Dealers Make Profits Thanks to Marijuana Prohibition

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Dealers Make Profits Thanks to Marijuana Prohibition

The only thing worse than marijuana prohibition, is running out of marijuana. Purchasing marijuana is dangerous enough in itself if you do not live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal or at best decriminalized such as Vermont and North Carolina. Trying to find a bag of weed becomes more than just a journey it becomes a dangerous one. Thanks to marijuana prohibition the federal government, DEA and other cartel members have driven the price of marijuana on the black market through the roof. While in Colorado and places that have legal recreational marijuana you can purchase a pound of marijuana for $1,700 on average that same pound is transported to the east coast where it is sold at an average $4,500 a pound or better. These prices sounded extremely high to me until I experienced marijuana prohibition in the south. Being from Wisconsin and having Michigan right next door you could always find medical grade marijuana for a decent price roughly $75 a quarter. If you are looking for it by the pound it’s an estimated 2200 - 2800 a pound. Yet come down south to a state such as Tennessee for example and suddenly black market cannabis dealers are selling cannabis for $20 a gram. This is robbery at $560 an ounce. They get away with this and are profiting beyond belief thanks to our federal government and their marijuana prohibition laws. On top of spending an outrageous amount of money to obtain a quality sack of ganja individuals and nice States must also be weary of purchasing their ganja from undercover agents that would like to see them incarcerated for years on end.


It Just Keeps Going and Going

To make matters worse alcohol and tobacco are deadly poisons that are readily available to children. Children on a continual basis as well as grown adults get a hold of these products and become sick and overdose. These products are still available for purchase. If marijuana prohibition is going to be continually enforced by the DEA and the United States government then it is imperative and pertinent that alcohol and tobacco be placed under the same prohibition. While we're at it we should place potatoes there as well due to their ability to produce toxic shock if 10 raw ones were eaten. Fluoride that is dumped into our water and toothpaste should also be placed on the prohibition list. It's kind of amazing that Hitler fluoridated the water and concentration camps to sedate prisoner’s kind of the same way that our government puts fluoride into our city water sources poisoning America. There are many things that are dangerous for us that are not on the prohibition list and that is why. It is because they are dangerous for us. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana because it is impossible to do. There are 0 deaths directly linked to marijuana because it is also impossible. Marijuana and fact is one of the safest things on the planet and act naturally with your body'sendocannabinoids system along with our R1 receptors and R2 receptors to allow for more efficient functioning of the human body.


A Health Nation Isn’t Good for Corporate Profits

Sick people however do not make the government any money. Their supporters do not get multimillion-dollar contracts and this would be wise so much of what America has turned into is poison. Greedy men and women that run our country for personal profit and dominating control have had their way for too long. They even acted as system of law that protects them. They hide what they do, they steal from us and the night, and we're supposed to be okay with it. Yet if it was one of us that did any of these actions we would be arrested and incarcerated immediately. The lack of the ability to purchase cannabis in a safe environment where it can be taxed and the money goes back to support the people rather than the lavish lifestyle of drug dealers and politicians is astonishing. The medical facts and scientific evidence support cannabis yet our nation's leaders and those who influence the decision of these leaders stand before us cloaked in lies while their pockets are being made fatter by those who would wish to continue poisoning our great country. The time for this has come to an end America is finally opening its eyes as is the rest of the world to the lies and propaganda that have been spread by the United States of Americathe DEA, and the federal government.

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