7 Great Ways CBD Tincture Can Be Used for Health Purposes

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7 Great Ways CBD Tincture Can Be Used for Health Purposes

7 Great Ways CBD Tincture Can Benefit Your Health

The health benefits of THC are well-known at this point. For years people have been using it to cure everything from anxiety to chronic pain associated with cancer. But it's now becoming apparent that CBD tincture also has tremendous health benefits.

CDB stands for cannabinoid, which is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. However, it doesn't produce the psychoactive effects that have made THC so famous.

Yet while it doesn't produce the same high that is felt with THC, it's becoming more widely used for its relaxing effects. And research into CDB is finding that it can have a number of other great health benefits as well.

How Can CBD Tincture Drops Help You?

CBD gained popularity when it was shown to help stop epileptic seizures on national television. More studies into the chemical compound have found that it can also help with a wide variety of moderate to severe health problems.

Let's have a look at seven health conditions that CBD tincture can help with.

1. Natural Pain Relief

CBD is already being used to treat certain conditions like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia which cause chronic pain. It has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation along with joint and muscle pain where traditional pain killers have failed.

This provides a much more natural way to reduce pain and inflammation. Over-the-counter and prescription pain killers are damaging to the liver and can be highly addictive. CBD is nonaddictive, safe and doesn't cause the cerebral high felt with THC.

Because there are no psychoactive effects associated with CBD tincture drops, you can use them for pain relief and still function as you need to. Simply use these drops as a dietary supplement and benefit from natural pain relief.

2. Cure Insomnia

Like pain killers, prescription sleep aids are often habit-forming and damaging to the body. They also tend to leave people groggy and tired the next morning. Add the high cost of prescription drugs and it's a wonder why people take sleeping pills at all.

Instead, use CBD tincture to help combat the frustrating symptoms of insomnia. Many people already use CBD-heavy strains of marijuana to help them sleep. By isolating the CBD you can get the relaxing effects without the psychoactive high.

One of the few side-effects of CBD is tiredness. This may be a perfect way to get a natural sleep aid and avoid the additive properties of prescription sleep aids.

3. Trying to Give Up Cigarettes?

Studies have been conducted using CBD as a means to quit smoking. In one study, smokers who used an inhaler with CBD oil smoked fewer cigarettes and had fewer nicotine cravings.

Another study found that smokers using CBD inhalers had a 40% decrease in their cigarette intake. This may indicate that cannabinoid can in fact aid in the withdrawal process for nicotine.

Quitting smoking can be frustrating. Many people have tried a number of techniques and failed. It may be time to give CBD a try if it's time to give up smoking for good.

4. Reduce Social Anxiety

Around 15 million Americans live with social anxiety disorder. Many of these people have a hard time doing very ordinary things like speaking on the phone. Unfortunately, many of these people are living with the condition for years before seeking treatment.

It's now being discovered that CBD tincture can help reduce the debilitating symptoms of social anxiety. Things like public speaking and functioning in an office environment are much easier when CBD is taken in advance.

A plus side to this is that it's not a pharmaceutical. Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications can be addictive and also have adverse effects. Many people living with social anxiety disorder try different prescription drugs for years and never find a proper cure.

5. CBD Use for Epilepsy

Cannabinoid has been found to be beneficial for the treatment of seizures in epileptics. Its low risk of side-effects makes it a great option for individuals with both epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

It is even being used as a natural anti-psychotic to help with the symptoms of schizophrenia. Pharmaceutical anti-psychotics come with a long list of side-effects not found in CBD tincture. This is a huge advantage to people seeking treatment for psychological conditions but are plagued by prescription drugs that have harsh side-effects.

Many pharmaceutical drugs provide effective treatment to epileptics and those with neurological conditions. But CBD provides a more natural option.

6. Digestive Aid

CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors which can play an important role in digestive behavior. Therefore, CBD can stimulate the appetite when it binds to these receptors.

A healthy diet is essential when the body is sick or going through the healing process. But many people find it hard to eat while sick. CBD tincture can help aid in digestion and stimulate an otherwise weak appetite.

This can be extremely helpful for individuals going through chemotherapy. The loss of appetite can make the process very difficult and the body extremely weak. The digestive aid of CBD is similar to that of THC but without the psychoactive effects.

7. Fight Depression

THC has been used to fight chronic depression for years. For some, however, the psychoactive effects of THC are too much. And they can often make depression worse for some.

But CBD has been found to help with chronic depression without the psychoactive properties that many people don't want. It has also been found to help with hyperactivity which has been associated with bipolar disorder.

This may be a great option for individuals who have struggled with anti-depressants and have never really found one that works. CBD provides a more nature alternative to confusing and often dangerous antidepressants.

CBD for a Healthier Lifestyle

The health advantages of CBD tincture are numerous and come with few side-effects.

If you've been considering trying CBD, we hope the information in this article has opened your eyes to its many physical and mental benefits.

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