Marijuana Timeline From 2900BC till Now

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Marijuana Timeline From 2900BC till Now

Marijuana is very much a part of the lives of millions of people around the world. Some would like to pretend that cannabis as a drug and is harmful, bad and has no place in our society. These individuals are outdated fossils who have opinions based on lies and propaganda. The only way we will ever change thinking of this manner is by properly educating the public as to the truth surrounding them pertaining to the amazing plant known as cannabis. Marijuana has played a pivotal role throughout our history as human beings. Your many debates around when cannabis first became documented for its medical use and recreational enjoyment but many will agree that it was an estimated 2900 BC. There was a Chinese emperor that went by the name of Fu HSI.


Anointing Oil and the Ying and Yang of Things

In the Chinese language, the word ma is the name for cannabis. In 2900 BC, best Chinese emperor had a note made that cannabis was a very popular medicine that contained both the Ying and the Yang qualities. According to the RH-Ya, the use of cannabis for purposes of healing predates recorded history. The earliest written reference is found in the fifteenth century. In 1450 BC, the popular book of Exodus makes a reference to holy anointing oil which is made from the cannabis plant. The term Kaneh-bosem is referenced in Exodus 30:22-23. This term has been identified by many respectable botanist linguists, anthropologist, and many other researchers to be of the words used to describe cannabis. Six pounds, in fact, were used along with 6 quarts of olive oil and a blend of other fragrant herbs to make the Holy Anointing Oil.


From 1000BC Until Prohibition Began

Around 1000 BC individuals in India were using a combination of cannabis in milk as an anesthetic to treat a multitude of symptoms. At Mount Vernon the plantation of the first president of the United States George Washington, cannabis was grown there abundantly in the form of high THC content marijuana. In 1911, Massachusetts was the first state to outlaw cannabis. Between 1915 and 1927 10 other states joined in to pass marijuana prohibition laws. These states were New York, Nebraska, Washington, Arkansas, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Iowa, and Texas 10 other states join then to pass marijuana prohibition laws. These dates were New York, Nebraska, Washington, Arkansas, or again, Nevada, Wyoming, Iowa, and Texas.


Then There Was the MJ Tax Act

By 1937 marijuana prohibition was in full effect thanks to the MJ Tax Act. On October 2nd of 1937, the first individual was arrested and convicted for selling marijuana. His name was Samuel R-Caldwell. Mister Caldwell served four years in Leavenworth Penitentiary and received a hefty fine of $1,000 at that time. There is no early release, probation, or anything else to be done other than serving this entire sentence. Mr.Caldwell will always be remembered and his name many still fight today so that lives will be able to be lived outside of a jail cell where it should be. Noone should go to jail for a plant.


The Beginning to the End of Prohibition

June 17th, 1971 President Nixon decided that he was going to declare war on drugs. For the next several decades, marijuana reform was out of the question and forced underground. In 1996, California became the first state to stand up against the draconian laws surrounding cannabis. California was the first state to legalize cannabis for medicinal consumption. Since 1996 there have been more states than ever standing up for their rights to cannabis. At this time there are 23 states that allow for medicinal marijuana consumption. Of those 23 states 4 of them also allow legal adult consumption of cannabis. This is in addition to our nation’s capital of Washington D.C. where both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumption is legal and regulated. Today the fight for legalization across the nation and the fight for ending marijuana prohibition altogether are more alive than ever. Soon we will be able to add even more events to this timeline as marijuana prohibition comes to an end.


Big Things Coming

There are many states that are looking to take legalization steps in 2016. It is expected that over a dozen states will vote on marijuana legalization in the Nov 2016 election. The topic of legalization has been a big one among candidates for presidents during their campaigns. Bernie Sanders, one of the presidential hopefuls, has even introduced a legislation to senate that would remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances that holds it prisoner today. Marijuana legalization will happen and it will happen soon, it is only a matter of time now.

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