Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: How to Choose a CBD Edible Dosage

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Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: How to Choose a CBD Edible Dosage

Have you heard about the healing properties of cannabidiol or CBD? Maybe you've wanted to try it for yourself, but you weren't sure how.

Today, you can find CBD in a variety of products, from lotions and balms to gummies and baked goods. The latter describes one of the most popular ways to consume it: as an edible.

Imagine a cake pop or a slice of cake that not only satisfied your sweet tooth but was also packed full of the pain-relieving, anxiety-reducing, cancer-fighting extract. If it sounds too good to be true, think again. 

Today, this form of CBD is more popular than ever before. You can find edibles in food products, lozenges, and capsules. Yet, to have the best experience with it, it's important to understand the right edible dosage for you.

Today, we're breaking down how to calculate your ideal dosage amount to ensure that every bite is as beneficial as possible.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

Consulting Your Doctor

While it's helpful to hop online and learn the basics around this topic, if you are taking CBD for medicinal use, it's critical to see a doctor to determine your ideal dosage amount. 

He or she is up-to-date on your specific medical issue and can suggest the ideal path to wellness and treatment. Though the healing effects of CBD are scientifically proven, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still classifies it as a natural remedy. 

As such, there is no exact formula to determine your precise dosage amount. However, your medical professional is well-versed in your condition and get you started down the right track.

Understanding Effects at Each Level

One of the ways to understand how an edible will affect you is to discern how much THC is present within the CBD product itself.

Interest in the extract has blossomed in recent years over the fact that CBD only contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the cannabinoid in cannabis that's associated with the traditional "high" or feeling of euphoria you feel when smoking marijuana.

With so little THC present, CBD oil can deliver on its medicinal promises while avoiding the stigmas and questions that accompany traditional marijuana use. As such, it's become a superstar in the bath and beauty industry and a mainstay in the pantries of homes across the country. 

In the case of most edibles, the THC content is usually kept to a low standard of around 15mg or fewer. However, it can be higher depending on the product. That said, let's take a look at how an edible dosage mg level can vary and affect your experience. 

THC Levels of 1mg to 2.5mg

If you're a first-time CBD edible user, you'll want to start out with the lowest amount of THC present as possible. These trace amounts might not give you as powerful a punch as their stronger counterparts, but you'll still reap the benefits. 

At this level, you can expect to feel mild pain relief. You should also feel stress and anxiety symptoms lessen. You may also notice that it's a little easier to focus and you have more mental sharpness.  

At this level, it's best to start small. Look for edibles that can be held in your mouth and absorbed via its blood vessels, located along your cheeks and tongue. Mints and tinctures are especially popular options in this category. You can also eat cookies, chocolates and similar food products, but you'll need to hold them in your mouth for about two minutes before chewing and swallowing. 

THC Levels of 2.5mg to 15mg

More seasoned consumers might be interested in upping the amount of THC present in their CBD edibles. A more powerful dose is recommended for those with incessant pain issues. It can also help lure those with insomnia or restlessness into a deeper sleep. 

Keep in mind that as you inch closer to the 15mg mark, your perception, focus, and clarity might be skewed. 

THC Levels of 15mg to 30mg

Maybe you've been partaking in CBD edibles for quite a while and are interested in trying a stronger product. Or, perhaps you're a medical marijuana user who has developed a higher tolerance than most. 

Regardless, while the sense of euphoria you feel might be a welcomed feeling, it can also leave unseasoned users feeling ill. 

THC Levels of 30mg to 50mg

At this level, CBD edibles with such high amounts of THC are best-suited for those who have experience with marijuana and have developed a tolerance for the cannabinoid. 

It can directly affect your coordination, as well as your perception if you consume this strong of a product without building up the required capabilities beforehand.

THC Levels of 50mg to 100mg 

It might be tempting to grab the strongest brownie from the CBD bakery and walk out the door. But, think again. 

Only experienced THC consumers should be looking at an edible this potent. Known side effects include an elevated heart rate, nausea and body aches. It is very likely to impair your vision and coordination.  

These levels are also recommended for those using CBD edibles as a holistic treatment for cancer or inflammatory diseases. 

The Ratio of THC to CBD

A CBD edible will consist of more than just CBD and THC, of course. It will also be filled with other ingredients to give it shape, taste, and texture. While looking at the nutritional information, assess the ratio of THC to CBD. 

If the ratio is 1:1, the result is a therapeutic and healing response. One with more THC than CBD is more likely to cause impairment and physical effects similar to that of cannabis.  

As you increase the CBD amount and decrease the THC, this ratio becomes more tolerable, and the opportunity for any intoxication is almost diminished.  

CBD's Biphasic Properties

While the above dosage chart can help you understand what to expect as you notch up the THC levels within your CBD edibles, it's important to note that the activity of CBD is biphasic. This means that its effects change as it becomes more potent.  

Another example of a biphasic substance is alcohol. If you consume a small amount, it can give you a buzz and invigorate you. Yet, if you consume a large quantity of it, that buzz quickly fades and instead you enter into a depressive state.

The same properties hold true for CBD. While it might not produce the same effects as alcohol, a low dose can result in an entirely different outcome than a higher one. 

Factors That Affect Your Tolerance

Your best friend might grab a piece of CBD candy with 10% THC and do just fine. On the other hand, it might significantly affect you, and not in the best way. That's why it's important to understand what levels are the best for you.

Experience with THC

Your specific tolerance level will depend on myriad factors. First, you should take into consideration your experience with THC itself. If you're someone who has never smoked or vaped marijuana or consumed it as an edible, you should start with a lower dose. 

Your THC edible dosage can grow steadily over time as you become more accustomed to it. Yet, it's always smart to start small and build your way to higher levels down the road. Your tolerance levels can take months to adjust, so be patient and note any changes in your progress. 

Gastrointestinal Absorption Rate

Your gastrointestinal (GI) health will also come into play. If your GI absorption of cannabinoid tends to be poor, you might require a higher dosage to maximize the benefits of your edible. 

Along the same lines, the performance of your endocannabinoid system should be another major determining factor. If yours is highly functioning, its CB1 and CB2 receptors can turn the edible into a health-boosting elixir that can be used to reduce pain, physical illnesses, emotional distress, and even broken bones.  

Your Body Weight

It makes sense that people with more body weight will require stronger amounts of THC to feel any differently after consuming a CBD edible. 

One way to quickly determine how much you should consume is that for every 10 pounds you weigh, you can take between 1mg and 6mg of CBD. Put simply, this means a 180-pound person would take between 18mg and 30mg. 

As you gain weight, your required dosage amount may grow as well, and vice versa. Be sure to record your progress, including any weight changes, so you can monitor your intake. 

Your Metabolism

How well and how quickly you convert food into energy directly determines the rate at which the CBD edible will be absorbed. Therefore, your metabolism should also be taken into account. If yours is slower, you might require a higher dosage to help you cope. 

While you can't necessarily change your metabolic rate, if you want to speed yours up, it can be helpful to ensure you're leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Research shows that those who remain sedentary for a majority of the day have more sluggish systems than those who get in more movement throughout the day. 

Your Medical Concerns

Are you unwrapping a CBD edible to simply help you fall asleep a little better at night? If so, a lower-range dose might be all you need. On the other hand, you might be fighting a more serious health concern and require a stronger dose.

The severity of your pain is a major consideration when determining your CBD edible dosage needs. 

This is where it helps to be as up-front and honest with your doctor as possible. Certain medical conditions will respond better to CBD edibles than others and will require specific doses to achieve the desired level of relief.

Steadily Adjusting Your Dosage

A general rule of thumb is to stick with a recommended dosage for three days. This timeframe gives your body time to respond to the edible so you can gauge how you feel. 

From there, you can adjust the dosage to make it stronger or weaker, then wait for another three-day period to reassess.  

After consuming a CBD edible, you might find that you don't feel the desired effect you expected. Rather than reach for another piece or up your dosage immediately, wait an hour and then reassess. Acting too quickly can lead to an overdose.

If you're still unsatisfied, try munching on an apple. The juices can aid in jumpstarting digestion and encourage gut absorption. 

Is It Possible to Overdose?

Due to its gentle nature, it is difficult to overdose on CBD oil.

You would have to consume around 300mg of the substance for every 2.5 pounds of weight to max out your body's tolerance levels. Moreover, this is 300mg of pure CBD, which won't in any CBD product available today. 

If you consume your CBD edibles sensibly and stick to the recommended dosage guidelines, you should not experience any overdose symptoms. If you are concerned that you consumed too much, contact your medical professional immediately. In the meantime, stay hydrated. 

Find Your Ideal Edible Dosage Today

Now that you know a little more about how to safely and effectively consume CBD edibles and calculate your edible dosage, are you ready to explore them for yourself?

We'd love to help navigate you through the complex and multi-faceted world of CBD products. 

From e-liquids to additives and concentrates, we're industry experts with access to it all. We also deliver informative how-to advice and news updates on the CBD sphere as a whole.  

Browse our product inventory, peruse our blog and fill up your virtual shopping cart with items that can give you the relief you crave at a price you can't ignore. You can even pick up some CBD pet drops while you're at it! 

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