Cannabis Closer to Becoming Legal Recreationally in America

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Cannabis Closer to Becoming Legal Recreationally in America

Recreational marijuana has been a dream of many for decades now since the prohibition of cannabis began. In the past several years marijuana has made monumental leaps and bounds. With four states and the capital of our nation Washington DC legalizing recreational marijuana consumption and 23 States legal for medicinal marijuana, it is but a short time before prohibition will come to an end. The prohibition of cannabis that started back in the late 1930s that has had devastating effects on the nation and the world. Through legalization efforts of other countries such as Uruguay, Australia, and Spain, the United States of America is falling behind. Falling behind when it comes to the issue of much-needed cannabis legalization.


For Sale to the Highest Bidder

Not too much surprise though as the American politicians are owned by the pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol industries. Along with private prison corporations and police unions that support these politicians, cannabis has had a tough fight for legalization in America. In 1996, California passed medicinal laws with marijuana and it wasn't until just recently in 2015 that they agreed upon an actual legislative bill, and the governor signed it initializing the medicinal regulation of marijuana in the state of California. In 2012, marijuana was legalized in Colorado in a monumental move that went against government prohibition. The state acted on its own as an experiment in marijuana legalization for the rest of the country. Since then others have followed suit and at least 16 other states are expected to legalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use in the year 2016.


Almost 100 Years of Lies and Harm

The prohibition against cannabis has harmed people in many ways, one of the worst being medical. The strain that the healthcare system is put on our country financially due to the carelessness and lies and propaganda techniques from the United States government has been devastating. Every day countless moms and dads brothers and sisters suffer needlessly due to the lack of access to medical marijuana. Recreational cannabis is a given. Being that our political leaders have ruined our economy almost to the point of no return, cannabis is a much-needed relief from the financial stress being felt by States and our government!


A Failed System Needs Changed

Due to a lack of funding states have had to cut school and public service funding to the point of dangerous repercussions. Cannabis is generating a flow of income that not only is helping to monetize where the government failed, it has carried states to successful economic futures and it's also structuring economic success for small business owners across America. With Canada having a new prime minister, they are even closer to recreational and medicinal legalization throughout the country as well.


Canada Will Beat America to Medical Success Again

The new PM has promised to go to work right away on legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use. This commitment will allow for much needed medical science to be tested on cannabis when it becomes official. Their testing will open up new doors and even more paths and opportunities to utilize cannabis as a treatment. The many aspects of medicinal marijuana include controlling symptoms to completely alleviating illnesses. Diabetes, Aids, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and many other severe disorders and neurodegenerative diseases that have plagued our society for years now finally may be controlled and sometimes completely eradicated through the use of not just CBD-only laws but whole plant therapy that entails the end of marijuana prohibition.


Colorado Shows Positive Proof That Cannabis Works

Cannabis cures and pills kill this is a proven fact. The decline in opiate addiction and drug overdoses in places where marijuana is legal both medicinally and recreationally are showing that cannabis is a success. These declines along with a stack of other facts are something the cannabis community has known for thousands of years but only over the last hundred years our political bureaucrats have waged a war to eradicate this medicinal plant. In the process leaving the rest of the world helpless, while they profit from our pain. Thankfully their plans epically failed and the time for marijuana legalization is amongst us.


The Indians are Ready to Take on Cannabis cash With Reservation Banks

The Native American Indian Tribes are not only legalizing marijuana on tribal grounds. They are also opening Canna- Casinos and resorts. Now with the mention of going into canna banking the Feds better get a move on it before they get beat by the Indians and the Canadians at capitalizing on the cannabis industry.

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