Fixing the Water Shortage by Growing Weed

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Fixing the Water Shortage by Growing Weed

California has for many years now been facing dry times when it comes to the valuable h2o. Water restrictions have been implemented throughout California in order to try and help preserve this rapidly depleting natural resource. There seems that there will be no relief in sight for Mother Nature to replenish this resource on her own any time soon. Regulations pertaining to agriculture and farming have been implemented in the state of California in order to protect the environment and the very fragile delicate balance that remains. Water laws and regulations have been tight for many years now on farmers to ensure that they are not frivolously or carelessly wasting or abusing this precious resource.


Protecting the Green and the H2O

Cannabis regulation and California just became effective when the Governor of California signed a recent medical marijuana reform bill. Now for the first time ever cannabis growers have to answer to environmental protection agencies in the same manner that farmers do. This will help to regulate some of the precious resource known as water from being unfairly abused by these farmers who in the past had no stipulations or regulations to how they water their crops. Now evidence is surfacing that growing more we will actually be able to help California fix its h2o shortage. When I saw this I wondered exactly how this could be.


Water Rich Farming

After researching this topic more I learned that California has a very rich farming history that includes almonds, alfalfa and wine. Almonds and alfalfa along with wine consume vast amounts of water. Regulations are in place that monitor how much water is used storage etc. Cannabis had no regulations like this so farmers pretty much did whatever they wanted to up until now. Having to monitor their water, save, manage and maintain it as well in order to keep their crops alive will make them become more alert to a troubling issue plaguing California. By having restrictions on the amount of water consumption and the size of cannabis farms, new marijuana growers will help to revolutionize the agricultural industry by coming up with new ways to conservatively grow Mary Jane. These new ways will without a doubt be adopted into much of the agricultural community. Everyone knows that stoners are very inventive get that person an apple and a pen, some duct tape and a paper towel roll and the sky's the limit. Just imagine what an inventive stoner can do in order to save water and grow their ganja at the same time.


The End is a New Beginning

With a potential of 16 more states in line for the full on recreational and medicinal legalization of cannabis by the end of 2016, California will help to set an example on water allocation policies to grow operations. The interesting aspect on this is a natural resource such as water will be regulated for the use of cannabis crops as well as other agricultural crops. Now this is legal in California in the federal Department of Fish and Wildlife goes out to monitor and in forest water regulations at cannabis farms you will now be teetering on the fine line of the fence and cannabis which still is illegal. Unless the federal government ends the prohibition against marijuana the delicate balance on how this will work is sure to be a roller coaster ride the entire way. If you have a federal agency regulating and enforcing restrictions to a cannabis farm it would seem to me that the only option left for the government would be to end the prohibition against marijuana. Could it be that the medicinal legalization of marijuana and the responsible appropriation of water management could lead to the end of cannabis prohibition?


Just How Bad of a Problem is it?

The water shortage is not just an environmental issue in California. The earth is running out of fresh water supply and something must be done to prevent this from happening. The earth is our home and it provides for us what we need. If we deplete it of the one most valuable resource it will not live on and the home of humans and mankind will come to an end as we know it. Every 48 seconds a child dies from lack of water or a waterborne illness due to pollution. The problem is real. The problem is scary. We need answers and we need answers that are smart, innovative and that will work.

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