Candidates and Where They Stand on Marijuana

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Candidates and Where They Stand on Marijuana

Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, Rick Perry and Hillary Clinton are all names that are on the list of supporters of marijuana. Though they may not be wearing legalize it t-shirts and buttons they are on the open side of policy. Hillary is keeping her composure when it comes to marijuana. We all hope she will at least inhale unlike her husband. Rand Paul is being involved and will get major support if he continues this approach. Not to mention the marijuana crowd is a lot more fun than the other side where everyone thinks we should all be the same and they are all uptight.


The Power Goes to Their Thick Heads

For example Republicans Chris Christie and Rick Santorum say they will enforce federal law and crack down on the states that charted their own path in legalizing marijuana. They want Americans to suffer and children to remain sick. I bet they have big investments in the pharmaceutical and fabric industries as well. They have their buddy Scott Walker to back them. Now there is a class act anti America group of politicians if I have ever seen one. Let’s let one of these idiots control the fate of more than 318.86 million Americans. There is a bad idea that goes against the very principle of freedom and choice.


Where They Stand

Rand Paul I am not so sure about. Wolf in sheep’s clothing? We’ll have to wait and see. With friends like his I am not so sure he can be trusted. He is making a big seen in politics by reaching out to supporters of marijuana. Denver hosted a marijuana convention at the Colorado Convention Center and on that same day Rand Paul held the first ever marijuana industry Presidential Fundraiser at the same time. Rand Paul has a belief that the states that have made marijuana legal should not have federal anti-marijuana activities in that state. That the marijuana industry should be able to use the banking system and they should be able to file a tax return. Imagine that letting people run their business like the rest of the country. What a great guy thanks Rand Paul for saying we should have equal rights in America



Bernie Sanders is a man I feel better about than Rand Paul who shows up on the same day as a major marijuana convention in Denver with a closed door $2600 admission. Sounds like he trying to get your doobies so he can toss them in the river. Bernie Sanders said when he was mayor of Vermont the police there had better things to do than arrest people for pot. That is a strong truth and didn’t seem to be a hollow lie like we hear from most. He supports legalization and is going to make legalization a big part of his campaign for president.


Rick Perry is for decriminalization not legalization of marijuana. He thinks it is ok for you to have it but if you get caught you should have to pay a fine. I don’t like this approach myself. If that is how you view marijuana what else is it ok to do as long as you don’t get caught? Is dumping toxic chemicals into lakes ok? How much is the fine for that? Deforestization is that ok too? If so what is that fine? Stand firm and strong with your beliefs not half hearted at it. My guess is that is how you would run the country. It’s ok but it’s not ok. This sends off a confusing message to voters.


Hillary Clinton is just naturally fabulous as Barack Obama put it. When it comes to her stance on marijuana she is taking the wait and see approach. She joked in a coffee shop in Colorado about a pot leaf but remains firm that she has never smoked marijuana. Being the wife of slick Willy you would think she needed her own script to manage her nerves with her poon hound of a husband. She does not seem to bash either side. This I can appreciate. She supports medical marijuana but has the wait and see mentality in regards to legalization. This I don’t like. Pick a side, don’t just wait to see which one will be the winner and then jump on board.

The upcoming election is sure to be an interesting one. Marijuana should just be legal across the United States and not considered a drug. Treat it like tobacco and alcohol. We know that our political leaders have a fancy lifestyle and they have depleted their source of money over the years. It’s Time to find away to bring in millions to put back in that budget they having been dipping their greedy hands in for years. Marijuana looks like the answer again.

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