Celeb Names on Marijuana Brands Themselves

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Celeb Names on Marijuana Brands Themselves

It seems today that marijuana is finally being accepted and that the barriers of propaganda are finally being taken down and destroyed forever. The DEA and the United States government have lied to Americans and the rest of the world for decades now in regards to marijuana. The War on drugs or better yet their ill-fated attempt to eradicate marijuana has failed. Thanks to the efforts of activists and cannabis reform groups. Today we’re starting to see celebrities associate their names with the cannabis industry even more than ever before in the past. Here are some excellent examples of celebrity names that will be or have already launched marijuana lines or cannabis products throughout the cannabis industry.


Willie Nelson Willie's Reserve

Willie Nelson was born April 29th, 1933 in Abbott Texas is a renowned musician and marijuana activists as well. Willie Nelson has been famous in country music for many of years now. Willie Nelson made the headlines back in the 80's with a huge IRS tax issue. After owing more than 19 million dollars that Willie Nelson was quoted saying, ‘it doesn't sound like so much if you say it fast’ has made one hell of a comeback. Today Willie Nelson is worth more than 25 million dollars and more than the money he has the love and admiration of millions. Willie Nelson will be launching his own brand of marijuana called Willie's Reserve. Willes unique brand of cannabis will only be sold in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, opening up into other markets as laws change and marijuana legalization happens nationwide. Willie’s Reserve will consist of strains of cannabis picked out by Willie Nelson himself. Keep your eye out for the release of Willie Nelson's Willie's Reserve brand of marijuana.


Leafs By Snoop

Speaking of Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg has already launched his own line of marijuana. Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson collaborated on a song recently entitled ‘My Medicine’ that is a fantastic blend of Snoop's funk and Willy's country sound. Snoop Dogg found his medicine. Snoop Dogg's exquisite line of cannabis and cannabis products is called Leafs By Snoop. Mr. Snoop Dogg has partnered up with LivWell dispensary is out of Colorado. LivWell made the news a while back for using banned pesticides in their cannabis growing operation. Since this occurrence, however, LivWell has changed their entire system and uses one that is completely up to date and safe for all consumers. This partnering with Snoop bringing the launch of Leafs By Snoop should be most beneficial to helping rebuild their reputation. Snoops line of marijuana and marijuana products include flowers with names such as Northern Lights and Blueberry Dream, along with shatter hash, wax, gummies, fruit chews, peanut butter gems and handcrafted chocolate bars, Leafs BY Snoop is sure to please.


Rihanna's Marijuana MaRihanna

Singer-performer and actress Rihanna is now taking into a new line of work. That new line of work would be marijuana. Rihanna and marijuana go hand in hand. So much that she has her own line of marijuana called MaRihanna. Reportedly the strains that will be carried are referred to as Jamaican High Grade, Caribbean Kush, and Haitian Haze. Currently to date Rihanna has a net worth of 160 million dollars. Rihanna was born February 20th in 1988 in St Michael Parish, Barbados. Rihanna has done it all. From singing and acting to private business ventures. Her latest venture into the cannabis industry is sure to be a success.


Bob Marley Branded Marijuana, Marley Natural

Last but not least a dedicated name that is synonymous with cannabis industry, culture, and lifestyle is Bob Marley. When it comes to marijuana, Bob Marley may have said it best. That saying would be 'Herb is the healing of the nations'. Bob Marley was a legendary cannabis activist as well as a famous musician whose legacy left behind an amazing family to help spread the wealth of love to the rest of the world. It is a given that with marijuana legalization happening across the United States and around the world that the Marley name would be lent to the cannabis industry. Marley Natural has secured significant amounts of financial funding making them one of the best funded if not the best-funded player in the cannabis industry. Privateer Holdings added an additional 75 million dollars investing in Marley Natural. This brought Marley Natural to an 82 million dollar mark. Marley Natural is looking to have their products everywhere around the globe buy an optimistic end of this year.


Here Comes the Greenrush of Cannabis Startups

As cannabis legalization progresses and marijuana reform laws happen across the United States and around the world more and more celebrities and big named individuals will utilize their monetary status to capitalize on the cannabis industry. I'm waiting on Swartzenegger to come out with some weed called Terminator, a police officer organization to come out with marijuana for cops called Robocop, and a marijuana strain for airline pilots and boat captains called Flying high and Sailing Straight. Once the big names are out the smaller names that are associated with things such as restaurants and hospitality can start to brand their own forms of marijuana like, Holiday Inn, Super 8, Bakers and Chefs, Pillsbury, the potential is endless for the cannabis community and industry.

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