Cannabis Canna Bring Big Business

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Cannabis Canna Bring Big Business

Cannabis businesses have started springing up across the continental United States and around the world. These businesses are coming from every angle and aspect of a wide variety of different lifestyles. From multimillion-dollar investors seeking medical grow operations to individual small businesses that tailor to a variety of ancillary services such as hospitality transportation and entertainment. The great diversity of canna-businesses that are springing up everywhere are giving a newfound economic solidity to those who are investing in the cannabis industry. Being on the right side of history at the right time has created a monumental swing in the cannabis legalization movement.


A Failed Eradication of an Innocent Plant

Since the late 1930s when marijuana prohibition began, the eradication of cannabis has been the goal of a higher government. Many of these officials themselves consume cannabis yet rally and poll for the eradication of this plant. The medicinal aspects affiliated with medical marijuana are numerous and of epic proportion. The ability to help treat many symptoms and cure diseases such as AIDS, Alzheimer, diabetes and many more is anything short of a miracle and should not be denied to people around the world. The greedy process of politicians lobbying with the big 5 to keep cannabis from the mainstream market is coming to an end. The politicians who choose to continually back cigarettes corporations, the alcohol industry, private police unions and private prisons are committing career suicide as it is being called in the political empire.


The Dinosaurs' Time in Politics is Up

Governments are changing due to outdated dinosaurs who believe that cannabis is a gateway drug and a problem altogether. These individuals have narrow-minded thinking that is paid off, and people are sick of it. From California to Canada to Australia and Spain marijuana is making its presence known and that presence is not going away anytime soon. The scientific facts are there. Medical marijuana is effective. It works. Cannabis cures and pills kill, this is the truth. The United States government has had the medicinal marijuana patent since 2003. This means since 2003 they have known that marijuana is effective as a medication.


Somebody Got the Schedule All Wrong With Marijuana

However, marijuana is still scheduled one when it comes to its classification as a drug in the United States of America. This schedule one that is given to marijuana puts it in the same category as heroin and cocaine which is absurd. Meaning it has no medicinal value yet the United States government owns the patent stating that it has medicinal value and have owned this since 2003. Here it is 2015 why is it taking so long to bring about change? Are they enjoying being murderers? Do people realize they are murdering moms, dads, brothers and sisters across the country by denying them access to medical marijuana? These are the questions that people are starting to ask. They are starting to feel angry and demanding answers. In return, monumental laws are changing in an epic proportion that is benefiting many citizens around the United States as well as individuals worldwide.


A Change in Marijuana Laws is Here and Prohibition Must End

In the year 2016 there are an estimated 16 more states in the United States that are suspected to legalize recreational marijuana. With the Native American tribes opening up marijuana-themed casinos and resorts, as well as batting around the notion of getting into the cannabis banking industry things, are changing for marijuana on a very fast scale. Many political figures are seeing the economic security that is derived from the legalization of marijuana. The tax revenue collected is only a small factor on what the economic side of cannabis can do for a community and a state. The business that it drives helps to bring economic stability to the areas where it is legal.


More Than Colorful Shirts and Incense

The cannabis industry is more than just head shops, growing facilities, and dispensaries. It is hotels, restaurants, clothing, artwork, entertainment, fashion and more. Mary Janes diversity is breaking down the negative barriers of propaganda that have taken place over nearly a century. Through education on medication, the attributes and medicinal values of cannabis as well as the economic resources that it possesses will be learned by the public. The educating of the public will help change out dated laws and to reform a culture in a positive manner. The denial of cannabis is a crime and to those who would deny individuals this right, you are criminals.

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