A Newbie's Guide to Ingesting Marijuana vs Smoking or Vaping

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A Newbie's Guide to Ingesting Marijuana vs Smoking or Vaping

Society is choked with marijuana products. A flurry of legal dispensaries popped open across the country in recent years, feeding an insatiable market. 

Everyone who has ever ingested marijuana knows that the plant exerts a serious effect on your body and mind. Modern governments have treated marijuana with fear because they didn't understand how it worked. 

Attitudes are changing now. If you want to add marijuana to your life, there are many ways to do it. 

Let's talk about the main methods. 

Ingested Marijuana

Culinary wizards are eagerly diving into cannabis culture. The legalized market has completely changed the game. Crafting marijuana-infused edibles used to a high-risk endeavor performed in basements and secret kitchens. 

Now, companies can work in commercial kitchens instead. Cooking with marijuana takes skill and precision. Amateur efforts often have a strong taste. 

Professionals can work with high-grade marijuana oil. It can be added to almost any recipe in the place of a fat. Done correctly, the marijuana taste will be almost unnoticeable. 

Most infused edibles have a lingering marijuana scent or flavor. But a skilled chef can pair the taste with the other ingredients in the recipes. 


Ingesting marijuana allows you to consume a large dose at once. If you're using pot for its medicinal benefits, or if you just want to experience an extreme high, this can be really beneficial. 

You can only smoke so much marijuana. However, you can load your recipe with extra oil. Common infused recipes include:

  • Brownies 
  • Cookies 
  • Gummy bears 
  • Cake

Dessert foods are popular because the sugar hides unpleasant tastes and many people still view consuming cannabis as a treat. 

If you're not tempted by sweets, you can find savory options at your local dispensary. 

Make Your Own 

Another option is to make your own marijuana edibles. The process is easier than you might think. You can make a rudimentary marijuana oil at home. 

To do so, you need marijuana and some type of oil (butter, vegetable oil, etc.) The marijuana needs to be ground up and heated with the oil. The plant matter is then strained out. 

Once you have your own oil ready, you can try out any recipe that catches your eye. It's a fun way to experiment with marijuana. 


Smoking is a classic way to consume marijuana. People fell in love with the plant a very long time ago. Ancient man didn't have all of the options that people have today. 

Being a smoker has a new definition in a world where marijuana is legal. 


There are a couple of different ways to smoke pot. You can roll your weed into a joint or blunt and smoke it that way. A blunt is a joint wrapped in cigar paper. It may or may not have tobacco. 

Joints and blunts use a lot of marijuana at once. They're popular at parties because they're easy to share. They're also very portable. 

If you don't have the nimble fingers required to roll your own joints, you can be a pre-rolled cone. All you have to do is fill it with marijuana and twist the top. 


A spliff is a mixture of marijuana and tobacco. A 50/50 ratio is popular but it's not the only option. 


To take a bong rip, you fill the bowl of the bong with marijuana and light it. The smoke travels through the bong, which often has water in it. You can take large or small bong rips. 

Making bongs, particularly glass ones, has become an art form. You can spend $10 on a bong, but you can also spend $300. 

Because the idea of a bong is so simple, you can turn everyday items like Apples and water bottles into makeshift bongs. Soda cans also work. 


A pipe is even simpler than a bong. It's more portable, however. There are pipes that are designed for a single hit. 

Like glass bongs, glass pipes can become very elaborate. You can find one that appeals to your creative sense. A good pipe is something that every pot lover should have. 

Smoking in Public

When you smoke weed, you create a smell. You can't really avoid it. That's why you have to smoke in a private location, even in places where marijuana is legal. 

You can't just light up in the street. This is a slight disadvantage. If you can't easily smoke at home, you may struggle to find a good spot. 


Vaping has exploded in popularity as legal marijuana markets open across the country. It has all of the benefits of smoking without the harsh drawbacks. 

Some people shy away from joints and bongs because they have sensitive lungs. They don't want to experience the coughing fit that often occurs after taking a puff of marijuana. 

Vaping is different. You're inhaling vapor rather smoke. Your lungs won't be as irritated. 

Difference Between Vaping and Smoking 

Vaping and smoking marijuana are similar processes, but they're not the same. When you smoke, you use fire to heat the plant matter and transform it into a vapor. It takes about six seconds for the active marijuana compounds, known as cannabinoids, to hit your bloodstream. 

When you vape, you use an electric heat source. If the temperature is carefully controlled, a cannabinoid-rich vapor will be produced. 

Vaping is very simple. Cigarette smokers may already be used to the process. It's popular to vape tobacco as well. 


An obvious benefit of vaping rather than smoking is that there's no smell. If you light a joint in a crowded room, everyone is going to know that you're smoking pot. Those same people will have no idea if you use a vape pen instead. 

Another benefit is that you may find it more comfortable. Some people enjoy the feeling of smoking marijuana while others can't stand it. 

If you're interested in experimenting with vaping, you can buy a vape pen and cartridge at a dispensary. The cartridges are filled with marijuana oil. 

It's easy to find a cartridge that suits your needs. There are many different kinds. Each one was created from a specific cannabis strain. 


When you seep marijuana in alcohol, the resulting mixture is called a tincture. To make it very strong, you let the marijuana sit in the alcohol for weeks before straining it out. The liquid won't be tasty but it will be very strong. 

You can make your own tincture at home with a jar and a little patience, or you can buy it at a dispensary. When it's ready, place a few drops under your tongue. 


A tincture is a fast, simple way to consume marijuana. Many people find it to be very pleasant. If you buy your tincture at a legal store, you can find a flavored version that's easier to take. 

Tinctures are particularly popular among people searching for pain relief. 


For some people, consuming marijuana is like taking medicine. These people aren't trying to get high, they're trying to manage their symptoms. Marijuana is believed to help with: 

  • Pain 
  • Nausea 
  • Lack of appetite 
  • Stress

You can dose yourself with marijuana the same way that you take your other medication. There are marijuana pill capsules filled with potent oil. As you digest the pill, the compounds will seep into your body. 


The biggest benefit of consuming marijuana pills is familiarity. If you're an elderly person who has never tried marijuana, buying a bong or eating a pot brownie could be intimidating. A strong pill is an easy way to introduce someone to marijuana. 

You can find the pills at a dispensary. Their strength varies. You should try multiple different types until you find a pill that works for you. 


If you're interested in the fun, social experience of enjoying marijuana, a pill may not be the best choice. It's less exciting than some of the other methods although it gets the job done. 

A pill is also not a good choice if you're ill and struggling to keep things. 

Effect on Your Body 

One of the biggest differences between different marijuana consumption methods is how quickly the effects hit your body. Smoking, for example, is almost instantaneous. Once you take a puff of marijuana, your body will react. 

This means that smoking marijuana is a good choice for recreational users and people who are seeking immediate relief. Some users, however, feel that smoking is too harsh on their body. 

Eating an infused edible is a slower way to get the effect. You have to digest the food before the compounds are released into your bloodstream. 

Other methods vary. 

How to Make a Choice

How you consume marijuana is a very personal decision. No one is going to be able to tell you how your body will react in advance. 

What you should keep in mind is why you're trying marijuana in the first place. If you want to be social and get high, you should experiment with high-THC products. THC is responsible for marijuana's euphoric properties. 

If you're looking for a slight buzz to take away the pain, a lower THC product may be more suited for you. Everyone has their own tolerance level. A dose of THC that make your friend feel wild may barely give you a buzz. 


The other cannabinoid worth mentioning is CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD won't get you high but it is associated with a slew of serious health benefits. You can consume CBD the same way that you consume typical marijuana products. 

CBD is easier to purchase because it can be sourced from hemp, a marijuana plant with very little or no THC. Your state doesn't have to operate a legal marijuana market for you to find CBD for sale. 

People who have no interest in marijuana's intoxicating effects should stick with CBD. You can even smoke CBD joints and vape CBD-only cartridges. 

CBD Benefits 

CBD is highly praised for its health benefits. The proof isn't definitive but there are many studies demonstrating that CBD affects your immune system. 

CBD can be consumed in almost any form. Many people feel most comfortable purchasing their own CBD oil. They can then use it however they wish. 

A mixture if CBD and THC can be useful. The mind-altering effect of THC can help reduce your stress and soothe your anxiety. You won't be bouncing off the wall if you consume a minor amount of CBD. 

Getting Started 

If you're completely inexperienced with marijuana, you should start out with products that have a low amount of THC and work your way. Marijuana can have a very strong effect. 

It doesn't really matter which consumption method you choose. However, there is a small risk involved with edibles. Because the effects are delayed, it's easy to consume more than you wanted. 

Consuming too much marijuana won't physically hurt you. You might simply feel uncomfortable for a few hours. The feeling will eventually fade.


You need to be at least 21 years old to legally consume marijuana in the U.S. Every state with a legalized market has adopted this rule. There's slight flexibility when it comes to medical marijuana programs, however. 

People of any age can consume CBD. If you can't find the right product at the store, you can buy CBD-infused products online. President Donald Trump recently signed legislation legalizing hemp nationwide. 

The decision was a boon to hemp farmers and CBD producers. 

Marijuana-themed vacations are popular in states where recreational pot is legal. It's still a novelty. The government is now taxing marijuana consumers rather than throwing them in jail. 

Consuming Marijuana

Have you ever ingested marijuana? Experienced consumers know that different products are linked to different sensations. Marijuana can make you feel comfortable and "stoned" but it can also add pep to your mood and make you feel energized. 

We're committed to keeping you up to date with everything that's going on in the pot world. New developments are occurring rapidly. Keep checking our site to stay informed. 

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