Marijuana 101 - The Scienceless Approach

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Marijuana 101 - The Scienceless Approach

This article is intended as a guide to new smokers who just aren’t sure about what marijuana is and does. Marijuana has been enjoyed by many for years. It helped the war effort during the world wars. Our first president grew marijuana. Our current president supports marijuana. Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. From helping with cramps and nausea to many other medical conditions marijuana or MJ as I like to call it is a gift from nature that truly works. There are only two ways basically to consume MJ. Here we will break down the basics on what MJ is and does as well as how one may consume MJ. Marijuana is a natural plant that grows wild.


What is a Marijuana Strain

Marijuana is a natural plant that grows wild. It has green leaves and multicolor buds or fruits. These are the parts that are smoked and used to make edibles. THC is what gives you the feeling you get from MJ and is different from strain to strain. Strains are the different types of MJ that you may purchase. there are many different strains there are 2 types of marijuana. The affects you get are determined by these two types of marijuana plants. One is called Sativa and the other is called Indica.


The Two Different Types Of Marijuana Most People Consume

Both may be smoked or consumed as a food or beverage. Sativa will give you an uplifting feeling or buzz as it is referred to. This is a great type for those who are active, artistic or who are creative. Writing, gardening, painting, walking and studying are examples of the activities associated with Sativa. Here are some of the top strains or types of sativas.


  1. Sour Diesel

  2. Blue Dream

  3. Jack Herer

  4. White Widow

  5. Super Silver Haze


Then there is Indica. Indica is known for the giggles, the munchies and couch lock. This is best consumed when you aren’t busy. It makes for a great night’s sleep also. Here are 5 of the top strains or types of Indica.


     1.  Granddaddy Purple

     2.  Northern Lights

     3.  OG Kush

     4.  Master Kush

     5.  Afghani


When it comes to how you choose to achieve your buzz there are two basic ways. Eat it. Smoke it. Here are some of the most common terms and ways associated with smoking MJ



  1. Bowl- a smoking device made from many different materials. A hollow center with a small chamber for placing the marijuana bud into. Another end to inhale through like a straw. These deliver powerful hits of smoke to the consumer.


  1. Joints-similar to a cigarette just without the filter. Cigarette papers are used to roll a joint. This is a common way to smoke and is enjoyed by many. There are also blunts which are cigars hollowed out and the tobacco is replaced with marijuana.


  1. Vape- Vaporizers work by heating your marijuana to a temperature hot enough

that it may evaporate the active ingredients. However it remains cool enough to avoid

combustion (burning/or igniting). Those who choose to vaporize are not exposed

to toxins found when you smoke.



  1. Edibles-These are any type of food or beverage that is made using marijuana. They can be candies, baked goods, dinner entrees, side dishes, salads and more. The dosage on these tasty treats are the tricky thing as it is hard to measure the amount. Mislabeling often leads to under dosing, meaning thinking your medicine isn’t working. Also overdosing. This means serious couch lock. Possibly even bed time depending on the consumer’s tolerance level.

Your Budtender Knows Best

With the many different ways to try marijuana today and the places it is legal medicinally especially is attracting a more mature crowd to the cannabis culture. Not everyone knows somebody who smokes or uses medicinal marijuana surprisingly and it can be a confusing world when you are new. Talk to your budtender and tell them what you are looking for when purchasing marijuana. Things to take into consideration are is it for recreational or medicinal, sleeping, giggles and social, to stay active yet relieve pain or to help manage anxiety and stress. Let them know and they will help walk you through this confusing time that is what they are there to do. So if you thinking of trying marijuana and are in a state where it is legal for you, then by all means to quote Tobey Keith don’t knock till you have tried it my friend. It could be just what you have needed to feel better all this time.

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