trust their plant and the process.

Labs test using gas chromatography. This uses heat to break down the cannabinoids and manipulate them under pressure. Results can prove the strength and integrity of the oil.

Plus, gas chromatography checks for pesticides and mildew as well.

3. Choose the Right Dosage

The best companies will take their testing one step further and report some results on the label.

Particularly, they will share THC and CBD percentages to give you an idea of what you're getting yourself into.

Different dosages in the market of THC oil for vape pens can be anywhere from 30ml to 100mg. The strength needed depends on the symptoms and expectations of each user.

Many who experience extreme social anxiety or chronic pain find it works best to buy on the stronger end of the scale. Others in this group include those with a history of heavy tobacco usage or addiction, or even people undergoing chemo and post-chemo.

No matter where you fall, always be on the lookout for vendors trying to market without the goods to show for it.

Don't go for labels selling low amounts of THC or CBD. These are often companies trying to rush into the market. Their main goal is to sell fast and sell much, without considering the quality of the product you are getting.

Low levels of an oil in a cartridge will do almost nothing. They can't even begin to make you feel lighter or happier, let alone anything close to a "high."

4. Go Organic

You may think going organic is just a fad, but when it comes to an industry based on the quality of plants, think again.

Many marijuana plants are susceptible to pests and other forms of damage. It is common to see plants that aren't well-cared for become a home for invasive creatures or mold.

As such, it is crucial to the quality of the THC oil for vape usage and for your health to use organic growers.

A farmer who has taken the steps to become a certified organic grower clearly takes the industry seriously. Beyond making a buck, they have your best interest in mind and work to keep the best products on the shelves.

Your best interest also includes protecting yourself from harsh chemicals in pesticides. Although these chemicals are great for defending plants in the field, they can do serious damage to you once inhaled when smoking.

Choosing an organic grower takes the guesswork out of what you put in your body.

You can trust them thanks to the strict, detailed requirements each farmer must meet to complete the application process. After completion, the farmer can expect to have multiple inspections over time, either random or scheduled.

If they fail to meet inspection standards, farmers can lose their organic growing certification. Once tarnished, it is extremely difficult to regain status on paper, let alone trust with consumers.

5. Read the Reviews

Once you've checked for these criteria in your top choices of companies making THC oil for vape pens, be sure to read the reviews.

Reviews can tell you much more about what to expect as far as flavor, quality of smoke, and the level of high you experience.

Plus, they come from a non-biased source rather than someone trying to sell you something.

Reading through reviews is like talking with your favorite buddies to smoke with, you just haven't met them yet. It gives you firsthand insight on an oil's power to fight anything from chronic pain to just a bad day.

Order Your New THC Oil for Vape Pens

Now that you know the main criteria to look for, are you ready to try THC oil for vape pens?

Oils are the new blunts. They are making the smoking process a more accessible, diverse world to enjoy and share with others.

Join in on the fun and order your new favorite smoking method today.

For a list of our oils or to ask any questions, contact us here.

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