Celebrate the Many Wins Marijuana Has Seen!

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Celebrate the Many Wins Marijuana Has Seen!

Toke Up in our Nation's Capital

Washington DC has set a great example allowing for legal adult marijuana use. Adults 21 and up are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants for personal consumption and possession of two ounces. Under this same measure, the sale of cannabis still remains illegal. The Council of the District of Columbia is toying with the notion a separate bill. One that would allow marijuana regulation and taxation. These would be similar to those on the books in Washington state and Colorado.


Oregon Says Light it Up!

Measure 91 allows Oregonians are allowed to grow four plants on their land, have up to eight ounces of marijuana in their homes and as of July1st 2015 this all goes into effect. Oregon joins the ranks of many other states to allow recreation marijuana. We will see the number of states where marijuana is legal double by election many sources say.


Time to Prove the Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana Through Scientific Research

Marijuana is shown to stop HIV from spreading through the human body. It slows Alzheimer's disease. Marijuana slows the spread of many cancer cells. Marijuana is a natural pain reliever. Mary Jane helps to prevent glaucoma and also helps with concussions and strokes. Marijuana is used in the treatment of Tourette's and epilepsy. It fights anxiety depression and ADHD. The facts prove that marijuana is helping to win the war on America’s opioid addiction.


Marijuana is Proving to Help Fight Opioid Addiction

The numbers are in and marijuana is winning the war against opioid addiction in states where cannabis is legal. Opioid overdoses are becoming the biggest killer in America. Most of these opioids are prescription drugs that the deaths in 3 out of 4 people could have been prevented. Decrease as much as 25% have been seen and this number keeps rising.


Washington says Yes to Treating PTSD with Cannabis

Finally our soldiers get the respect from our nation’s capital that they deserve when it comes to their right to treat PTSD using marijuana. At least in DC. Now the rest of The United States had better catch on and show the respect to the men and women who give them their cozy offices to work from and homes to go to. You would have to be a low life scumbag like Chris Christy to deny a vet the right to treat themselves. Especially when all you have ever done is stuff your face in office.


Marijuana Found Innocent as Gateway Drug

The NIH has issued a series of reports that show marijuana is not the gateway drug that has so wrongly been called. Propaganda by none other than our trusty government spread bold lies about marijuana. Now in the new era of the computer age they cannot keep everyone quiet about the benefits of marijuana.

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