Marijuana Prohibition Was Built on Lies

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Marijuana Prohibition Was Built on Lies

Many Americans are in favor of ending marijuana prohibition and legalizing marijuana across the United States of America. The medical facts are piling up more each day and disproving the lies of the past. It was almost as if the government and medical profession wanted America sick. A sick America has made for substantial profits to a certain set of individuals in our country. Police unions, private prison corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, along with their buddies in the alcohol and tobacco industry have lobbied for years to keep cannabis a drug.


How Do You Trust Anyone in Office When the President of The United States of America Lies

Ronald Reagan said that smoking one joint will cause the same amount of brain damage as being on bikini island during an atomic bomb blast. This is an example of the lies that were told by the leaders of our country. This was not based on the information available at the time this was based on a political agenda of domination. The war on drugs seems to be more particularly designed to safeguard cartels and political drug lords. Should marijuana legalization happen, which eventually it will these individuals will stand to lose a substantial income. The black market for the cannabis industry is being encouraged along with interstate drug trafficking by the political leaders of our country. This is being encouraged by legalizing cannabis in some states while keeping it against the law in many others. This drives prices down extremely low at one point and on the other end prices are sky high.


Big Profits for Black Market Cannabis Dealers and Drug Traffickers

For example, of a 100 pounds of marijuana from Colorado 2 North Carolina stands to make the average black market drug trafficker a substantial profit. A substantial profit of roughly $200,000 per run. At $1,700 a pound on the west coast and $4,500 a pound on the East Coast black market cannabis dealers are making a fortune and our government is helping to fatten their pockets. Marijuana prohibition coming to an end would cause these black market drug dealers to go out of business. They would have to take up legitimate jobs where they pay taxes and contribute to society instead of living tax-free making 50 to 60 times what the average person makes a year. Private prison corporations along with leash unions work together with the alcohol and tobacco industry and pharmaceutical industries to create a vicious circle.


How the System Get to Them

Innocent people often start off with prescription medication from the doctor which becomes addictive. The addictive characteristics of these narcotic prescriptions change individuals turning them into addicts. Once an individual becomes a drug addict they tend to turn to alcohol and cigarettes the next part in that change. Somewhere between drug addiction combined with cigarettes and alcohol addiction crime is sure to occur. These individuals then end up being arrested by police officers. They are then incarcerated at the expense of taxpayers at unbelievable amounts each year. Washington DC is a prime example with only 7 people being arrested this year for cannabis related charges. That makes their estimated cost of arresting the seven individuals roughly $5,600 according to news sources. If they were the house these seven individuals at $20,000 per year they would be looking at a hundred and forty thousand a year. Compare this to a few years ago when the arrest rate was say 5000 individuals in Washington DC. It's obvious that there is a huge market to be made through this vicious cycle of what is known by anybody who is caught up in it as the system.


The Lies Need to Come to an End

Synthetic fibers, along with cotton and our lobbying politicians have had their run, made their millions, and almost destroyed a planet and the people on it in the process. This does not have to be the way it is. This can change. People Can Come together and make a change. Political officials have made laws to protect their criminal actions. Those laws only protect tyrants in office. We can remove these tyrants from office and regain our country before it is to late and they destroy it completely. Know when to vote and what you are voting on when it comes to cannabis reform laws. Don’t be silent. Let your senators and congress know that you have had enough and will not take it any longer.

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