Have You Ever Been to Rehab for Weed

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Have You Ever Been to Rehab for Weed

I have true story. Twice matter of fact. Both times Court ordered in a convenient money collecting government scam on hard working poor people. Either pay for classes or go to jail. What a choice.


How the South Treated Me

The first time I went was in Florida. The counselor even laughed when he asked what I was being sent there for. I was caught with 4 roaches and a clip. He took my money each week for a month and sent me on my way that was it. No class, no books no counseling even. It was only about the money. That was all they wanted. It seems wrong to me now and I feel like they should have been required to provide the service I was required to pay for. At the time I was just glad to be out of there though.


How the North Treated Me

The second time was in Wisconsin. I had to have an assessment done. The results of it, I needed to attend once again 4 sessions. Of course each session was 275 dollars which was a joke for the supposed treatment. The conclusion after an hour of talking about my daily routine was that I replaced my love of marijuana with sausage biscuits! This because I start my day making a dozen from scratch each morning. My family also has 6 in it not to mention all the extra kids who come over to walk with my kids to school in the morning. They get pop tarts or something similar. They love a biscuit from scratch. She neglected to hear or understand this and gave me my pass after 3 more visits. What a joke is all I can say!


Look Now to See What you Find

Even when you do the research on marijuana rehab facilities the pictures that you see are quite hilarious. People there supposed to be offering you professional help for marijuana addiction and abuse use such things as a marijuana rehab and luxury treatment in there phrasing describing their services. The first picture I see is of three joints a brown manila envelope with a baby about a dime bag of weed in it and a bowl wooden packed full of seeds and round town brown mid-grade marijuana.


Outdated Information Based on Lies That Cannot Work

All I can say is wow I think they made this page years ago and never updated it since then they continue to provide treatment yet this is actually what they know about marijuana. It worked for the government when they passed the MJ Tax Act of 1937. They didn't even know how to spell marijuana at the time or what it was. When brought up it was simply said that it was a drug from stealing that black men were using to take white women and at the time that was all it took. It appears the rehab centers that deal with marijuana today are a lot like this.


Teens May Use Marijuana and it May be Stronger

The next issue I see with marijuana addiction and all the other crap associated with it is yet go to another website what do you find? It has nothing to do with marijuana being an addiction for anybody with any level of maturity. It has to do with the troubles parents may be faced with their teenagers trying marijuana today. How it may be so much stronger than it was in the past. How it may do this. How it may do that. It may gave them wings so that they don't bump their ass every time they jump like a frog does, it may do all kinds of things but that word may is once again very loosely used by our medical profession. Why do they do this you might ask? It may be because they may not just know what they are talking about


Rehab for Weed is a Joke

If an individual needs to go to rehab for weed there is a deeper problem than just weed. I have never known anyone who had or needed rehab for weed and I have known hundreds of smokers and met thousands. Rehab is needed for people that have an issue with self-control. This is a problem that leads to many other dangerous issues that are far from weed. Rehabs only use may be as an educational tool for a child who has no guidance at home or is just troubled from the start.


The Medical World May be in for a Storm

This just in the medical community may be in for a storm. They may have a new problem on their hands. The may have created a monster. They may start to blame you now. They may not ever change. They may decide to grow up some day but I doubt it. They may stop lying to us. They may even consider stopping the free use of the word may in the medical community after seeing how stupid they look lying to us with all their education!

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