7 Life-changing Reasons You Should Invest in an Oil Vape Pen

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7 Life-changing Reasons You Should Invest in an Oil Vape Pen

7 Life-changing Reasons You Should Invest in an Oil Vape Pen

Whether you're a smoker, someone trying to quit or a regular vaper, investing in an oil vape pen makes sense for you.

There are some great reasons why you should get an oil vape pen.

Let's explore 7 reasons why.

1. Saves You Money

Because of the negative health effects of cigarettes, the national government and state governments levy additional taxes per pack. 

In addition to generating additional revenues, their goal is to reduce smoking by making it more expensive. These taxes can increase the cost of a pack by as much as $4, depending on where you live.

And the taxes continue to go up.

Buying an oil vape pen puts you back in control of expenses. There is some initial cost involved and a little ongoing maintenance. But ultimately it saves you money.

The average pack a day smoker spends over $2500 a year on cigarettes. If a vaper uses at the same rate they'll spend about $1400/yr all in.

In addition, when you factor in the health-related costs of smoking, you're saving even more.

When choosing a pen, consider the long-term savings. You can find oil vape pens to meet any budget. But you may find that you can splurge on a pen that gives you a better experience, lasts longer and is easier to maintain because you're saving so much money.

2. Fewer Chemicals

There are over 4000 chemicals in cigarettes. 43 of these are known to cause cancer. Another 400 of these are considered highly toxic. These cause other associated health problems.

A pen gives you access to nicotine without all of the added toxins. And if you choose, you can go nicotine-free to experience the pure joy of vaping without.

3. No Smoke or Smell

To non-smokers, the smell of smoke in homes, businesses, clothes and cars is very strong. Oil vape pens put off a subtle pleasant aroma if anything at all. This smell doesn't linger. And few would consider it offensive.

If you haven't switched to vaping yet, do so, wait a few weeks and then walk into a smoker's home. You'll instantly be overtaken by the smell that only smokers can love. 

With smoking, it's not just about you. It's about everyone around you. To be considerate and not expose others to second-hand smoke, you reserve smoking for certain places and times.

But with an oil vape pen, there's no smoke. That cool puff that you exhale is harmless water vapor. There's little difference between it and the vapor released from a tea kettle or sauce pan of boiling water.

With vaping, your choice of habit is your own business and no one else's. You won't generally be affecting others with the vapors that you exhale.

4. Flavor Variety

What flavor options do you have with cigarettes? Menthol and a few other options? There's not much to choose from. But with an oil vape pen the flavor, options are endless.

Sure, you'll have your favorites. But you'll never get bored. You'll want to try new flavors or mix up your own, give it a name and share it with your friends.

5. Relationship Saver

As fewer and fewer people smoke, smoking becomes a point of contention in many relationships.

Your non-smoking spouse or other family member talks about how you're spending so much money on your habit. Or they complain about how you smell. Or they're concerned about your health suffering from your bad habit.

You understand the concern. But you want to live your own life. So you get defensive. Then you get mad. And then things escalate.

Vaping is less costly, cleaner and more socially acceptable. Find something else to argue about.

Your choice of vices doesn't have to be one of them. 

6. Vaping Indoors More Acceptable

Chances are that you don't remember when everyone was smoking indoors. But if you do, you may have even picked up the habit so that you could better deal with it.

Today, nonsmokers have put their feet down and demanded the right to breathe. Smoking in restaurants, workplaces, bars and sometimes even in your own apartment may be regulated.

Because vaping is so non-intrusive, it's allowed in more places. Being socially acceptable means that vaping doesn't disrupt your life. You just pull out your oil vape pen, inhale and then put it away.

If it's allowed in your workplace, you may have to take fewer breaks and you can be more productive. You don't have to excuse yourself from the table in a restaurant.

You don't need to walk outside while enjoying a movie on the couch with your family.

Vaping doesn't control your life.

7. Fewer Health Problems

Smoking causes a host of health problems like:

  • Reproductive issues - infertility, miscarriage, erectile dysfunction
  • Premature aging - your inside and outside age faster
  • Eye problems - dry eye, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts
  • Lungs - emphysema, bronchitis, shortness of breath
  • Malnutrition - you're less able to absorb nutrients from food
  • Cancer

In the US alone, $170 billion is spent each year to treat diseases that are directly attributed to smoking.

But there's hope.

One study showed that 91% of smokers who switched had significant improvements to their health, and another showed that vaping is much safer than smoking. And yet another showed that 25% of smokers who start vaping are able to quit completely. 50% cut their smoking in half.

Having an oil vape pen allows you be significantly healthier than you would as a smoker. You can do it when and where you want without these kinds of health concerns hanging over you.

Find the Best Oil Vape Pen

There are many more reasons why you should have a pen. Save your money. Save your relationship. Save your health. Many studies support vaping as a much better alternative to smoking. 

It starts as an alternative to smoking. But it quickly becomes a way of life as you experience the pleasure of vaping.

Ready to get started? Check out our wide selection of vaping products.

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