Marijuana Is Not A Gateway Drug

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Marijuana Is Not A Gateway Drug

For years it has angered me every time some nut job or religious group throws the word gateway drug out anytime the thought of marijuana consumption is mentioned. This just shows true ignorance and narrow-mindedness on their behalf. To now see that the NIH has issued a report saying marijuana found innocent as gateway drug, is such a relief. Times are changing and people are becoming more susceptible to the consumption of marijuana and marijuana products. The benefits of medical marijuana are proving to be amazing from juicing to oils edibles to smoking you name it marijuana has a way with everyone. She is attributed to a decrease in opiate overdoses in Americans in states where medical marijuana is legal and accessible.


Let Them Know You Care

To you other states who are not legal medicinally yet all you are saying is that the people in your state are not as important to you and it's okay if they OD and died on prescription drugs while you play games with their lives. Otherwise you would take note and action to change laws and legalize medicinally so that those who seek professional medical help can at least find a medication that will work for them instead of working for the pockets of the politicians and pharmaceutical industries like it has been doing for the past hundred years.


Healing the Nations Begins

On June 26 of 2015 The American Journal of drug and alcohol abuse published research that shows marijuana is not a gateway drug. Joseph Palamer a head Researcher at University Langone Medical Center in New York shed that we found that marijuana use within itself and wasn't a risk factor for use of other drugs. It is great to see that marijuana Researcher coming so far and is allowing Americans a choice and a better lifestyle. As America sets the tone for legalization around the world other countries will follow in and a world on weed will be a happy world indeed as Bob Marley said is the healing of the nations.


Encouraged a Race War

Even a report released by the White House admits that the prohibition on marijuana was racist. Racist has taken on an entirely new meaning in today's society as we are becoming closer to being a unified nation and 1 people as opposed to being individuals of color and religion that do not get along. There will always be those types amongst us but there are those of us who are having a clear mind and understanding there are more important things in this world to focus on. Start by healing ourselves and creating a better thinking environment which marijuana is proved to produce. Now maybe we can start focusing on some major problems like the world running out of water.


Save the Economy

Marijuana will create so many jobs and do so much or the country in the states that choose to legalize both medicinally and recreationally. For those states were lagging and making their decisions I applaud you to legalize and see the benefits of having a happy healthy citizens and fixing your structured economy at the same time. Did I mention by the way marijuana isn't just good for people it's also great for the planet producing much more oxygen than trees, much more paper than trees. It can be used for fabrics, soaps, cooking, construction materials the uses are endless and cannot be kept from us any longer.


Liar Liar

Textile industries you have had your chance hopefully you guys have invested your money in the can of businesses already and stop spending millions of dollars trying to fight it. To the correctional officers unions stop trying to keep marijuana fenders behind bars focus on something more important. Sure you'd rather have pot head behind bars and heroin addicts and cocaine addicts let them guys stay on the streets because there are more dangerous than you might get beat up at work not the right answer. To the California beer industry I know you're scared of marijuana she is a powerful and relaxing sedative compared to alcohol. Alcohol is known for fights domestic violence and just all forms of stupid actions. So it's no wonder you spend millions of millions of dollars of year fighting marijuana legalization. I don't think you're so much worried about it's that people might stop drinking so much and that would hurt your pockets. That's not true tho evolve with the times invest in new ventures the cannabis liquid drink market is an endless one don't wait to get in on it.


Change with the Times or Get Left Behind

Embrace marijuana and her legalization across the nation and around the world and you will see a change for the positive in a short time. Maybe some of the great thinkers of the world will be allowed to thrive again as they have done throughout history when marijuana prohibition did not exist. To the Einstein out there who have not been heard from yet we await your genius thoughts once more. Marijuana is not a gateway drug unless you consider knowledge a drug. Stay informed about marijuana laws as they come to the ballots near you be sure to vote so that your voice can be heard help heal a nation and change the world.

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