Grandma Approves! 9 Benefits of CBD for Senior Citizens

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Grandma Approves! 9 Benefits of CBD for Senior Citizens

Cannabis may seem like a trend calling out to the youngsters. However, research continues to reveal the safety and effectiveness of the plant for numerous health concerns.

This makes it appropriate for all adults, especially those who start to experience age-related health issues. Moreover, you can now get CBD oil without the high inducing THC, making it an optimal choice for senior citizens.

Learn more about the health benefits of CBD oil!

Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Senior Citizens

CBD oil targets an extremely wide spectrum of receptors in the body. This means that it can potentially treat a number of health conditions.

Senior citizens may especially like CBD oil as it can decrease the number of medications and supplements that they take daily. They may also find CBD more readily available than its alternatives.

What is CBD?

CBD refers to Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in Sativa strains of the Cannabis plant. Though many people tend to think of it interchangeably with marijuana, this cannabinoid only constitutes one compound of the plant.

When extracted from the hemp plant, CBD oil will contain little to no THC and therefore does not create legal problems or make you high. However, this cannabinoid does create a number of biologically important effects within the body. CBD acts on cannabinoid receptors that boost immune function and other receptors that can improve your quality of life.

Also known as hemp oil, CBD comes from the flowers of the hemp plant and offers a wide range of benefits to those who want to naturally improve their health without the iconic marijuana high.

Proven Benefits of CBD for Your Health

Keep reading to learn CBD benefits that all senior citizens should know about.

1. Anti-Inflammatory

Our own immune systems generate an inflammatory reaction in order to keep out infection and speed up healing. When an injury occurs, the body produces chemicals called cytokines that recruit white blood cells to block off the area with a cushion of fluid. 

However, sometimes the body inflames from false triggers, creating swelling that can actually damage the cells, especially as we age. We tend to fall more and experience more conditions that trigger an inflammatory response during our wiser years.

CBD oil attaches to CB2 receptors in the body, located on immune cells and organs. It also attaches to a number of other locations, including vanilloid receptors. These receptors work together to reduce cytokine production, suppressing the inflammatory response.

This makes CBD oil a fantastic anti-inflammatory. Traditional anti-inflammatory medications, like NSAID's, come with side effects, including:

  • gas
  • heartburn
  • nausea and vomiting
  • headaches and dizziness
  • ringing in the ears
  • ulcers and stomach bleeding
  • blood thinning and a tendency to bleed more
  • kidney and/or liver problems

CBD oil does not carry the same risk. The most common side effects include sleepiness and dry mouth. But, it offers an effective anti-inflammatory alternative.

2. Pain Reducer

Another one of the important benefits of CBD is the cannabinoid's ability to treat chronic pain. As we age, the body tends to wear down, causing chronic pain.

While some pain reduction stems from the anti-inflammatory effect, CBD oil also works as a non-euphoriant, anti-inflammatory analgesic. This means that it changes the way that the brain perceives pain, without creating a psychotropic effect. 

It works well-treating pain for chronic conditions, like arthritis. This makes it a great alternative to liver-damaging Tylenol and addictive opioid medications. 

You can take it by mouth like a daily supplement to help prevent and treat chronic pain. CBD topical creams might work for you when you suffer from localized pain that requires a little extra attention.

3. Memory Saver

As we age, memories can fade. Diseases like Alzheimer's Disease pose a threat as the 6th leading killer in the United States.

Alzheimer’s patients present with chronic inflammation on brain scans, progressing the neurodegenerative diseases. CBD's ability to reduce inflammation in the brain may help to both reduce the development of the disease and possibly even reverse some of the heartbreaking effects.

Alzheimer’s research also CBD's potential for fighting this disease with the cannabinoid’s inhibition of the orphan receptor GPR55. This receptor plays a role in neurodegenerative disease, making CBD's inhibition of it a possible pathway to a cure.

Moreover, CBD actually reverses the effects of oxygen deprivation to specific body tissues, including the brain. Its immune system response effectively cleans up damaged cells and increases the body's ability to replace them with healthy cells.

This means that CBD not only fights specifically against Alzheimer’s disease but against all forms of dementia. Taking CBD oil regularly, prior to the onset of Alzheimer's, may help prevent the disease while taking it after diagnosis can help treat your symptoms and possibly prolong your life.

4. Sleep Aid

Sleep patterns tend to change as we age, making sleep difficult. Many senior citizens tend to find falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult than they did at a younger age. This can also happen due to chemical changes, underlying conditions, chronic pain, and medications.

Insomnia can create mayhem in your life. Sleep deprivation can lead to:

  • Falls
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Decreased cognitive function
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

One of the proven benefits of CBD is that it helps regulate the circadian rhythm to increase total sleep time. This works as the cannabinoid activates melatonin receptors, thus increasing levels of this sleep hormone in the brain. 

Though sleepiness is often mentioned as a side effect of the cannabinoid, you can use it as a safe and effective treatment for insomnia. Use CBD for your night-time snack with CBD edibles, so you can go to sleep on a full belly.

5. Osteoporosis Warrior

Aging leads to a number of hormonal changes in the body. This can hinder bone health and lead to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis refers to a loss in mass that makes bones porous and brittle. This often causes bone fracturing more easily, typically at the wrists, hips, and spine. The disease can lead to debilitating injuries,

Women tend to be more at risk for osteoporosis than men because their bones are typically smaller and thinner, to begin with. Plus, menopause increases their risk.

This major change typically occurs during a woman's late forties to early 50s. During menopause, estrogen levels significantly drop. Estrogen preserves calcium and prevents the breakdown of bones. So, this alone creates a huge risk to bone health.

This risk furthers as progesterone levels also drop, following menopause. Progesterone binds to receptors on bone cells, helping with forming the structure. It also works synergistically with estrogen to preserve bone. 

Though women face higher risk, senior citizen men can also end up with osteoporosis. Like estrogen does for the ladies, testosterone preserves calcium and aids in bone formation for the men. As men age, testosterone levels progressively decline, putting their bones at risk.

Fortunately, CBD oil can help prevent osteoporosis! Bone cells contain cannabinoid receptors. When activated by CBD, the CB1 osteoclast receptors inhibit the breakdown of bone, and the CB2 osteoblast receptors initiate the formation of new bone.

CBD does not reverse the drop in hormone levels. However, it combats the effects of that drop on the bones and helps to maintain sufficient bone density.

6. Anti-Anxiety

Anxiety tends to affect senior citizens more, yet often goes undiagnosed. The following symptoms may suggest that you suffer from anxiety:

  • Restlessness
  • Agitation
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Muscle tension
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Irrational fears
  • Panic attacks

Together these symptoms create a poor quality of life. Though many people associate some of these symptoms with getting older, you do not need to feel this way. CBD can help you.

CBD research suggests that this cannabinoid can potentially treat a number of anxiety disorders. CBD interacts with a broad spectrum of receptors in the body, including cannabinoid and serotonin receptors. This mechanism of cannabidiol makes it a great anxiolytic as it reduces anxiety induced behaviors in a number of ways. 

7. Anti-Depressant

Aging can create a unique set of obstacles. This sometimes leads to depression.

You cannot simply snap out of depression. If you suffer from the condition, it insidiously affects your life by chronically changing the way you feel, think, and function in daily life. 

Depression not only affects your social life, but it can also create a physical impact. It can make you feel fatigued and experience more aches and pains. Being depressed can also cause a decline in overall health.

Similarly to the way that CBD oil combats anxiety, it also treats depression. The two conditions often go hand in hand.

As we age, our serotonin levels may drop. This can change the way we handle stress responses as well and put you at higher risk for depression.

Seratonin helps to regulate mood and social behavior, among other things. CBD activates serotonin receptors, boosting the natural production of this neurotransmitter. This makes CBD oil a formidable opponent against depression and can simply help boost your mood even if you do not chronically suffer from this condition.

8. Heart Helper

Cardiovascular kills more people in the united states than any other one cause. Heart disease tends to affect seniors more than the younger age groups. The effects of CBD improve heart health through many mechanisms

When it comes to CBD and blood pressure, the cannabinoid provides more of an indirect effect, by causing vasodilation. This relaxation of the blood vessels naturally decreases surface tension, thus lowering the pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of both heart attack and stroke, making this a significant contribution to heart health.

As a plant compound, CBD also serves as a powerful antioxidant. Removing free radicals from the body may actually prevent heart damage, as they cause oxidative stress on cells.

One study suggests that CBD may also effectively treat myocarditis, a deadly inflammation of the heart. Beyond the fact that it reduces inflammation, CBD also plays a role in immune function. Due to this function, the cannabinoid continues to help people with a number of autoimmune disorders, including myocarditis.

Other ways that CBD improves heart health include the cannabinoids ability to reduce stress, and CBD's effect on obesity. Stress and obesity serve as major factors in heart disease.

In the same way that CBD oil reduces anxiety and depression, it reduces the stress reaction in the body. The cannabinoid fights obesity by aiding in digestion and increasing fat metabolism in the body. 

9. Aid for Aging Gracefully

This may seem small in comparison to heart health and some of the other conditions CBD may treat. However, many senior citizens still take cosmetic beauty seriously. When it comes to aging gracefully, CBD can help prevent and treat a number of age-related conditions. 

Put your best face forward with this cannabinoid. The anti-inflammatory effect can help smooth out under eye bags, reduce puffiness from water retention, and sooth conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

You can also prevent and reduce the appearance of age spots, due to the cannabinoid's antioxidant effect. It stimulates the production of healthy cells while removing free radicals that damage the skin to produce those dark mars.

Removing free radicals with CBD oil reduces the appearance of aging. It can stimulate new hair growth when balding occurs, by bringing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the follicles.

As we age, hormone changes often lead to dry skin and scalp. This gives the face a dull, older look and can further hair loss. Cannabidiol helps to regulate oil production to give the skin a healthy glow and promote normal hair growth.

CBD oil also works as a wrinkle remover! Taking away inflammation and oxidative stress while stimulating healthy oil production helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Start Using CBD Today!

Time waits for no one. Every day, it ages us. So don't wait for a better time to buy your CBD.

The numerous health benefits of CBD oil make it a perfect supplement choice for senior citizens. You can choose from many methods of administration, including ingestion, sublingual, and topical, to take it the way that feels best for you.

Our CBD oil comes in a variety of flavors. Check out our tinctures to find your favorite!

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