Growing Hemp for Victory

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Growing Hemp for Victory

Did you know that hemp helped to win a war? It’s true. After it was prohibited in 1937 by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 it was just a few short years before the government was calling on the citizens and farmers of the United States to grow hemp for the war efforts. They even made a movie about it called Hemp for Victory. Long before the tax act and during the call to action of Hemp for Victory hemp was used in many different industries. Hemp was the primary material for ship ropes, sails and anchors. Some anchors was as thick as 25inches in circumference, this is a prime example of just how durable of a material it is. Ships were just one of the many places you would find hemp. During the war efforts this was probably one of the most important uses as a standard ship could use upwards of 50 tons of hemp for rigging.


Farmers Help Save Our Country Please and Thank You

When the government called up cannabis to save the day, it answered and so did the citizens of this great country. The farmers stopped their crops and planted hemp. They did everything they could to help and it worked. Once the war was one it was back to the ways of prohibition and it seems that no one even batted an eye, it was OK because it was our government and our country. We would do what was needed and obey. For decades now we have millions spent on the drug war against marijuana each year. We have watched thousands of individuals lose their lives to the justice system over this same plant that helped save our country during a time of war.


When We Tried They Wouldn’t Listen, Now They Are All Ears

We have asked, we have prayed, we have protested and we have lost in our efforts to end prohibition on marijuana for many of years. This was true until just recently when we are starting to see states discuss the idea of and legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. Why are we seeing this now? I can tell you. It is because once again the United States government has sunk our country to an ultimate low and this time they are once again seeing how cannabis could save the day. This time it is now with much needed material to support our military, but rather for the greenbacks (dollar bills) it can bring in each year in taxes.


Our Government Officials are Careless Spenders and We Suffer

Our national debt is a joke and there is not one single underlying reason that you can give that justifies it at all. We have fought wars that were not needed, helped with billions of dollars in aid to other countries while leaving ours to fall into despair and much more that has cost us a lot of money and will ultimately cost us the control over our country. This has been proven by the poor financial decisions made by our government such as using taxpayer dollars to bail out banks, raising taxes to no positive prevail, cutting off school and veteran funding, increased funding to those who are not American and overall misuse of funds because they are privileged compared to the rest of us.



Walker is a Prime Example

Why does Scott Walker have to fly in a private jet between Madison Wisconsin and Milwaukee Wisconsin instead of commuting by private car like the rest of America? One way in the biggest gas sucking truck imaginable that gets 10 mpg is less than $20 in gas! His jet is way, way, way more expensive than that! Not to mention the flight crew, storage or any other factors associated with the upkeep of a private aircraft. I wouldn’t even want to know the exact amount for a short 20 minute flight that could be driven by car in 45. The catcher is though, he doesn’t pay for that though we do. The taxpayers. This is the same Scott Walker that lied to constituents. He was passing a great bill to help kids with epileptic conditions get access to the proven treatment of CBDs. Once passed it called for more extensive research before it could be made available. What bull Walker. How about this. How about we make you drive a car. We will then take your jet, sell it and use that money for the research and get these kids the medicine that is already proven and that you already lied about getting them access to.


Our Country is Falling Mary Jane Will Lift it Up Again

Our national debt is at an all-time high. Our nation’s support for the legalization is also at an all-time high. This includes the general population as well as our politicians. With marijuana being legal for recreational purposes in 4 states they are seeing the profit that is to be made from this industry and you better bet that they are going to take every advantage to cash in on it again. At least this time we the people will benefit as well.

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