How to Pick a THC E Juice Flavor You'll Love

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How to Pick a THC E Juice Flavor You'll Love

How to Pick a THC E Juice Flavor You'll Love

When was the last time you had THC e juice? Did it miss the mark? Maybe you tried to make it at home and the experiment turned your buds into crude oil.

There are many benefits to liquid THC. it's just a challenge to find the right juice.

The most important component to finding the right E Liquid is flavor. There are so many flavors available, how do you know which one is right for you?

We put together the top things to consider when picking an E Liquid flavor. This buyer's guide to make sure you pick a THC e Juice flavor you'll love.

How Are You Going to Vape?

Let's start with you. You're going to be using the product. There are a few questions you want to ask yourself.

What Type of Vape Kit Will You Be Using?

Will you be using a sub-ohm or MTL device? Or will you use an oil vape pen?

MTL means mouth-to-lung and it gives you a more authentic smoking experience.

A sub-ohm device has a wider flow channel. You use more juice, but you get more flavor than you would with an MTL device.

The brand matters, too. Some brands of vaporizers will produce flavors that are superior to others. This is a personal choice. It's a matter of finding a device that works for you.

This is a personal choice. It's a matter of finding a device that works for you.

Is Your Vape Kit Clean or Brand New?

Whether you just picked up your first vape kit or you've been using the same one for a while, the flavor can be affected.

With new kits, it can be common to experience a metallic taste. Use it a handful of times without inhaling, and that will help break in your vaporizor.

Yes, you have to clean your vape kit. No matter what THC e juice you buy, there's a good chance the previous flavor is hanging around in your vaporizer. And if you haven't cleaned it in a long time, it will taste bitter.

Cleaning on a regular basis will help every vape taste as good as the first.

How Is THC E Juice Made?

How THC e juice is processed can affect the flavor. Alcohol extraction is the primary method to process CBD juice.

With alcohol extraction, flowers are combined with a particular solvent to remove terpenes and cannabinoids. This method also removes chlorophyll, which can give the oil extracted a strong flavor and greenish color.

Alcohol extraction can call into two categories: VG and PG.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is a product that is largely colorless and odorless.

PG is more common than you might think. It's found in common household products like beer, ice cream, makeup, and shampoo.

PG is used to combine flavors since its qualities allow it to retain flavors more than VG.

The downside to PG is that it is a little harsher on the body and can irritate the throat. It's safe to use, just be aware of these potential irritants.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Like the name implies, vegetable glycerin is made of plants. It's mostly made from coconut oil or palm oil.

Its viscous quality makes it difficult to retain flavors. On the downside, PG can also be very thick and sticky, so there are trade-offs between convenience and flavor.

Even though VG is odorless, some proclaim that it has a subtle and sweet flavor. It also produces sweet thick clouds.

More often than not, VG and PG are combined to form flavors. In this case, you want to be sure the ratios are right.

Some people prefer to have a VG only base because they may be allergic to PG. It's also more gentle on the body than PG.

One other method for processing THC e Juice is by using C02. This type of extraction is growing in popularity. The best way to describe C02 extraction is freeze-dried weed that's broken up, is heated, and the oil extracted. There are no chemicals used in the process, so the oils tend to be more flavorful.

Even though C02 extraction is growing in popularity, it's still costly to produce.

THC E Juice Is All About Flavor

There are countless flavor options of THC e juice. There are fruity flavors, citrus flavors, menthol, just to name a few. We'll break the flavors down into categories, and help you decide what's right for you.

VG Flavors

Even though most juices are combined PG/VG, there are juices out there that are solely VG. We already mentioned that VG only doesn't really retain flavor. On the upside, vegetable glycerin is naturally sweet, and that flavor does come through when you vape.

VG's sweetness will bring out other sweet flavors. The best VG flavors will be fruit, fruit combinations, or flavors that sound like you'd eat them for dessert.

Combination Flavors

Some combination flavors are creativity experiments gone awry. Others are unusual combinations where you know the person who made them was high at the time.

This is the time to have fun and experiment. How does vanilla, brown sugar, sugar cookies and honey sound? That's something only a Mad Hatter could come up with.

Most combination flavors combine fruit and sugar, or sugar with more sugar flavors. One of our favorites is Easy Rider, a blend of Madagascar vanilla, Kentucky bourbon, coconut, hazelnut and hints of brown sugar. If that's a pie, I'd eat the whole thing!

Single Flavors

OK, if combination flavors are overwhelming, you can try single flavors.

You will need to consider the PG/VG ratio when choosing a single flavor.

For example, a juice with a 80/20 VG/PG ratio will be naturally sweet. Choosing an acidic flavor like coffee might throw off the flavor. Unless you like cream and sugar in your coffee.


There are plenty of THC e juice flavors on the market.

Finding the right flavor is a personal choice, but there are things to consider to find the right THC e juice to suit your taste.

To learn more about THC e juice and other cannabis products available, ask our staff which cannabis product is right for you.

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