A Bill That Could End Drug Testing for Cannabis

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A Bill That Could End Drug Testing for Cannabis

For those of us who are part of the Cannabis Culture and consume cannabis on a regular basis for recreational or medicinal purposes, there has always been a fear of workplace drug testing. With the recently introduced bill by Bernie Sanders that if passes would remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances this fear may also come to an end. While this bill will not completely legalize cannabis across the board it will remove the federal prohibition and allow States to make progress in legalizing as they choose.


Time to Reevaluate

As more states allow for recreational and medicinal consumption of marijuana the drug policies within workplaces will have to be reevaluated. As it stands right now with the federal prohibition on cannabis still in place employers have the right to terminate employees for cannabis you whether it is medicinally recommended or not. If the bill passes that was introduced by senator Bernie Sanders there will no longer be a federal prohibition on cannabis. This means that most businesses could essentially make their own decision as to whether or not they would continue to screen employees or potential employees for cannabis. It would be expected that businesses who work in sensitive or hazardous industries may still remain harsh in regards to cannabis consumption. However, cannabis should be treated like alcohol and should not be the reason for termination unless the employee is found to be impaired by cannabis while on the job. Drug testing for cannabis is not a viable option for proving impairment on the job as cannabis remains in your system for approximately 30 days after consumption. The focus of employers who will continue to test for cannabis should be workplace safety and ensuring that employees are sober on the job. They should not be able to terminate because you choose to consume Cannabis during your own time.


The Larger Picture Shows Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

So what does all of this mean in the larger scheme? Well, it actually means a lot in all honesty. No drug testing for cannabis will allow many individuals to obtain employment who otherwise would not be able to due to having cannabis in their system. This means lower unemployment rates and more benefits to being available from welfare and food stamp services due to individuals being able to work and pull themselves out of having to rely on such services. There are many other great things that would come from this bill if passed. If this legislation passes, cannabis will be removed from the list of controlled substances. So what does that mean? It means that cannabis will no longer be prohibited by our federal government. It means that states that want to legalize cannabis will be able to do so without interference from the federal government. It means that billions of dollars that come from taxpayers can be used for education, healthcare and other human services that our country is in need of.



That’s Not All, In Fact, it’s Only the Beginning

Not only will the billions of dollars from arrests and prosecuting nonviolent offenders be able to be used elsewhere, a legal market would also bring millions to the budgets of each state across the country. In 2014, the state of Colorado was able to add 76 MILLION dollars to their budget from taxes off the sale of legal marijuana within the state. Using that statistic if cannabis was legalized across the country an additional 3.8 BILLION dollars could be added to the American economy across the country. Could you imagine what 3.8 BILLION dollars could do for this country if it was utilized correctly? Could you imagine how many homeless families this could help? How many people across the country that are starving could be fed for that amount of money? It may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it could make a drastic difference in thousands if not millions of lives.


A Politician Fighting for the People

The things that could change because of one man’s courage to stand up for the people and not big corporations is amazing. This bill could not only change how cannabis is viewed or help the sick it could seriously change the country for the better. Let’s face it. The prohibition against cannabis has been and is a large failure and we still have politicians that are hell bent on continuing the fight against it in the United States and in countries around the world. It is not too often that someone such as Bernie Sanders comes along and actually takes steps to make this great country better again.

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