Marijuana Legalization Wins

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Marijuana Legalization Wins

The acceptance for marijuana legalization both medicinal and recreational is at an all-time high. There are more and more studies and polls being taken to gather new data as opinions are changing drastically and at a fast rate.


There is a First Time for Everything

Just this year the US Senate Appropriations Committee voted on the right side of history. They voted on expanding medical cannabis access to the veterans who have fought for our country's freedoms. This committee vote marked the first time that the majority of any US Senate body ever voted yes to increasing cannabis access. The vote was 18 to 12 in favor of the Veterans Equal Access Amendment. This amendment was sponsored by Senator Steve Daines of Montana and Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon.


Which Ages are In Support and How They are Voting

In a poll organized by the Behavior Research Center in Arizona found that the majority of Arizonans are actually in favor of legalization for adults. More specifically allowing adults legal access to possess marijuana for personal consumption. The vote came in at 53 percent being in favor. This is an increase of 2% when compared to when the question was asked just last year.


The Difference in Just ONE Year

At that time there was only 39 percent of residents were in favor. Based on their findings supporters were more likely to be under the age of 35. Individuals in this age bracket came in at 71%. Approximately 64% of those in favor under the age of 35 were Democrat. When looking at individuals around the age of 55, only 45% of them were in favor of legalization. The amount of support Republicans showed was even lower coming in at just 33 percent. Arizona is just one of many states that will likely have this decision on their ballots in 2016.


California Is Still In and Support is Rising

A survey in California conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California released on June 8th states that 54% of Californians are n favor of legalizing marijuana for adults. This is an increase of 3 percent since last year. This is the highest percent of support that legal cannabis has received in the state despite its long-running history of success with medical marijuana. California is another one of those states that will most likely be facing this question on their ballots in the 2016 election.


Harris Results Are In and We Are At An All-Time High Across the Board

In a recent nationwide Harris Poll that was released in mid-May of 2015 showed more than 80 percent of US adults were in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. 81 percent of the respondents express support for legalizing marijuana for medical treatment. This is an increase of 7% since the last Harris Poll that posed the question in 2011. 49% of the respondents to this poll were also in favor of legalizing marijuana recreationally. This is up from 42% in 2011.


NORML is Reporting on the General Social Survey

Here is what NORML’s founder Keith Stroup had to say in a recent article.

“The most important of these latest surveys may be the General Social Survey, a national survey conducted every two years, that some consider the most reliable of the many national surveys. The survey involved interviews with 1,687 respondents between March and October of 2014, and found 52 percent support full legalization, with 42 percent opposed, and 7 percent undecided. This is the first time they have found majority support for full legalization. The level of support represents a 9 point gain since they last asked the question in 2012.”


You Have to Fight for Your Right to Medicate

We are starting to see that marijuana is not a recreation drug but in fact is more of a medicinal option to many. With the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. in more states every year, it is not surprising to see these numbers increase. What we need to see now is our medical professionals and our government looking at the facts. Then we need to see them reacting correctly. This would mean making medical marijuana available to those in need that could benefit greatly from it.

Take the time to read up on the facts surrounding medicinal marijuana and how it is helping so many already. When it comes time to vote on this controversial subject in your state, make sure to keep in mind the increasing number of individuals that are in support of legalization. Also remember the success stories we have heard surrounding medical marijuana when nothing else would help.

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