Canna-Business = Happy Business Ownership and Employment

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Canna-Business = Happy Business Ownership and Employment

Owning your own business is an exciting time for many individuals. Owning your own cannabis business is becoming more and more popular with new business owners today. The cannabis industry offers an array of ancillary services that help cater to and sustain the cannabis culture lifestyle and industry. Cannabis business’s come in every shape, size and form imaginable. From clothing lines that utilize pro-cannabis marketing campaigns and cannabis activist slogans, all the way to professional services, food services, and the entertainment industry. It doesn't stop there from videographer to writer’s, scientists and more cannabis employs an amazingly diverse and motivated force of individuals.


Colorado Setting the Stage for Success

Colorado is the state that is known for securing economic success and structure for its citizens in the future. Colorado is the first state to full on legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana. Since then they have put the naysayers and negative Nancy’s in their place. Pulling in over a hundred million dollars a month now, Colorado is seeing a substantial growth sector and individuals moving to the state. Retirees are also in that number finding great benefits for medicinal marijuana compared to the countless thousands of dollars that they spend on pharmaceutical prescription medications to know prevail. The cannabis industry offers a lifestyle change and alternative to the dead end jobs that many individuals have been faced with in the past because they like to partake and enjoy marijuana. This crippling fact was a major contributor to the unemployment rate and is thanks to the war on drugs. Better yet I should say thanks to a failed war on drugs. Luckily today everything from bakeries, sewing companies, and textile industries are benefiting from cannabis.


Women in Cannabis are Helping Blaze the Green Scene

The cannabis industry has given new grounds to women in the business community. The women of cannabis are doing great things, and women are seeing the cannabis industry as the best thing since industry came around. Organizations such as Women Grow, Humboldt Women, Moms for Marijuana and the International Women’s Cannabis Coalition are showing that women can dominate the cannabis industry and solidifying their place in what used to be a predominantly men's business world. Mary Jane is a wonderful lady, she offers substance and sustainability where the void used to exist. By Colorado taking the initiative to legalize marijuana they also became the center of attention for many a watchful eyes. What would come of crime? Traffic incidents? What types of business would evolve around the cannabis industry? The answers to these questions are playing themselves out to the nation and the world.


Recess is Over for the Political Puppets Playing Games With Our Lives

The nation is in favor of legalization and the many benefits from medical to monetary that cannabis brings. It is now a playground for political figures to waste millions of dollars in debate and listening to the facts! They should look up the truth the same way any other citizen does! This having to convince them is like asking permission to stay the night at a friend’s house. Are we little children or are we men and women? The way our political leaders parade themselves is sad, and it must come to an end. We need a change in our country. Something that brings people relief and joy. This innocent plant that was so wrongly given a bad name must be brought into the light to have the truth about it revealed. Through the mass collective of successful individuals who own business throughout the cannabis industry, this is exactly what is happening. People who would otherwise not have a chance to utilize a natural passion to earn a living honestly are getting this very chance by owning a business in the multi-cultural and businessly diverse field. With every facet of business from manufacturing to agricultural and in between experiencing growth, cannabis is a win-win for the community, people, and the planet. For those who are not looking to own their own business venture there are many employment opportunities that are offered within the cannabis industry. From trimmers, growers, and budtenders all the way to security, design, real estate, travel and cooking there are opportunities for many. So if you have ever wanted to work in the cannabis industry go online today and check out all the amazing opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer you. Who knows the next big success story canna be a story about you!

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