Marijuana Lies

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Marijuana Lies

The lie our government placed on marijuana is a bad one and they should be ashamed of themselves for this. When you look at the last 100 years in history where marijuana was removed by laws created by greedy power crazed men and women you can see the impact it has made. There is more absurd violence in the world, people have become addicted to medications that are laboratory created and alcohol and tobacco have ravaged the planet with absolutely no health benefits.


We’re Lying Artist Making a Career Out of Lying

The synthetic fabric market has manufactured products to the point they have almost destroyed natural fibers and replaced them with their version of what they believe nature intended for us. The true Gateway drug to more corruption and self-destructive patterns seems to be politics. Become a politician and watch the gateways open up for you to try harder and more destructive addictions.


Where Did the First Lie About Marijuana Start

The first lie about weed came from a politician in 1937 that said black men were stealing white women by using marijuana. This was the beginning of a series of lies that would shape America into a nation dependent on pills and with a multitude of illnesses as a result of these medications. They have played God with the lives of Americans for too long! We are finally putting a stop to this. We need to stop it now and stop it completely. Marijuana has so many medical properties it is amazing the amount of problems that can be fixed by Mary Jane.


Reefer Madness the Biggest Lie Ever

Vote for me for president, brought to you by the liars behind Reefer Madness. Our government runs ads and campaigns all the time. Does anyone else realize that these are the same people that brought us such truthful high quality productions such as Reefer Madness where they say I that if you smoke marijuana you will kill your friends. These people throw political ads around by the millions. There is a lot of wasted money there that could have gone into actual research on problems like the planets water running dry or desalinization made affordable. Nope they would rather focus on self-profiting and power.


Science and Technology Broke the Lying Cycle

The vast and disturbing cycle of lies has finally been broken surrounding marijuana thanks to the voice of the people and the power of the internet. The people responsible for the continued spreading of these lies about marijuana are growing fewer and fewer. They no longer have giant groups of friends to hide behind and people are not being arrested at the mention of marijuana anymore. This is a great deterrent in the backing of the lies against cannabis and the culture as a whole. People who supported this in the past are changing their views and doing so just in time.


Time to Heal a Nation After the Lies

The lies are finally coming to an end and the truth is starting to circulate around the America. The uses of marijuana medicinally will be seen and can finally be used to their full potential. From helping children to walk, talk and see to combating aggression and mending broken bones the medicinal values of marijuana are starting to make their way to the people at last. As they are documented and studied even further we will get strong factual evidence for the first time ever about the many healing properties of marijuana.


Lies Lies Everywhere Lies

The amount of lies that were spread over the last 100 years will take some time to fix. People will have to be informed with information that is factual and not meant to serve some sort of hidden agenda. This will be the problem as the devil has many tricks. Greedy men will try to find a way still to have control for themselves. This needs to not be allowed to happen again. The people need what is theirs. Marijuana does not belong to any one person it is a right to all just the way water and the airwaves were before they were taken away from us and given to others for profit both politically and monetarily. Imagine if everybody had a piece of the profits made from the sale of water, or a portion of the profit from sales of communication and entertainment that streams through the air that was stolen from us.


Fight the Lies Know the Truth

The best way we can stop this from happening again is to stay informed. Know when and where to Vote and what you are voting on. Remember there are evil men like Ian James who seem like they are for legalization but are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. They would have it legal but where they are the only ones who could profit from it much like the politicians and the communication industry have done.

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