Growing Medical Marijuana - What Is It and How It Works

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Growing Medical Marijuana - What Is It and How It Works
When it comes to how you obtain your medical marijuana or recreational marijuana you can basically either buy it or grow it. Either way you still pay. It is just that growing produces a higher yield and some find the overall experience of growing their own marijuana therapeutic much like the grandma that loves gardening.

New Laws Might Let You Grow Your Own at Home Soon
The grow industry is one that is ever growing. With recent laws passed that gave some Americans the ability to grow their own. If you are one of these lucky people then you probably have some questions about the marijuana growing industry. Those questions may include several different topics surrounding the industry as a whole. Questions such as what is the difference between growing in soil or hydroponic? Or what is the difference between a seed and a mother plant? These are some of the types of questions that may come into play. I had the same questions and just had to search until I found the answers needed.

Which is the Best to Grow in Soil or Hydroponics

So what is the difference between growing in soil versus growing hydroponic with mother plants? Soil will give you a much longer lifespan. A longer lifespan means that the yield of crop produced will remain consistent for a longer period of time. It also means that the potency of the plant produced will also stay more consistent over a longer period of time. No matter if you are in the industry for profit or enjoyment this is a great thing either way. 

I Have Heard of Hydroponics but What Is IT

So what is hydroponics exactly? Hydroponics is a type of horticulture that involves growing a plant using nutrient rich minerals through water rather than soil.  This is specifically known as the NFT or Nutrient Film Technique. There are many variations of this technique used throughout the world in different aspects of growing. They are all basically the same concept with just a slightly different delivery method as to how the plant gets its nutrients.

Clone Grown VS Seed

Now that we know what growing in soil and hydroponics is let’s look at the difference between a clone and a standard marijuana seed. Both a seed and a clone can be a mother plant and there are pros and cons to both. Some advantages to using seeds is that you can order 100% female plants and seeds can be shipped discretely. They take longer to get going and do not have the guarantee that you get with a clone that is already started. It is kind of like growing tomatoes from a seed as opposed to buying them a foot tall at the store already off to a healthy start.  No matter which one of these great ways you choose you are sure to get some great results if you stick to the basics and follow growing guidelines.

Grow and Enjoy
No matter how you choose to grow, make sure that you get the most important thing out of it and that is the pure satisfaction of growing your own marijuana. After all you are finally able to use a medicine that is thousands of years old and can now work for you the way it did your ancestors. Sit back and enjoy life now that you have this amazing ability. After all what could be more relaxing than sitting on your porch in a rocker, taking your medicine and watching your buds grow.

Vote for your Right to Toke
Stay active and informed when it comes to MJ laws. Make sure that you vote in favor of the healing power of marijuana. The people that it helps and has the potential to help will thank you. If the entire world would partake and smoke a joint the results would be amazing! A happy caring world where we really can choose to be happy could really happen. Every little thing does not have to upset us. We do not have to take a pill every time we have a bad day. 

Knowledge is Power Pass it On
The only way we will change these outdated laws is to share in our knowledge. It is power so puff puff and pass the power so that the nation can get to healing itself the natural way instead of buying politicians and doctors new boats, cars and houses. They have enough I promise.

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