Marijuana Legalization in the South

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Marijuana Legalization in the South

Marijuana legalization is taking place all across the United States of America from California to New Hampshire and all in between. States are choosing to legalize medicinal marijuana, and many are considering legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016. There is, however, a group of states where are marijuana legalization is at a slow crawl at best. This would be your southern states.


Stone Cold Tough Opinions to Break

When it comes to talking about marijuana legalization throughout the Bible Belt states of the South many, say you should you shoot yourself in the foot rather than bring up the topic of recreational marijuana. The legalization of cannabis on a medicinal level should happen across the country without regulation. Trying to convince the church-going crowds of the South that marijuana is not the devil contrary to popular belief and what they may have seen back on TV in 1940 through the 1980s is kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. Trying to break 40 years of negative propaganda that stated marijuana was the devil, a gateway drug, and many other horrible things is a hard wall to break down.


Education and Knowledge Could Move Mountains

Through proper education and medical facts to support cannabis individuals are making informed decisions of their own. Judging by the influx of retirees to legal cannabis States I would say that individuals are choosing cannabis over pharmaceutical prescriptions which are rigorously handed out like candy by doctors today. Many choose to consume cannabis which is more cost effective as well as health conscious of treating their ailments. Some find cures within cannabis while others find relief in symptoms associated with medical conditions that they are suffering from. CBD-only laws are not the answer in the south. Whole plant therapy is needed which involves legalizing medical marijuana. Marijuana may not have taken off in the south as of yet however its cousin hemp has.


The South is Rising Hemp Again

Hemp has shown great ability to regenerate farmlands that have been destroyed through floods and other naturally devastating conditions. Hemp has the ability to repair soil as well as filter out toxins in the ground and water. Throughout the South, laws are changing, and Hemp is being accepted as a form of agricultural farming now. Renewing fields and replenishing crops, hemp can help save farmers who are hurting the most. The legalization of marijuana, however, would epically change how these farmers live and their ability to produce crops. Through legalization efforts in California for medicinal marijuana, new forms of agricultural preservation methods are being studied to utilize water more efficiently. Cannabis businesses are coming up with the newest most cutting-edge ideas in water conservation and setting the ground for agricultural industries across the country.


Legalization Could Help the Drug Problems Faced by Southern States

The southern states stand to make an economical fortune through legalizing recreational and medicinal cannabis. The warm temperate climate makes for wonderful growing conditions for marijuana. The reduction in crime and opiate addiction would be a huge relief to the police force. Some of the worst prescription drug addictions are in the southern states. There was a giant bust of doctors that were illegally handing out prescriptions for pharmaceutical controlled substances, and the majority of these illegal actions were taking place in southern states.From crystal meth to pain pill addiction to the methadone clinic there's a systematic formula that is not helping the south, it is hurting. Unfortunately, the older politicians of the south are the ones that must be convinced and the church-going crowds to bring about change. It is not through protest or disagreement but through education and open engagement that these individuals will have a chance to alter their perception. When people realize they've been lied to for years and years it takes some time to come around but through educated facts most will.


South Carolina Taking the Lead

September 24th of 2015 a group of senators in South Carolina stated that medical marijuana should be legal. This is a monumental shift in a positive direction for medical cannabis. Should South Carolina adopt a medical marijuana law, it would encourage medical marijuana in the rest of the southern states. Medical marijuana shouldn't be illegal anywhere in the world. The benefits from cannabis have been known about by our government as well as many others for years. This failed attempt to eradicate a plant has led to a legalization movement for cannabis that is being heard around the world. Canada is on their way to legalizing recreational marijuana. This will give them an even better medical system than they already have showing up the United States yet again and setting an example for what our political leaders should be doing.

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