A Guide to the Greatest Vape Cartridges in Town

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A Guide to the Greatest Vape Cartridges in Town

A Guide to the Greatest Vape Cartridges in Town

Recreational weed consumption is increasing in the United States.

What used to be an activity mostly behind closed doors or for specific medical purposes is evolving. Now, many regular recreational smokers can enjoy cannabis in states where it is legal. You can even get it shipped to your door.

However, there are a couple different trends emerging in the market that make smoking for anyone a little easier, and a lot more discreet.

Vaping is one of these trends. It is the consumption of cannabis in either concentrate or flower form through a small, portable device. The device is typically referred to as a "vape pen".

Other vaping options including dry herb vapes and cartridge pens. Cartridge pens come ready to burn with pure oils that vary in ways similar to cannabis. Think, different levels of potency, flavors, and extraction methods. 

How do you know which cartridge pen is the one for you? Here's how!

O.pen Vape Craft Reserve Is One of the Greatest Vape Cartridges

Up first is a winner of the Best Vape Pen Cartridge category in the High Times Cannabis Cup. It is definitely worth checking out.

Inside, you will find potent THC straight from the flower. Its golden color and transparent tone can verify, this oil packs the power to elevate your day.

A bonus worth noting is the different size options available. O.pen is known for a few other items in the market, but do not miss out on this line of products. 

Pax Era Vape Extract Pods

Appropriately named, Pax's Era Vaporizer really is taking smoking into a new era.

Made for the extract enthusiasts in the market, the Era is our most discreet form of toking on this list. How so? Preloaded extract pods come ready to click into the vape cartridges and burn.

This feature is easy, quick, and oh so tasty. Many consumers also like the extra durability of having the Pax pod hidden once it clicks in. This leaves no exposed glass at risk of breaking.

For the regular smokers looking for the best possible experience, Pax went as far as to create an app for their pens. This lets you control the exact temperature at which you burn.

Match that with the Pax 3's ability to burn extract and flower, and you have a pretty nice new toy. 

Vegan Buddha

In the top three of the SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup is Vegan Buddha. 

Known for the artisan approach, Vegan Buddha oils are made in small batches at a time in order to produce the best possible quality. The quality is maintained without the use of solvents or chemicals, ensuring a nice clean smoke.  

710 Kingpen

710 Kingpen is already well-known in the industry. With a reputation for quality and collaboration matched with the popularity in the market, this option is here to stay.

Kingpen's vape cartridges have some of the highest potency available in oils. These oils travel through open holes into the mouthpiece allowing for a smoke that only takes a couple hits to fully feel. 

The company is also proudly lab tested and solvent-free, meaning the quality is on the cleaner side of the options out there. 

Brass Knuckles 

Brass Knuckes thrives on "Purity, Potency, and Product Integrity". They take every measure they can to provide the highest quality smoke possible.

Not sure if you believe them? Check out their lab tests at SC labs for potency and more. These guys back up their guarantee to bring a full gram to the table; not something everyone in the market can claim. 

Once the base is burn-able, Brass Knuckles goes the extra mile to provide some seriously dank flavors for their vape cartridges. Can you imagine your smoke with a hint of banana, blueberry, or even Girl Scout Cookies? 

Stick that through a wide mouthpiece and you have an experience that is smooth and delightful. No itch to the back of the throat or worries to the mind about what makes your smoke. Brass Knuckles packs the power without needing to punch. 

Single Source Cartridge by Gold Drop and Blue River Terpenes

Gold Drop and Blue River have partnered to bring you vape cartridges like never before.

Enjoy the pure, potent power of the smell and flavor courtesy of Blue River. Match that with the fun, new flavors from Gold Drop and you have a match made in the clouds. 

Don't believe us? Check the winners of the 2017 SoCal Cannabis Cup for Top 10 Vape Pen Cartridges. There's a reason this guy is a contender. 

Evolvd Organics Vape Cartridges 

Evolvd takes every step to maintain product quality and integrity with a sustainable approach. 

Sourced from local green clean certified farms in the Oregon area, the strands are potent and come with nothing else added. No contaminants, solvents, or any other chemicals - just pure THC. 

The cartridges are also preloaded so you can dispose of them after use and have the option to stock up as you order. 

Craft Elixers

This brand is truly crafted. Craft Elixirs takes every step to ensure a product that is vegan, GMO-free and gluten free. 

Another member on this list that is part of the small-batch club, these guys make powerful vape cartridges. Some even say it is equal to a full plant high, which is worth noting differs from other oils mixed with chemicals. 

Alchemy by Dark Heart Nursery 

Stemmed from the branches of Dark Heart, a company typically dedicated to medical marijuana, comes a fun line of vapes to try.

Alchemy is as it sounds - a creation of four different flavors meant to awaken four different moods. The flavors and strands have been carefully crafted to bring an experience that is both a gentle high and the appropriate mood-setter, depending on the desired experience. 

Ranking at just 30% THC, these are the perfect option for those still new to smoking.  

No matter if you are a new smoker or new to the world of vaping, we hope this list has you excited to try vape cartridges for yourself! 

Whether it is for easy traveling, discretion, or even health benefits, vaping is definitely making waves (or should we say clouds) in the industry. 

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